InsideEVs Publishes Post #20,000, Site Redesign Coming Soon!


New Site Teaser

Every so often a major milestone is achieved in the world of online publishing. This just so happens to be one of those times and we at InsideEVs don’t shy away from celebrating.

New Logo

Back in April of 2012, InsideEVs published post #1.

Today, nearly six years later with this post, we’ve hit 20,000 published.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you who support this site and our mission to bring to you unmatched electric car coverage.

Some very exciting times lie ahead

Our newsletter, which had been incredibly popular in the past, will be returning soon with a whole new look.

We’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to providing various List type posts that have been in high demand. We’ll continue to cover more and more similar topics in an effort to present highly shareable content directed mainly at those new to electric cars.

Additionally, we’ve been working extra hard to keep our Compare EVs page up to date so it can be your one-stop source for essential EV info.

Site Redesign

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got a full site redesign in the works. We’ve spent many months working on this. It will freshen the look (see teaser above and below) of InsideEVs, while maintaining most of the page layout you all are accustomed to. Comment system will remain intact and WordPress will still be our platform.


In closing, we’d again like to thank you for your support over the years. Without our faithful and new readers, InsideEVs wouldn’t exist today. Here’s to the next 20,000 posts!

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Yes, congrats!

I’ve enjoyed the first 20K articles and am looking forward to the next 20K articles.

Me too. The only negative that I have to mention here is this covering of news that’s 2-3 weeks old. Seems to mostly be on the weekends. It’s irritating to see 3 week old stuff show up. I’ve usually read it elsewhere already, so I just go over it and don’t read the article on here.
But, Inside EVs is still in my top couple EV news sites!! Keep up the grand work!!!

Congrats! Way to go!

The biggest thing you could improve was the comments section, and that’s what you are choosing to leave alone?

We can definitely improve the comments. We are just letting you know that we aren’t eliminating them. Many sites have turned off comments.

Sometimes the comments are really good, but often they are not.
Regardless, congratulations.

Comments on this site seem pretty good. I don’t necessarily agree with everyone, but at least it seems most are genuinely enthusiastic about EVs and there aren’t many outright garbage posts.

The quality of post you see on many mainstream news sites is so low that arguably turning them off is an improvement.

I’d just like to take this moment to remind you (and everyone, really) that we also have a Forum, which is like a really big comment section, but with an edit feature, and categories, among other things!

Site redesign?!
I have a bad feeling about this. Are you guys going to inject more ads? Reduce crashes due to incompatibility with different os and make it faster…hopefully.

has there ever been a redesign of a public site that did not include more ads?, uproxx, to name just two I’ve personally experienced.

It will be faster and on a better server. There will not be any difference in the ads. The platform is the same.

I’m not sure how you can claim faster; the site loads for me as pure html. the only way I could see any room for improvement would be if you had pages loaded with graphics that ultimately loaded in fewer fractions-of-a-second due to increased bandwidth which I doubt either of us are currently deficient in.

We experience crashes and slow page loads, especially on sales days. The new server aims to solve this.

What is meant by the term “sales days” in this context?

The reporting days each month when we publish the sales stories and the monthly sales scorecard.

Or worse, ads that are fake virus warnings.

You really have to get better at screening them out, or frustrated readers will go elsewhere.

If you see something like this or any other type of ad that hinders the use of the site or messes with your experience, please send us a screenshot and we can get those removed. Oftentimes we are not aware of where the problem is coming from and need more information in order to address it. Thank you for letting us know.

No, please don’t. Site redesigns almost always make it a lot worse.

Flashy things for the sake of flashy things standing in the way of functionality and simplicity.

It won’t be flashy, just up-to-date. The only thing that’s changing is how it looks, the clarity of the design, and the faster server.

And by how it looks you mean it will become less user friendly?
At least that is what is usually means.

Sorry for being so negative. But I’ve yet to encounter a redesign that made a website better. No, that is not entirely true, but it’s extremely rare.

When it comes to redesigns of websites it’s not “don’t fix what ain’t broken” that rules but “let’s break something that works great”.

