InsideEVs Turns 10,000


InsideEVs Story Number 10,000 - Don't Worry Number 10,001 Will Be Better

This Is InsideEVs’ Story Number 10,000Don’t Worry Number 10,001 Will Be Better

Over the past week, some of the staff at InsideEVs have pointed out to me that the site would soon be publishing article number 10,000 (it is in fact, this story) and that we/I should highlight the milestone.

My response, as it tends to be from time-to-time, was “how is this EV news?”

I was assured this achievement would of interest to some of our regular readers…so here we are.

As a point of interest, InsideEVs first went live just over 3 years ago on April 17, 2012 (yes, 10k is a lot of articles for just 3 years), and we have kept the same tagline in our “About”  header today as was found in our first article back then.

“Inside EVs was created to not just publish the breaking news of the day, but to go behind it, to create it, and most importantly to examine the how, what and why of electric vehicles.”

My Good Friend, And Co-Founder, Lyle Dennis (While Hosting The First Ever "Volt Nation")

My Good Friend, And Co-Founder, Lyle Dennis (While Hosting The First Ever “Volt Nation”)

InsideEVs started with just 4 people writing for her, with Lyle Dennis (of fame) and myself steering the boat.   (Read my impromptu interview from 2009 at with Lyle here for more background on Mr. Dennis)

Despite man-power being spread a little too thin at the site, we still managed to put together just over 550 stories in our first year.  We have just eclipsed 2,240 so far in 2015…but via ~two dozen contributors.

Our vision at the time was to form an independent news organization that was focused solely on electric vehicles.  A news source that would allow anyone who had a voice (and wanted to use it) a place to be heard.

Eric Loveday joined as Senior Editor in 2013 – bringing order to the unseen chaos behind the scenes, and 68 different persons from 12 different countries have penned at least a couple articles over our history, with Alex Wai (based out of Hong Kong) being the most recent addition to the team.

My personal thanks to everyone that helped make InsideEVs what is today (far too many to mention here, but you know who you are), and for all the great community members; of whom quite often do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to finding that ‘needle in a haystack’ bit of information that leads to the next big breaking story of the day.

Just for pure entertainment value, here are some pre-launch moments from a conversation Lyle Dennis and myself had back in early 2012, when we were trying to figure out what name the site should have.

2 Geniuses At Work

2 Geniuses At Work – Note How We Ultimately Stayed Away From “EVs” In The Site’s Name

So Magical

So Magical The Moment Of Conception


End Scene!

So there you have it.

InsideEVs – “It’s not sexy, but it works”.

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54 responses to "InsideEVs Turns 10,000"
  1. GeorgeS says:

    Congrats Jay et al.
    Even though I haven’t been commenting much I still check EVERY article that you guys publish!!!

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      Thanks George!

    2. GSP says:

      Congrats. I also check out every article. This is one of the best sites for EV info.


      1. Rick Danger says:

        +1 Congrats to all of you at InsideEVs!
        This is my go-to source for EV news and has been for well over a year now.
        You guys rock, keep up the excellent work!

  2. Congratulations Jay and team. 10k is an impressive milestone. Best wishes for your continuing success.

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      At first we kinda doubted we’d make it this far, but there’s no stopping this site now!

  3. Josh says:

    Haha, love the story on the site name.

    It has been fun participating here. The biggest chapters of this story are still ahead of us.

  4. M Hovis says:

    What a long/short strange trip it’s been….

    1. Eric Cote says:

      Yes, congrats Jay! What a great milestone. I’m happy to be a part of it, even if it is only a few stories and some typo corrections here and there. 🙂

  5. EV-AZ says:

    Congrats! And Thank you for all of the informative articles.

  6. David Murray says:

    I check this site at least 3 or 4 times per day. I don’t always read every article. And I don’t always comment on the ones I read.

    1. ArkansasVolt says:

      same here!

