UPDATE: InsideEVs Pilots New Comment Login System, Readies For Upcoming Transition


We hope this updated comment system will help on all sides, as well as ease the upcoming transition.

Update/Editor’s Note: Well, while the archaic system, even with the new update, didn’t exactly initiate a “true” login or registration situation, it did allow us to see which users are “registered to comment.” Meaning, your email and IP address are in the system, tracked, and already approved (or not). And/or you subscribe to our newsletter, or we’ve interacted with you via a “real” email.

It seems the interface honors those with real emails, continued comments, newsletter subscriptions, and “real and registered email, albeit unofficially.” With the being said, the vast majority of our comment base won’t experience a notable change. However, if you’re a new user, or someone whose comments have been moderated in the past, or someone who hasn’t registered a real email for our newsletter, you may see your comments go directly to moderation or even trash until we see them and make a decision to publish (or not).

Again, thanks for your support as we try to weed out the enemies and harassers. If your comment goes into moderation accidentally, which some surely do and for no apparent reason, we’ll make our best efforts to get them live and curtail the issue. 

Though this change may not have worked out quite as we anticipated, it means we have increased control and accountability over users on the back end. Those who continue to harass IEV authors and users will be more easily discovered and reported to the authorities, if it accelerates to that level.

The bad good news is, InsideEVs has outgrown its current platform. We’ve had a multitude of successes since our site redesign over a year ago, though, as expected, there have been some issues. Fortunately, most are behind the scenes, so they don’t impact users to a significant degree. With that being said, we are aware that there are still concerns on the front end, and our current platform doesn’t allow us to appropriately address them. One of the biggest issues we’re working to address is the comment system, which has slowed the site down in many ways.

Why is this is positive news rather than negative?

In any industry, growth is something to be proud of. For InsideEVs, it means newfound success and finally getting to move to a more up-to-date and solid platform. No worries, however, it doesn’t mean we’re going through another site redesign. The site, as you know it, will remain relatively unchanged. However, it will be faster, offer more developer support, and provide us the ability to fix many of your concerns, like image and graph sizing issues for starters.

It will be another month or more before we’re able to complete the transition, so we’ll keep you posted along the way. For now, to prepare for the new platform, we’re going to initiate a pilot program for comments, which requires you to register. Again, it won’t change the comment section as you know it. You’ll still be able to use your current screen name and remain anonymous to other users. However, there will be some accountability on the back end, so we gain the ability to pinpoint those who are harassing and threatening us, as well as potential hackers.

This is simply a pilot program since we have no way of knowing exactly how it will play out. If it causes undue frustration and further issues on our end or yours, we’ll revert back to the current setup until we transition. Once we’re on the new platform, we’ll have more up-to-date options related to the comment system in general.

We will set the pilot program live today (Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 9:30 AM ET). At that point, we’ll be able to run some tests on it and figure out exactly what’s involved, as there’s no way to test it thoroughly ahead of launch. Yet another reason that we need to move to a more up-to-date platform.

If we need to provide you more information to make the process easier, we’ll update this post accordingly. We’ll also be sure to watch the comment section and read your posts so that we may engage and/or make any necessary adjustments or offer assistance.

As always, thank you all for the incredible support over the years. Everything we do is an attempt to improve the site and your overall experience.

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Looking forward to a change current comment system is hopelessly behind.

Yes. Get rid of these trolls that came out of nowhere with every comment negative to EVs

Yea man, delete everything what dude Will above doesn’t like and just let the comments he likes!

No. Lately there’s been trolls with usernames that I haven’t seen on this site bashing EVs

it allows downvotes which I think is great.

atm I’m on some hotel WiFi and can’t remember what I used as the email entry. So here goes nothing

what makes it behind? (honest ignorance)

Good luck and continued success, InsideEVs!

I was always sad that there wasn’t a way to track my comments and see if people followed up. Hope the new systems works out better than the current one for you.

The tracking of comments after my comment is the real problem. Because I don’t get any notice of comments, I don’t often follow up on responses.

BTW, when I try to up vote, I have been getting a little box that says: “You have to be logged in to vote.” Where do I log in?

Good. Anything that makes your jobs less of a hassle, I’m all for that.

Great idea registering. Hopefully you can also track those who continue to comment negatively and don’t add any value to the topics. Constant criticism of a vendor or model line is not productive and does not help would be EV buyers search for real info. Also commenting about info non-related to the topic at hand is disruptful.

Case in point your recent article about the Leaf hitting 400k in global sales, the comments spiraled out of control to a mainly a Tesla topic which had no bearing on the subject matter. This needs to be watched and IMO people who comment and constantly do this kind of stuff should be banned. It’s your site and you have all the rights to control what goes on and you should be looking at this more.


Yes, the overzealous TSLA fanbois must be kept in check!

Pro tesla commenters are not the problem, the anti Tesla trolls are.

It’s not just one or the other — we’ve seen both. (Though admittedly anti-Tesla trolls seem to be more noisy overall…)

they should get a little flair next to their name. Maybe the tesla remote toy car or something like that.

Agreed… Same goes for the overzealous GM fanbois, though.

While I agree with your points, this is a policy decision that is unrelated to the comment system in use. The admins have stated repeatedly that they are not willing to do this kind of heavy-handed moderation…

(Also, practice what you preach!)

Thank you from those of us that want to engage in a serious discussion.

The harder it is for people to comment or vote :p the less people are part of the system & evolving with it. It also feels that the site / operators or whatever does not want you to make it easy to express what you think / feel or want people to stop commenting all together even though that might not be your goal at all

Exactly. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: the ability to comment without jumping through hoops such as registration, is the primary reason why I’m here. If the new system requires mandatory registration, I definitely won’t be commenting any more — and most likely stop visiting the site at all…

The try to make money with user data
the current System dont need acces to some database the new System need it and is slower and more hackable now.
even cockie tracking is possible like gmail where you cant logout. and always tracked

bye bye insideevs

Your ads and analytics also slow the site down. Sometimes it just hangs while waiting for some third party script to hear back from a sluggish api somewhere out in the wilds of the ether, even causing commenters to mix metaphors.