*sigh*…I’m just mentally preparing for yet another one of my favorite sites to be destroyed.

More user-friendly. Same setup. Same experience. Same location for what you use. Same interface. Just faster and new graphics. Since we’re keeping the platform the same, it doesn’t really change.

Looking forward to seeing the redesign Steve! Congrats!

Thank you much!

Yeah, thanks for all your hard work Steven!!

For once my sentiment is precisely the opposite. I think most redesigns result in an improved experience, and many web sites are far, far too slow to do it, resulting in a much worse user experience. But redesigns often don’t go deep enough. If you really want to make a difference in the experience of using InsideEVs, you can’t stay with WordPress as your platform (unless they’re now offering SPA-style sites as an option, which may be the case for all I know). Slow page loads have very often been an annoyance for me on the site, and that problem is greatly exacerbated by the fact that the site is a 90s-style set of hyperlinked documents plus some simple forms that post comments to the server, because the page must be recreated from scratch every time. Modern web sites are actually apps that run in the browser and pull in content to present from the server. So the user loads only one “page”, the app, upon coming to the site, and then pulls in only text and pictures as needed when navigating. If you used a free open-source framework like Aurelia for the client side and a half decent free… Read more »

this wouldn’t be the first site frequented that I stopped visiting after a redesign.

Our goal is to make it better for you. Hopefully, you’ll be happy with it and enjoy the improved experience.

Surely you can’t be saying that you’ll stop visiting because you are in principle against changing things..? That’s not what conservative is supposed to mean. ? It’s about conserving *values*. If changing something helps safeguard whatever thing you’re trying to conserve, it would be a good thing.

(Don’t get me wrong, conservatism is still stupid. Nothing can safely be reduced to dogma, never to be reconsidered, including what values are worth conserving.)

The short: maybe you should withhold judgement until the new design has had a chance to live in the wild for a little while. It’s not even launched yet…

Jean-François Morissette

One question, where is Jay Cole?

Jay has been heavily involved in the site redesign. It has been something that was a priority for him for some time. We are all very excited about it!

Please ensure that Metric measurements and rating are included in all posts as you are publishing to a Worldwide market.


And perhaps an indication in the headline if it relates Compliance vehicle.

Please, I’m getting tired of reading about things that will never be sold or supported in my area.

Time flies, eh?

Congrats on the update! I like the look of the new site!

As long as you prioritize performance over flash, I think everyone will be pleased once they’ve had time to adjust. 🙂

It’s all about performance, clearer pictures, more streamlined looks. The article format, featured posts, sidebar, and all site navigation tools stay the same. We are still using WordPress, so it can’t really be all that different. It is just heading into the future of how websites tend to look in 2018 versus the past. The new server should help a lot with site speed, load times, and mobile, etc. We will also have some nice features on our end, which won’t impact users, but will allow us to provide you with a better experience in terms of pictures, galleries, links, and slideshows. We are very excited.

That’s what I like to hear. Looking forward to it!

I’m willing to wait before I pass judgement and furthermore I think that InsideEvs is BY FAR the BEST EV SITE on the web!

If ?I was going to make one recommendation it is to go to the Disqus system or another one that you can search users and comments on because it saves/aggregates them.

VERY useful for search purposes and gives us a good idea of who is choosing to post here and why.

“I think that InsideEvs is BY FAR the BEST EV SITE on the web!”

Epic understatement! 🙂

I like the functionality of Disqus but I hate how glitchy it can be.

“Disqus is taking longer than usual. Reload?”

Ugh. I loathe actually using it, personally but improved commenting of some sort might be nice. (*cough* editbutton *cough*)

Thank you! It’s all a work in progress and all for the better for everyone involved.

About their disqus comment. Disqus and other notifying commenting tools starts a lot of flame wars.

One of the best things about this commenting section is that people reply to each other in eternity just aggravating each other more and more. Generally one comment or two to show your stance is enough and that never happens with disqus.

Agreed. Thanks Mikael. Comment editing, while a really nice feature, can also cause a world of issues. There’s no perfect way really. We have a very active commenting group here, much more than most sites. It’s a nice community, for the most part. We want to keep it intact.