  7. JR says:

    Thanks for bringing the best site for on the net for Electric vehicle.
    Congratulation on the magic number!

  8. Lensman says:

    Congratulations to Jay and the entire InsideEVs team! Gotta love a company that can poke fun at itself.

    And Jay, speaking only for myself, I’d love to see more “behind the scenes” stories. Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn once in awhile, and if some don’t want to read such stories, nobody is forcing them to click on them.

    On a related note, I’d love to see more op-ed pieces.

    1. Jay Cole says:


      InsideEVs, ‘nobody is forcing (you) to click on them’ … also a very catchy tagline to consider.

      Random note: Op-Ed is actually code for “uh-oh, this piece makes us scared for what is about to happen in the community and we apologize in advance”

      Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

      1. James says:

        10,000 and some of the articles were actually good! LOL

        Well done, and I’ll get right to work on more of those OP-EDs boss! < — You can call my stuff: Rotten Tomatoes, …or something! 🙂

  9. Cavaron says:


    “It’s not sexy, but it works”
    – that’s what I said about my first wi… erm… car, about my first car!

    1. James says:

      They tried sexy, but it didn’t work.

      Remember those Saturday Tiffany Whatsername pieces?

      Bzzzzzzzt! Ack!

  10. Driverguy01 says:

    Thanks Jay and Lyle, always look forward every day for news about evs. I’m an addict for sure!;)

  11. Gsned57 says:

    I’ve been following along since discovering the beauty of EVs on with Lyle writing and Jay providing some of the most insightful comments. So glad to have followed you here. I feel I can be a much better EVangelist following this site daily so thanks for everything. Keep up the great reporting!

  12. evnow says:

    Congrats. This is indeed a worthy EV story – after all you have EV inside your site name !

    1. mr. M says:

      Lol 🙂

  13. Alex says:

    Congrats Team, best EV Website !

  14. muchski says:

    Thanks Jay et al as well!

    One of my favourite sites and I too check a few times a day albeit using the feedly app and then clicking through to articles I want to check out (which is a lot of them!)

    Incredible how much has changed in 3 years and how much more will change in 3 years! Exciting times!

  15. Kevin says:

    Nice job Eric. Dad

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      Thanks dad !

  16. Carcus says:

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    1. Carcus says:

      … add,

      It’s ok to look back once in a while.

      But if you catch yourself muttering “rosebud” …. well, then maybe things have gone too far.

  17. Jay Cole says:

    Another mildly interesting factoid: Through the first 10,000 stories, there has been 158,126 comments.

  18. kubel says:

    Love the official slogan. “It’s not sexy, but it works”.

  19. James says:

    I really like, “Inside EVs” for the name. It is true that what’s in a name can make or break something. A good friend of mine bought a newsletter for recumbent bicycles and turned it into a living. He became the go-to guy worldwide for news, reviews and info about bicycles and trikes you rode in the supine or recumbent ( sitting ) position. Once he got a significant following, he would be asked for commentary on big publications like Bicycling Magazine.
    One has to listen to one’s gut. When interest flattened out, it was due to his small niche in the industry kind of topping out. Large bike manufacturers like Schwinn, Cannondale and Trek were toying with prototypes of mass-production recumbents but never put them out in the market. This kind of put my friend in a constant limbo – just being on the edge of mass popularity. His gut told him recumbent bikes needed a new name. The early-adopters and nerds called them ” ‘bents ” , but that wouldn’t fly with the general population. He printed a piece asking his readers to come up with a new name for bicycles you sat down to pedal. They came up with really lame suggestions all. Meanwhile, across the Bay near San Francisco, some bike rats were playing around on offroad trails by placing fat tires on old bike frames. They started calling these hybrid junker bikes they abused on trails and rocks, “mountain bikes”. The rest is history. The name inspired people to think outside the biking box. A bike could go – INTO THE MOUNTAINS! Sounds nuts, but it was a revelation for people! The name inspired sales, making mountain bikes to this day, the number one selling category of bicycle, by far!