Is commenting how we log on?

Is there some sort of registration link that I’m missing?

Is a move to Disqus in the future?

Hope so!

I hope not!

Where is the login link.

I logged in for forums but don’t see a login so I can up vote some good comments. Where is the login?

Good to see.

This should be a great improvement to the site.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Will the new architecture require JavaScript to be enabled?

How do we login?

As I said in the past, it’s your site, you can do anything as you wish.

What I like about IEV is that this is honest and open forum, unlike other places that place severe restrictions in anything outside of editors’ views. If not for here, one would think there’s zero diversity in EV enthusiasts, because all others ban anything that question climate change is going to kill us all or that Leaf is just as good as Tesla P100DL. This is probably why most people outside of EV enthusiasts still think of EV as some left wing political tool that need EV safe space.

Not sure if I’ll be around, but if some right winger say EV are only for left wing political conformity or climate change, you can point to my past comments to tell them that it ain’t so. Many modern EVs do not need any excuses to be great, climate change nor politics matter.

Keeping my fingers crossed for these site updates. I know it can be a very tough balancing act where visitor comments and ratings are concerned. My advice: Be more concerned about getting it right eventually and less concerned about nailing it on the first try. A little experimentation and ironing out kinks won’t kill anyone.

I can’t currently upvote. Or downvote. It tells me I need to log in.

Same here, It already has me screen name and email listed in the text boxes, but it doesn’t let me upvote or downvote.

How do you login?

I too am trying to up vote some comments but can’t because it says I need to be logged in. Where is the login?

Are you going to switch to Disqus, or just a modified version of this current system?

Can you let Jay Cole up, from the basement, now?

😆 😆 😆

I do miss Jay and his occasional extended responses in the comments sections.

I just subscribed to the email, but I STILL don’t see any way to login…
(and I don’t want an email summary, I prefer to read the articles — sigh)

a little confused… can we login with the discussion forums login and post comments using that?

Test post (please don’t downvote).

I say bravo!!! I just didn’t realize I was an enemy.

As long as we can still complain about Evannex advertorials, I’m game.

Every fifth one is interesting. We just don’t know when the fifth one will happen.

Indeed. But unfortunately, there would likely be a lot of disagreement over just which are the 20%! 😉

Don’t think so, TBH…

I still get moderated because I did just that

More likely you got moderated because you used “forbidden” words, or objectionable language in general… There is a difference between complaining and bashing.

(Admittedly, the word filters tend to be too aggressive. A lot depends on context: calling a person dumb is objectionable; calling a situation dumb usually isn’t…)

Why reinvent the wheel? Try to license or reuse the peer moderated commenting system like slashdot. It is not as easy to troll. Not easy to game. It lets anyone, even those without login to comment. Still able to maintain reasonable quality of discussions and threads. Reddit etc are creating echo chambers and are very easy to game.

I agree that the voting system on Slashdot is quite nifty: providing significantly more value than the simple “up/down” approach… In fact I have mused about the implications of having something like this here myself.

Having said that, with divisive topics, even the Slashdot system tends to devolve into a simple filter for the majority opinion, instead of highlighting actually interesting/informative/insightful posts…

You should also Make an Option to BLOCK HIDE coments from users one doesnt like..much like Electrek does..
Saves time avoid reading Troll BS

Test the truth

Congratulations to InsideEVs on the upgrade!
🙂 🙂 🙂

I hope the transition goes smoothly.

Inside EV has been the only place I leave comments due to its lack of registration and log-in requirement. Please don’t take that away.

I worry that IEVs will become an echo chamber. Most members are already overwhelmingly pro-Tesla (you can see this by looking at how many comments Tesla stories get compared to others, and how every discussion, however irrelevant always ends in a comparison to Tesla). Reading through the comments here you can see how many people are saying things like block all the trolls and that pro Tesla people aren’t a problem, but anti-Tesla people are, but if you read between the lines what they’re actually saying is “block all people who have a different opinion to me”. These people are as bad as the “trolls” they complain about, their blind obsession without reasoning is as bad as the trolls blind hatred without reasoning. I like coming here because at least half the comments are useful and you can pick up a lot of information that otherwise you may not come across. But I’m here because I like cars as a whole, and I like EV’s. If this place becomes anymore Tesla-centric it’d really put me off. I’m not anti-Tesla by any means (although because I’m not pro-Tesla to most that automatically makes me “the enemy”), I just like cars and… Read more »

You are conflating opinions with trolling. Asking for trolls to be banned is not the same as asking for everyone with a different opinion to be banned. I for my part regularly downvote both pro-Tesla and anti-Tesla troll posts — although I can’t claim to be neutral on the matter myself…

Also note that Tesla haters bring up Tesla in unrelated discussions just as often as Tesla fans do. It is *not* an indicator of a pro-Tesla majority.

Last but not least, using loaded language such as “fanbois” doesn’t help. (Frankly, it’s the first word I’d put on the moderation list… I don’t remember ever seeing a comment bringing up this word that wasn’t noise.)

I still think it might be a good idea to introduce a modest, even symbolic membership fee – a few USD a month, perhaps? Apart from helping with the running costs, this would filter out a whole category of posters who are here just to kill time.

Putting a price on commenting would leave *only* people who do this for entertainment.

Makes sense to do this, honestly. I was wondering why the original comment system was so easy to immediately use and post with.

So, why not just use disqus?

Because not everyone is happy with their private data being monetised?…