An alternative to comment editing would be a “preview” function that lets a commentor look at what his post is going to look like before it’s actually posted.

That would at least give those of us who like to use HTML formatting, and those subject to the vagaries of AutoCorrect, a chance to spot and correct an error before posting, rather than to yell at the poor innocent computer screen “Oh #*%#@$^! I didn’t mean to do that!”

But I think the “Edit” function on the InsideEVs forum works pretty well. When you limit the ability to edit to only, let’s say, 15-20 minutes or so, then that lets a commentor spot any errors he made, yet not let him go back and re-write a post long after someone has already responded to what he originally wrote.

Just my opinion, of course. The people who actually do the work here — that is, the staff — get to set the rules!

Good thoughts. After having comments of mine get posted they had an error in them I finally made a rule for myself to look over my comments 2-3 tines before I hit the post button. It’s helped me a lot. It’s the only way to make it work I would argue.

I didn’t follow my rule this time btw… a nasty ‘you win this Amazon dumb thing’ kept popping up!!!

I agree that people knowing/being reminded that someone replied or not having a hard time finding their old comments afterwards often leads to flame wars. But that’s between them, and I don’t find it difficult not to read it.

But the other side of the coin is that Disqus also enables real discussion. I prefer that, despite the loads of junk one have to go through to get to the gold.

I hate Disqus.
Please keep comments as they are. Simple.

Very true. Much agreed!

What do you hate about it? It’s even simpler to use than this (type your comment and push the button; InsideEVs constantly forgets my username and email) and you can turn off all notifications once (for all websites in the world that use it, or for individual sites, or individual threads, or individual users) if you prefer.

If the real reason you hate it is that those you reply to may choose to be notified, I think it says something about how interested you are in having any actual discussion.

If it’s not discussion, just comments, there’s no point being able to reply – the whole thing would be a flat list, and everyone would comment on the article rather than on other comments…

To solve the problem of having to put in your name and email every time (which I have to do) I put them in via text replacement that my iPhone has.

Agreed, but the ability to preview before posting would be nice.

Congrats! I have really enjoyed your posts and watching the growth of the EV industry in your charts since 2012!

Thanks for updating the ‘EV compare’ needed this for a report 😉
Articles are great, data is awesome (wish I could get the same quality from my state registration system).

Site redesign? I don’t like the sound of that. 9 times out of 10 redesign means making it worse than before.

It will be almost exactly the same, but it will look better and work faster. This was a big concern for us, and we’ve all experienced site redesigns that have been crazy and on new platforms and flashy, with no actual improvement to “use” or “function.” The redesign is simply updating and improving function, without actually changing anything that IEV readers have come to know and enjoy.

Steven – These are auto-savvy users, not website gurus – You have to translate this change into automotive terms:

It’s a mid-cycle refresh, not a next-gen all new global platform:).

Haha, exactly!

Some of us are both.

Excellent Logo!
Thumbs up to your Design Team!
Looking forward to Post #40K sometime in the next decade!

Oh which probably 1/3 were about a Tesla in a drag race.

It’s not all about quantity guys… 😀

I love the new logo. Congratulations on what looks like a very attractive facelift!

Any chance of increased functionality in the comments section, such as the ability to edit posts (like we have in the InsideEVs Forum), or to vote up/vote down individual comments?

Thank you. No news on anything comment-related at this point.

Congratulations guys the site redesign looks great and I can’t wait for it. Thank you as well for being a great source of not only information but progress of the human race.

Thanks so much for that! We appreciate it.

I think I spent a large portion of my adolescence just reading Insideevs. I feel old, but not discontented.

“InsideEVs Publishes Post #20,000, Site Redesign Coming Soon! … thank you for your support.

Great job INSIDEEVs team!

Thank you for keeping us EVheads informed!

Two requests:

Even more INSIDEEVs deep dive original content articles… be it from INSIDEEVs or guest contributors… the technical analysis & behind scene stuff.