    Meanwhile, my friend stuck with “recumbent” and finally he sold his business and the publication died on the vine. I live by a major public bike trail and I see recumbent cyclists zipping along at a ratio of about 300:1 vs. upright road and mountain bikes. If recumbents had a name that inspired what could possibly be accomplished by riding them – I deeply believed the form of biking would have taken off. Just one big advantage of sit-down bikes is speed. They are faster on the flats – we know of those streamliner man-powered speed records upwards of 80-90 mph. They also nix that age-old male syndrome associated with bike riding called: “That numbin’ in your plumbin'” – Well, OK, that’s not the T-E-C-H-N-I-C-A-L term. The parineal area of one’s ( very private area ) is what sits on a bicycle seat, take all the vibration, shocks and weight. Many folks just cannot ride a bicycle comfortably, so they miss out on the joys and health beneifits of riding. Recumbents solve this situation nicely.

    I had this idea to call him up back then – and suggest he call recumbents, “Cruisers” – because they cruise along swifty, and mostly, IT SOUNDED COOL. I mean, who doesn’t like to cruise, right?! But I procrastinated and second-guessed my idea until three years later, I open a bike magazine only to see an article on this new category of bicycle called…you guessed it, “the CRUISER”. Cruisers were a new tag on an old dog. Cruisers are just one-speed or 3-speed, heavy retro bikes people use to putt-putt along the beach or in town. They often are retro frames and designs harkening back to the forties and fifties Schwinns of yore – the bikes your mom and dad rode when they were young. Cruisers began selling like hotcakes and now every manufacturer has a line of cruisers down at your local bike shop!

    Recumbents remain a tiny niche of cycling. Some have said that the true reason is that they are not big hill climbers ( neither are cruisers! ). But with many cogs and large numbers of gears, like mountain bikes – they do OK on hills and now, with E-assist bikes being all the rage – recumbents have a new lease on life…a chance to shine using a hub motor to mutate up hills and use your aerodynamics and body position to scream past everybody else on the flats! – Is it too late for recumbents? Maybe so. They’ve been around so long, and like EVs – have developed a stigma as nerd bikes.

    We can’t be like recumbent bicycle niche nerds. “EV” doesn’t resonate with the mass public. Too bad we can’t come up with a name that more captures their imaginations, like “mountain bike” did! I haven’t put my massive, impressive brain power ( cough! cough! ) to the task as of yet, but a new name for EVs could inspire folks to get out of the golf cart = EV mentality. “Speedsters”, perhaps?

    1. Delta says:

      I love to cruise on my recumbent bike and trike as well. There is a brand of recumbent called the Cruzbike. I wish i had one of those – they are the fastest long distance bike in the world.

  20. Khai L. says:

    Great job! Looking forward to what you guys will post near 2017. You’ll be really swamped then!!

  21. vdiv says:

    Wouldn’t miss the endless arguments with Bill Howland on every topic, nor the Surprise Cat’s zingers, nor the always informative Tom Moloughney, Tony Williams, and Peder Norby, nor everyone else for their passion and dedication to electric cars.

    Thanks and congratulations to the InsideEV’s team!

  22. jmac says:

    Been following the EV thing since 2005-6 when the only EVs for sale were cars like the Zap Motors 3 wheeled Zebra and the Neighborhood electric car, the Zenn.

    Been to all the English speaking sites.

    Inside EVs is the best in my opinion and always the first place I go.

    1. James says:

      Think about it. Where else can we go for all the latest up-to-date rumors, tidbits and breaking events where it’s all condensed in one place?

      We Seattleites who are advocates of clean, sustainable energy have to stick together!

  23. pjwood1 says:

    You have done much, OB1.

