InsideEVs’ Pie Chart Tracks Worldwide Nissan LEAF Sales Since Launch

DEC 19 2013 BY MARK KANE 18

LEAF Takes In The Sights...And A Charge

LEAF Takes In The Sights…And A Charge

The total worldwide Nissan LEAF sales through the end of November was at least 88,500 units.

Nissan sold to date over 40,000 LEAFs in U.S., over 16,000 in Europe and likely over 32,500 in Japan.

A small, but still significant number of LEAFs were delivered to other countries around the globe since the LEAF launched in late 2010 in the US and Japan and early 2011 in Europe.

When we add all the figures up, this mean that U.S. has ~45% market share for LEAF sales. Current sales in U.S. are on similar level as in Japan and the whole of Europe.

Collecting number for different countries, we can show (via our fancy pie chart) how the LEAF market share is shaping up in Europe.  And wow!!! 43% of the LEAFs sold in Europe went to Norway, not counting hundreds of LEAFs (at least) that Norwegians imported from other countries.

Second is the UK with 19%, a figure which jumped considerably after the launch of the 2013 version made in the UK.

France and Germany come in with 12% and 8% respectively and are the only two countries (aside from Norway and the UK) that exceed the 1,000 LEAFs sold level.

About 3/4 of European LEAF market belong to three countries – Norway, UK and France.  And 82% to four countries if we include Germany.

The Netherlands, with 870 LEAFS sold, holds 5%, Spain with 465 is at 3%. Denmark and Switzerland both have ~2%, with 275 and 271 respectively.

The rest of the Europe bought over 1,000 LEAFs so there probably are some countries not present on our chart that likely have ~1% or so.

Nissan LEAF new registrations in Europe from 2011-01 to 2013-11

Nissan LEAF new registrations in Europe from January 2011 through November 2013

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i thought Nissan was over 100K in total sales?

In early November Nissan reported 87,000 (when the Japanese Aero Style LEAF was announced at Tokyo Auto Show). Expect they will provide an update when specs for the 2014 LEAF are released in late-December.

Only if you include its Renault version….

Not the Renault version, the Renault EVs range.

Also look at the Netherlands to really boost their sales as well. they are installing a massive fast charge network there that will really boost sales

Fastned is extreme overpriced (0.35 € per minute) and will more shock people away from buying an electric car.

This seems very reasonable to me, and should to anyone pumping gas. I like the idea of per-minute billing too. I’d love to see something like this here.

I’m already paying about the same per quick-charge (5$ for a 10~15 minute session) on a network that usually has only one QC per site, so every once in a while, I have to wait on someone who has no incentive to hurry, or go to the next QC if there is another one nearby… which then just might also be in use by the time I get there.
I would happily pay more for the better availability and reduced wait times of a multi-QC site, not to mention the convenience of a mini-mart/snack/coffee and free wifi at the same location.

Like Dave, I think FastNed will promote EV sales, if only just by showing to anyone stopping next to their sites to get gas that the infrastructure for EVs is arriving big time.
It’s one thing to have lone chargers at some dealerships, it’s quite another to see slick-looking arches along the highway with arrays of quick-chargers underneath.

Roughly, that’s about $2.5B USD in sales.

2.5B USD = 260,175,000,000 Japanese Yen as they would say at their headquarters

Anyone have per capita data? It looks like Norway and Japan are way ahead of the game.

While not per capita data, here are some stats on population & EV sales breakouts.

Norway population is ~5 million and EV sales exceeded 10% for first time in November.

Japan’s population is ~130 million. (Per capita vehicle sales are lower due to larger cities and great pubic transportation)

United States population is ~320 million and EV sales are ~0.7% (3.9% for all plugins & hybrids) of ~14 million vehicle sales in 2013 (to Nov).
• California’s population ~39 million account for ~40% of U.S. EV sales has ~1.9% EV (~10% including hybrids)
• Oregon (~4 million) & Washington (~7 million) state new EV registrations have also risen above 1.6%.
• Together CA, OR, & WA account for ~50% of U.S. EV and hybrid sales.

From a purist perspective, you should probably add a sliver of a slice for “all other countries” in the worldwide pie chart. 🙂

I know, next time. 🙂

Canada (not shown in graphs) had ~700-750 LEAFs as of November. This amounts to 4.5% of the “Others” (6%) listed as European. At 4.5% Canada ranks between the Netherlands (5%) and Spain (3%) globally.

Grouped by Continent (as of Nov):
• North America: >40,500 (US, Canada, and Mexico)
• Asia: >32,500
• Europe: >16,000
• Australia: <500

Interesting tidbit: ~1000 of the ~7000 LEAFs registered LEAFs in Norway were imported sales vs. new vehicle sales (A indicator to level of demand; with 14% of owners going the extra mile to acquire a LEAF)

Thanks, I must fix this too in next edition.

Surely when you try new things there will be some flaws. But props to Mark for perhaps being the first person to ever publish a chart like this. It’ll improve over time. I’m sure of that.


Great chart, I like it a lot. I’d love to see a breakdown of US sales by either region or state. Not sure Nissan release this info or not.