Scorecard that keeps running tally by state of total # EVs registered and also the % of EV for all cars registered. Then sort that list by the % column to rank (high-to-low) the states by EV adoption. Would be interesting to see same thing by major countries but that’s asking a lot.

typo: “total # EVs” should read “total # EVs registered”

Hope new site has a comment edit feature!

Edit is something we’ve tossed around, but we like our simple comment setup and our comment section is a strong point for us. For those that would use the edit to actually fix typos, this would be great. For the others that would and could constantly change comments in arguments and play “I didn’t say that” or “I already said that” etc., it would be a huge headache. Since we aren’t changing platforms, the existing comment section will stay the same for now, along with the rest of the site’s interface. It’s basically just a “facelift.”

Other sites put a time limit on edits. Say 10 minutes.

We really need a feature we can fix typos with.Natyrally, I never make misteaks…

Thank you. Definitely more deep dives and contributions. The accurate state data is not easy to get, and we are already struggling to get accurate national data. We’ve just tried to get accurate state data for a few instances and they make it quite difficult. While it would be nice, it’s probably not a possibility. It’s surely something that I wish was different. I worked with a gentleman that needed it for a graduate thesis and he couldn’t get it. He ended up having to pay multiple DMV’s a fee for registration data, and it wasn’t even complete. Rebate data is about 3 months behind, so that wouldn’t work either. Sorry. Hopefully, in the future things change.

Missing the Mitsu on the ‘Compare EVs’ charts.

Yes, Mark is working to add all the newer models and update it for the redesign. I will let him know. Thanks again!

been here from the start. great to hear theres a redesign finally coming

With this new update hopefully i will get that new ipad i keep “winning” in that popup ad you guys have going around your website.

Cheers Inside EV. A great source of Electric & Hybrid mobility. Here’s to the future.

Congratulations Team Insideevs.

Keep up your good work. I read the articles every day and also post my comments in a meaningful way.

Congrats on the 20K, and looking forward to seeing the new site design!

I still think article comments should be completely removed and replaced by a Forum thread, but that’s just me. It’s true that will require more active moderation, but I’m sure you can do well with volunteer moderators, like many other subject-related new sites with forums.

I don’t think box-nested comments work when there’s more than a dozen — very frequently I can’t see what previous comment a comment is responding to.

Yeah, it often becomes difficult to see what is being replied to, with multiple levels of nested comments.

What would be an improvement? I seem to recall that Slashdot’s setup works pretty well for long comment threads, but of course that software may not be compatible with this website, even if it is openly available.

I notice comments are often turned off in articles. For instance:

How Trollnonymous managed to post a comment before they were turned off is a puzzle, but there must be something you can do about this.

Can you pleeeaassse have a look at browser memory usage. This site eats up almost half a gig, more than any other I frequently fisit:

We will have the developers take a look. Thank you for pointing this out!

Pop the champagne! Congrats on hitting the milestone!

Really like the new title graphic,

Edit feature for comments a must. Needs a time limit on edits like other sites do.

Congratulations! 20,000 posts in about 2150 days (2169 since April 1, 2012, but the post isn’t dated so I’m just going by your April 2012 timeline here) is not far off 10 per day on average. If I could make a few wishes, I’d wish for a SPA site (single page application) with Disqus comments. But more importantly I’d wish for a reduced post volume in exchange for more in-depth pieces and content more in line with the original idea of “inside” EVs. Obviously there are some financial constraints, but the shape of those constraints depends very much on what business model you operate. Basically all of the obstacles stem from the fact that you use, as far as I can tell, only the ad-based model. I don’t know how much ad revenue one active reader generates for you in a month, but I hope you ask yourself whether it’s an amount that reader might prefer to pay to you instead. Personally I wouldn’t pay very much, but I would pay $1.50 a month, and frankly I think that far exceeds the ad revenue I generate. (Many try to charge the sort of prices people pay for print magazines, and… Read more »

Wow! Congratulations and great job on 20,000 posts! Very, very few blogs (if any nowadays) can make that claim! I very much look forward to enjoying more Electric Vehicle News from a great source.