InsideEVs Predicts BMW’s Future Plug-In Vehicle Lineup


BMW i3 Available in Parts of Europe Right Now

BMW i3 Available in Parts of Europe Right Now

If there’s one automaker I claim to know inside and out, it’s BMW.

My first automobile was a lowly, used BMW 325e (1984 purchased with some 160,000 miles on the odo).  Since then, I’ve been an aficionado.  That’s not to say I think BMW does everything right (a BMW SUV…C’mon now BMW, what were you thinking?), just that I follow BMW’s every move more closely than most of the other automakers.

BMW is Accepting European Orders for the 2014 i8 - Though It's Reportedly Sold Out for Next Year Already

BMW is Accepting European Orders for the 2014 i8 – Though It’s Reportedly Sold Out for Next Year Already

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the focus of this post: BMW’s plugged-in future.

In plotting BMW’s plugged-in future, we have to tie in what the automaker has stated on record with what we know (and predict) to be true.  Surely you can question how I’ve assembled this list, but it’s my belief that this timeline and list of models is as accurate as one could expect to see available anywhere outside of BMW’s headquarters in Germany.

  • BMW i3 – In production now
  • BMW i8 – Entering production soon – Sold out for 2014
  • BMW i2 or i4 – The two-door version of the i3 – Predicted to enter production in late 2014
  • BMW X5 e-Drive Concept – Expected to enter production in 2015
  • BMW Active Tourer Concept (called 1 Series GT in production form) – Late 2015
  • BMW i5 – Predicted to enter production in 2016 to 2017
  • BMW i7 or perhaps called BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid –  Predicted to enter production in 2016 or 2017

I fully expect this list to be disputed and I in fact encourage discussion that suggests I’m wrong.

We at InsideEVs have no problem with being told we’re wrong.  If indeed we are, we’ll be the first to admit it.

How’s my BMW plugged-in future lineup look?

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The interesting question is how will BMW reconcile the current split mind of the 2 series. Since gas cars wont survive so will they let the old die and use the new i names or will they kill the i names and make the old model range electric…
I’m not sure they have thought that through 🙂

It all depends on how i3 sells. Until then all other models will just be in some ppts.

I would really like to see BMW i1 or i2 as an alternative for Opel Rak-e and Volkswagen Nils, it would be a perfect car for home-work-home commuting. There are lot of people driving alone in huge Gas Guzzlers.

Yes! BMW already makes motorcycles. A one or two passenger cabin trike is a natural. It avoids the whole “car” bureaucracy/mindset. Many start-ups have gone broke before bringing one to market. The market exists. Somebody just needs to produce the things!

X5 eDrive 2015.

Added in…thanks

BMW i2 or i4 — The two-door version of the i3.

Hmm… Really? i3 is really just a two door coupe already. Sure, those “suicide doors” are exactly real door especially with no windows and you can’t exit without the front passenger removing their seat belts….

The 2 door version already exists…It’s the concept BMW showed off forever. I think that when those pesky rear doors on the i3 receive enough complaints (impossible to use a rear-facing child seat due to the rear door not opening 90 degrees or more), BMW will roll out the two door with a bit more of a stylish body to pump up sales. Though the 2 door is no more useful, it’s a more familiar and workable setup I think.

That is a very positive listing, but the actual center piece will be the i5. Same system as the i3 but with the original body of the standard series 5 and the original gasoline tank for the rex as well. Or perhaps a flex fuel tank and rex for the better.