  24. Boris says:

    Hi Jay, congrats to article number 10K. I think, I came across this site year and a half ago and I’ve been coming here ever since. I was never ever into electric cars before, the first impulse for me was when I learned of Tesla and that Elon character 🙂 Now after around 1.5 years, I still don’t own an electric car but it looks like a used Model S or new Model 3 might just be the one. Current models either just don’t cut it for me (Leaf, Volt) for various reasons or are simply too expensive – Model S, XC90 plug in) To give more insight about why I come here, I live in Bratislava, Slovakia so the vast majority of oil is imported from Russia and not being dependent on their oil is the primary reason why I want electric cars to succeed. Clean air and quiet streets in my city is the second one and CO2 is at number 3 as I believe that that is a tricky one very hard to solve in short/long run because it’s not only about cars. Anyway, would be good if you guys showed some statistics of where your clicks come from, I’m guessing it’s from all over the World now. I would also want to know how fast you’re gaining regular visitors too. Best of luck to you and looking forward to reading article number 100,000

  25. Mikael says:

    What’s the story behind Jay always using reversed smileys?
    After 10 000 articles that is the real mystery. =)

  26. ffbj says:

    Great job to all!

  27. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Good job!

    I read every article since 2013…

    Keep it up!


  28. Robster says:

    Thanks Jay and all; your site is the first I check when I get up in the morning and the last before I go to bed. Keep on doing the good work!

  29. Priusmaniac says:

    Great job. Love eving on your site. I like the easy comment on comment and the fruitful exchanges coming from it. You really connect ev tech interested people throughout the planet.

  30. jmollard says:

    Well done InsideEVs. I’ve been closely following EV progression for nearly decade, since before Apetera and the Automotive X Prize. InsideEVs has gradually evolved into my #1 go to site. I particularly commend this open comment format, which is obviously very successful. For emerging tech, this is a great forun to learn and share. Looking forward to 10s of thousands of more articles and discussions.

  31. Nix says:

    “how is this EV news?” is still much better than the old “Not Green!!” comment. =)

    Thanks for the great content. I’ll go click a few sponsor ads on the side bar now in appreciation….

  32. drpawansharma says:

    Well done. I started with green autoblog then i discovered plugincars but when insideevs came out, there was no going back. Insideevs is on my bookmarks and i check in multiple times every day for my ev fix.
    Would love a few more articles about solar even though they are not strictly about evs.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Interesting thought (re:solar),

      On two occasions we got very close to spinning up a solar-specific sister site (its a personal love of my own, and would be great to do), but one thing lead to another and it didn’t happen.

      Mostly, because if we did launch, we would want to do it right with a deep writing pool and a couple committed partners.

      …but you never know, it very well might still happen

  33. Delta says:

    More llama – please.

    In fact, any new EV’s should be rated from 1 to 5 llamas.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      I’m gonna lie, I miss quietly peppering in a llama (or two) into photos from my writing days at GM-Volt.

      But, I think maybe Vertical Scope and Jeff own that IP now, (=

      (“llama” picture below from a story I did at GMV on the outlook for EVs in 2010 as the first Volt/LEAFs were being delivered…good times)

  34. EVIL says:

    good job guys! greetings from Cyprus! 8)

  35. Marc says:

    Great accomplishment!
    Happy to have provided ONE article to the cause.
    Becoming ‘fossil fuel free’ was not a sacrifice…it was a RELIEF!

  36. Schmeltz says:

    Congrats on the 10000 stories InsideEVs! Here’s to hoping for many more successful years to come!

  37. Phr3d says:

    Thank You Merry Gentlemen..
    and the comment section is a classic InsideEVs moment in time.. nearly definitive.

  38. Germán Tedesco says:

    Congrats. This site is my eveyday addiction. Twice a million thanks to you all for the opportunity to learn from all your comments. Being impossible getting off of fossil fuel -living in a building apartment in the South of the Bronx- just knowing your evmiles driven renew my confidence, give me hope and rejoice my life. Great job Jay and the rest. Go EVs go!