InsideEVs Upgrade – Bigger, Faster

MAR 1 2015 BY JAY COLE 42

InsideEVs - Now Faster And More Reliable

InsideEVs – Now Faster And More Reliable

Hi there…welcome back.

Surf Faster In You Model S!

Surf Faster In Your Model S!

Many people might have noticed that while InsideEVs has continued to report all the plug-in news over the weekend, the community/comment functions had been disabled.Β  (And no, we didn’t finally decide to just mute everyone)

2014 was a very busy year for us, we grew a lot … and apparently we were read a lot more.

It turns out we grew so much that our old server digs were unable to keep up with the traffic, and the whole thing started to slow down a little.

To rectify this, we moved to a new, much larger (and faster server) over the weekend, temporarily disabling the comments.

Other than faster load times and a few tweaks here and there,Β everything should beΒ back to business as usual … so go ahead and once again start pointing out all the grammatical errors I am famous for!

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“and the whole thing started slow down a little.”

Missing a word? πŸ™‚

/officially broken in

…see that didn’t take long for me to make my first error on the new server, (= Fixed.

ps) you should have added a FIRST to that comment

Since you asked for it… the text under the Model S picture reads: “Surf Faster In You Model S!”

How about “Surf Faster In Your Model S!”

You win…I did that on purpose

/lying off

“Other than faster load times and a few tweaks here and there, everything should be back to business as usual . . .”

Sadly, an edit button is not one of the tweaks. πŸ™

Keep up the good work Jay and rest of the InsideEVs crew! πŸ˜€

Was hoping editing comments would be one of the improvements πŸ˜‰

Glad to see interest in EVs is continuing to grow tremendously, good work Jay & crew!

Congratulations and kudos on the upgrades.

Thanks for continuing to be the best site for EV news!

Would love to see the connected IP list to this site. πŸ˜‰ I think InsideEVs has become quite influential along with the increase in EV popularity.

Good to see the site growing and adapting. The best is yet to be. πŸ™‚

Have you given any thought to moving to a new comment system? The current system is fairly limited. It’d be great if users could send private messages or rank comments, etc.

I would discourage implementing private messaging amoung non-site-admins. Very little good comes of it.

After all, It’s a blog– not a dating service. πŸ˜‰

What are you afraid of Anon, getting into a romantic relationship with CherylG? You know what they say: opposites attract! πŸ˜‰

Sorry, but my heart belongs to George S. πŸ˜‰


I personally would like to see a system in place where in which comments are tied to emails. We need them anyways to put comments in.

THAT WAY ONE DOES NOT NEED TO SEARCH THROUGH THREADS TO FIND RESPONSES. it would save so many hours of my life. and probably everyone here. It would be a pain to code, I fully admit that.

Congratulations on the upgrade and best wishes for continued growth at InsideEVs. All of us thank you for what you do.

“so go ahead and once again start pointing out all the grammatical errors I am famous for!”

“Famous for”? Shouldn’t that be “for which I am famous”?

+1 … You are the grammarian about whom InsideEVs should have been warned about!

Great news Jay, wish you guys the best of luck for 2015…

Sure. Everyone knows the comments were shut down by Big Oil and the ICE cartel.

any stats on where in the world the site is being viewed?

If it is of interest we could do a little story on the demos, ‘where, what and how many’ type thing.

Stats are always interesting… and if you reached all the way to the end of (Middle) earth who knows where you have gone.

Maybe there is even a lonely scientist in antarctica surfing into Insideevs.

Thanks for feeding us all the EV news. There is really no other site that i need to view to get the complete EV picture.

I think that the next real milestone is 1 million EVs worldwide. Would like a ticker banner with a running total on home page.

Yes, that milestone will be here before you know it. Would like to see it this year. A lot depends on what happens in China in 2015.

We’re at about 750,000 now worldwide since 2010. The 1 million mark should be hit this fall.

Congrats on the upgrades! Hope you bring back the mobile (phone) friendly view.

Hey TP,

Yes, the mobile/responsive site seems to be having a slight hiccup enabling from our new home.

It is on the to-do list of things to fix…so it should return shortly.

So glad this place is still untied from “Disqus” “Facebook” and all the other places you begin to hesitate about what you say. There is virtue, in going straight from the hip! Let go of it, and you’ll lose some of us. Guaranteed.

The comments section is the opposite of internal vetting, and the other steps that would keep so much unpublished. Heck, we can misspell, with abandon.

Any progress toward using a commenting platform like Disqus? They we could edit and sort comments easier, as well as have avatars and such.

The last comment I made on inside EV’s was about the BMW i3 Rex and why I thought it was not road worthy. Now, I thought I was being blocked from commenting on inside EV’s. So I went back and read my comment that I made to see if there was anything I might have said to offend someone at inside EV’s. Next time it would be nice to give us a little notice that the comments section will be down for a day or two. All is well that ends well.

I’d like to suggest Discus commenting, it allows plussing comments and better organization, ad revenue in a better design.

We could also use triple wind powered hosting from well as a better layout from Squarespace or somewhere..

Perhaps everyone could vote on a survey?

And good contacts for ideas like this?

Does the new system un-italicize and un-bold all of the gratuitous formatting that Jay throws into his articles? I love the content and context of your articles, but wish the formatting speedbumps were left out …

https doesn’t werk on the new server πŸ™

Also, didn’t you guys have to upgrade fairly recently? This seems like a dejavu πŸ™‚

First, congrats on traffic growing to the point you needed to migrate servers! I had indeed noticing increasing lags when loading threads.

No on to a request/suggestion I’ve been meaning to make for a while…

The amount of discussion many of the articles have is now such that InsideEVs has outgrown what can be done with WordPress article comments.

You should consider moving to a full-on user-based forum system, such as phpBB or similar (there’re numerous such systems, mostly free).

That would make possible automated email alerts for new comments in subscribed threads; I now miss a lot of relevant posts, because it’s impractical to monitor threads manually.

Server specs?

Which cache systems do you use?

Admin passwords, would also be nice. πŸ˜‰

Congrats on needing and executing the upgrade. I continue to look forward to reading the site.

I noticed in the past that your images were not optimised for web downloads. One of the reasons why your main page sometimes took a long time to download was that the images might be 400K in size. You should have a system that pushes any image through an image processor to reduce image sizes for display on the web. A typical 400K image can usually be reduced to about 50K or so, saving a ton in bandwidth and improving response time dramatically.

Yes, you are right Phil.

And something we have gotten straightened out now on the main page as part of this upgrade…everything is recoded to proper dimensions and file sizing now. At least in theory, (=

Hey, congratulations on the upgrade, Jay!

And since you asked… “a new, much larger (and faster server)”

should read:

“a new, much larger (and faster) server”.


I admit that I, too, was hoping for an “edit” button when I saw the headline. I know, I know… “No soup for you!”