Install of More Charging Stations Coming Under Fire in UK


The Preston (UK) city council is not keen on the city getting even two more charging stations at this point in time.

Somewhere Else in Preston

Somewhere Else in Preston

While plans call for the install of 2 free charging station in a parking structure in Preston, those units may not be installed due to some council members going on the offensive.

As the Lancashire Evening Post reports:

“At a full council meeting on Thursday, Conservative Councillor Dave Hammond asked Labour Councillor Robert Boswell: They’ve done this down south and in a year, it’s only been used twice at a cost of £2,400 a charge.  Do you envisage this happening in Preston?”

To which Boswell reportedly replied:

“They are to encourage green vehicles into Preston and we will monitor them to see how affective they are.  We are committed to making Preston a greener place.”

At present, Preston is home to only 2 charging stations, so at least 2 more would seem necessary to us.

What’s odd here is that the install of the 2 chargers in question is almost fully funded  by the Lancashire County Council.  The city of Preston will only have to pay $1,546, with the county paying $7,731.  So, why do Preston city council members object when it’s going to cost the city next to nothing?  Who knows…however this is not the first time we’ve heard of this sort of outrage over chargers in the UK.

Source: Lancashire Evening Post

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Conservatives = Republicans

More generally Conservatives = Libertarian Republicans.

Their dollars would be better used offering more incentives/rebates for home chargers and workplace chargers.

They have already proven no one is using the current public chargers, so why add more.

Preston is approximately 27 miles north west of Manchester, 26 miles north east of Liverpool, and 15 miles east of the coastal town Blackpool.

An 80 mile EV charged at home, can circle the city over 6 times before needing a charge. Which is why current charging stations are not used.

People don’t buy EVs because there are no chargers (or so they think). And they don’t want charchers installed because no one is going to use them? Ugh. While the chargers referred to may indeed not have been used a lot, that doesn’t mean they won’t be used in the future.

I’m willing to bet any amount of money the two charging stations they intend to install will not be located in or adjacent to a shopping center. Most likely they’ll be installed near a government building where a politician who owns an EV works.


Perhaps the question should not be about “being used”, but about “why not used”. Number of EVs in a town is not a good predictor of use at a particular station. Are the chargers located near popular destination, and sized to charge for typical time at that location?

If the goal is to bring more EVs to town; perhaps a high-speed charger near a major travel route, or popular local destination would be more appropriate.

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

The U.K. has a very strange attitude to EVs, partly caused by BBC Top Gear. Electric Cars are viewed by the majority as being troublesome, effeminate, and expensive toys.

While I and many other happy EV drivers in the U.K. would disagree, we’re becoming scape goats for so many other things… We’ve even seen vandalism of major DC Quick Chargers.