Installing Unplugged Performance Body Kit On Tesla Model S – Video


Unplugged Performance's Paint-matched Body Kit.

Unplugged Performance’s Paint-matched Body Kit.

News From The Frunk’s Nick Howe has installed Unplugged Performance’s body kit on his Tesla Model S P85.

We’re thrilled to see UP’s items on some Model S EVs. The differences before & after are definitely noticeable, especially on Howe’s Model S.

As you will hear in the video above, there is no difference in ground clearance over the OEM bottom panels. Model S owners should be glad to hear that.

Unplugged Performance has put over 1,000 man hours into their very own Model S. Click here to check that out.  There, you’ll find more info about UP and the products offered.

Click here for Unplugged Performance’s website.



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5 Comments on "Installing Unplugged Performance Body Kit On Tesla Model S – Video"

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Doesn’t look right, again, aftermarket mods making a good looking car look bad.

Buy a $100,000 Tesla, turn around a make it look like a $15,000 Civic.

Does this kit come with the requisit buzzy coffee-can exhaust, too?

Have to agree with the above comments. In this case, the “before” picture looks a lot better than the “after”!

As long as he’s happy, it’s his car.
The only mod I would frown upon would be the installation of a gas engine!

Does it improve anything important like Downforce or Cd? If not IMHO it’s a waste of money.

But again, if the owner likes it, that’s all that matters.