InstaVolt To Purchase 200 ChargePoint Express Plus Stations For Nationwide Network In UK

MAY 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

InstaVolt charging station

ChargePoint announced a significant contract from British services company InstaVolt, which has decided to purchase more than 200 Express Plus charging stations for its premium EV network across the UK.

Express Plus stations are certainly robust in nature, and can output up to 400 kW of power (full details from the launch here).

Four ChargePoint Express Plus stations and two Power Cubes

It’s the first major deal after ChargePoint’s recent announcement about its expansion into Europe.

InstaVolt intends to build a nation-wide fast charging network for long distance travel that would be future-proof in terms of power level.

“The UK market itself is at an inflection point. There are more than 90,000 EVs on the road today but this could reach 1.2 million by 2020 according to the Department for Transport. However, one of the major driver concerns currently is the frequency of charging points and the ability to charge vehicles on long journeys. In response to this, ChargePoint’s Express Plus solutions will be installed by InstaVolt close to popular routes across the UK, enabling drivers to easily charge their vehicles during long journeys.”

“ChargePoint Express Plus is a modular charging platform designed to scale as demand grows, which will allow InstaVolt to expand these initial sites to serve more drivers without stranded investment. Able to add hundreds of miles of range in as quick as 15 minutes, Express Plus Stations can charge current EVs at their maximum rate while being future proofed for the next-generation of electric vehicles.”

InstaVolt charging station

Simon Lonsdale, Vice President, Business Development, ChargePoint, Inc. said:

“InstaVolt has raised millions to install a DC rapid charge network country-wide across the U.K. We are two companies that are committed to e-mobility in Europe, accelerating the driving revolution by making e-mobility a part of everyday life. InstaVolt is well positioned to help expand EV charging in the UK and are a great partner in this effort.”

Tim Payne, CEO at InstaVolt, said:

“We are delighted to partner with ChargePoint to deliver a best in class EV charging infrastructure. We own, install and maintain rapid electric vehicle charging units all over the country, giving landowners the opportunity to earn a rental income by housing them, and giving EV drivers access to the fastest charging available.

“ChargePoint will fulfil two important criteria for us: the charging units are future-proofed so the units can be configured to meet the precise requirements of any site and can be scaled incrementally as demand for higher rate charging increases. This is particularly important as EV manufacturers begin to bring out new models with increased battery capacity. We are also committed to making sure the units are working 24/7 and so the reliability of the ChargePoint solution is one of the cornerstones of our offer.”

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The InstaVolt logo is interesting. I’m not seeing the car charging association in the graphic design for some reason. 400 kw charge rate is a car charging dream come true! When will cars have batteries that can potentially charge at that lightening fast speed?

Porsche is talking up 800V packs. I think the only way to get to 400kW is going to be with 800V packs. That’ll double the charging speed without doubling the current.

So we’ll only have to quadruple the current instead of octuple it. 😉

In the sales blurb the 2018 Jaguar I-Pace battery pack architecture is designed to cope with 400kW charging – now we know why.

I have not heard that. Do you have a link to substantiate your claim? I’m fairly certain that’s not the case.

I thought it was in the standard Jaguar I-Pace sales blurb – but the only reference to its future proofing is this “A 50kW direct current (DC) charging point – currently the most common type of public rapid charging system in the UK- can replenish the battery to 80% in 90 minutes and to 100% in just over two hours. Jaguar has future-proofed the electrical architecture to accept higher-capacity charging than 50kW DC when such charging points become commonplace.” I think the 400kW figure was in an article in a magazine when the car was launched at LA – at the time I thought what an odd (and high) figure that was because until then I’d only heard of charging rates that started with a one – I’m new to BEV’s. I’ll try and dig out which magazine it was.

I’m thinking you must have gotten the 400 number because the horsepower is 400.

See this:

More impressive is the claimed 4.0-second zero-to-60-mph time. Motivation comes from a pair of permanent-magnet AC motors; one is integrated in each axle. Each produces 200 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, for totals of 400 horsepower and 516 lb-ft.

I can tell you fairly confidently that this i-Pace will eventually charge at 150 kW at ~400 volts when the HPFC infrastructure is there in a couple years, but the charge rate may be limited to 50 kW til then.
Jaguar isn’t going to talk about or advertise more than 50 kW until that 150 kW infrastructure exists.

Same idea applies to the Bolt EV.

To put this in perspective, UK is only half the size of California. 200 is nice amount of chargers for the land area.

Yes, it would pretty much double the number of rapid chargers in one fell swoop. No mention of pricing though… It currently costs about £5 per rapid charge session 20-30mins/~20kWh at most public rapid chargers thus making long distance driving about the same cost as using an ICEV (UK fuel prices).

Not sure where you got the 20 kWh figure for 20-30 minutes.
For most EVs like the LEAF etc today it’s around 10-12 kWh in 20 minutes and 13-15 in 30 minutes.

I put 24kWh in my Bolt in 32 minutes. And I started from 25% full, not 0%.

125A charger.