Inside EVs Monthly Sales Scorecard Gets New Format And Look


Check out our new charts and a slight revamp of how we report sales.

We’ve been telling you for some time that Inside EVs will have improved charts as part of the redesign. They’ve finally arrived and we’re very excited to share them with you.

Additionally, not being able to provide you with timely charts has been an issue over the last several months due to automakers refusing to offer the sales information or not reporting on a monthly basis, whatsoever.

We’ve found that our estimates over the last few months have been very close to reality once official sales information came in. So, instead of making you wait, we’re going to offer as many of those estimates as possible (designated in the chart by an asterisk next to the model) over the course of the first few EV sales reporting days. Then, when official monthly sales numbers come in, we will update the chart, remove the asterisk, and republish the report card.

For years, we’ve been providing the same information in two places. We have our “fixed” scorecard, which contains all historical graphs and charts. Every month we update it with new recap text and model recaps. At the same time, we publish the exact same recaps in our monthly report card, which comes in the form of a current article on our homepage.

Rather than providing the same information in two places, our new scorecard will simply include the data you’re looking for in the form of charts and graphs. For the monthly recap, questions coming into each month, and model recaps, you’ll want to reference our current month’s report card. Fortunately, we’re providing a new archive to every monthly report card we’ve ever published. You’ll be able to access this via a link in the fixed scorecard.

Hopefully, you’ll love the new charts as much as we do. They’re much cleaner, easier to read, and especially helpful when you’re trying to view the data on a mobile device. Also, we believe that the new streamlined format will be much more user-friendly due to its lack of redundancy. It will also assure that you can find whatever you need quickly and efficiently.

Now, we’ll apologize for the long-winded explanation and give you an opportunity to see the new scorecard below. Thanks as always for your continued support!


May 2018 EV SALES will be reported on Friday, June 1, 2018, beginning with the Toyota Prius Prime and Nissan LEAF sales at 6:30-7:30 AM PT (9:30-10:30 AM ET) and continuing with other automakers into the following week.

If you’d like to access any of our previous monthly report cards, click here for the full archive.

Every month InsideEVs tracks all the plug-in EV sales for the United States by automaker and brand. Below, readers can find all the historical EV sales charts for the “current generation” of electric vehicles.

The current year/month chart and graph are included below, followed by historical charts by year, from 2017 back to 2010.

2018 Monthly Sales Chart

Tesla Model 318752485382038756250606224,367
Toyota Prius Prime 14962050292226262924223714,255
Tesla Model S8001125337512501520275010,820
Tesla Model X70097528251025145025509,525
Chevrolet Bolt EV1177142417741275112510837,858
Chevrolet Volt*71398317821325167513367,814
Honda Clarity PHEV*59488110611049163914456,669
Nissan LEAF  15089515001171157613676,659
Ford Fusion Energi6407947827427406044,302
BMW i3 (BEV + REx)  3826239925034245803,504
BMW 530e*2244136895187295383,111
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid**3754504804256507103,090
BMWX5 xDrive 40e*2615966275634995153,061
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV3003233732732973901,956
Fiat 500e**  2102352852152502451,440
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron*1451992141892672401,254
Kia Niro PHEV*1552462271202182051,171
Hyundai IONIQ PHEV*221782181802172101,025
BMW 330e*101142202166150225986
Volvo XC60 PHEV*109155167141214170956
Mercedes C350e*29172208158166192925
Porsche Cayenne S-E*11312119726559160915
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid*1249336275250913
Kia Soul EV115163157152133145865
Volkswagen e-Golf  1781981641287632776
Mini Countryman SE PHEV*12710074106163175745
Kia Optima PHEV*8610315614298125710
Volvo XC90 T8 PHEV*991069390126105619
smart ED  849010380110126593
Mercedes GLE 550e*44701819383120591
Ford C-Max Energi23414210557186562
Honda Clarity BEV20310448523795539
Ford Focus Electric  7073137838850501
Hyundai Sonata PHEV*525478386760349
BMW i8323947576445284
Mercedes GLC 350e*557596460245
Volvo S90 T8 PHEV*272952293040207
BMW 740e*182331601755204
Hyundai IONIQ EV4936073228179
Cadillac CT6 PHEV*62417423035154
Mercedes B250e  404933730132
Mercedes S550e*13311971255
2018 U.S. Sales Totals12,04916,84526,37319,68124,56025,378124,886
2017 U.S. Sales Totals11,00412,37518,54213,36716,59617,04615,54016,51421,24214,31517,17826,107199,826
2018 Worldwide Sales*82,00081,000141,000128,450159,346591,796

Above – 2018 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers – *Estimated Sales Numbers – Reconciled on Monthly or Quarterly Totals, ** Estimated (Based on State/Rebate Data and other reports), Credit to for assistance on Hyundai/Kia and some BMW data. BEV models are designated with the  icon.

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – April 2018

Historical Sales Charts 2017-2010

Tesla Model S9001750345011251620235014252150486011201335497527,060
Chevrolet Bolt EV  116295297812921566164219712107263227812987322723,297
Tesla Model X7508002750715173022001650157531208501875330021,315
Toyota Prius Prime13661362161818191908161916451820189916261834242020,936
Chevrolet Volt16111820213218071817174515181445145313621702193720,349
Nissan LEAF  7721037147810631392150612831154105521317510211,230
Ford Fusion Energi606837100290510007077037627637417318759,632
Ford C-Max Energi4736396627209509368447056835695234368,140
BMW i3 (BEV + REx)  3823187035165065676015045386862836726,276
Fiat 500e**  7525907855414733593952902853102153855,380
BMWX5 xDrive 40e2622753972914334884633173333299298325,349
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid**12003357053551254254758755707204,597
BMW 330e1291443652604754963874093293074773634,141
BMW 530e131472393433455115968727063,772
Volkswagen e-Golf  3322933423073812323083171872032893433,534
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron3874004143012943242181298517382702,877
Hyundai Sonata PHEV1901752952802202552051851902101351952,535
Volvo XC90 T8 PHEV96831031451462021742652361742043682,196
Kia Soul EV  1171521711671291001453002552102072042,157
Ford Focus Electric  562284071251321101481311311151211131,817
Tesla Model 3  307511714533710601,764
Porsche Cayenne S-E1771211261851741951601781247338231,574
Kia Optima PHEV1061708685781301822282352131341,512
Honda Clarity BEV  341552344595271,121
Honda Clarity PHEV5898903
Mercedes C350e2105117370112212126491614817
Mercedes B250e  5356506646468158875931111744
BMW 740e18354212333528039435512067707
Mercedes S550e5551608183811243235162226666
smart ED  1522133130941237368129544
Volvo XC60 PHEV13659710082174531
BMW i8505849231822552927334480488
Mini Countryman SE PHEV10758680569672475
Mercedes GLE 550e52594736334127231484182463
Hyundai IONIQ EV  5197558436636282379432
Cadillac CT6 PHEV81620222327272935207
Volvo S90 T8 PHEV5283252117
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV9999
Chevrolet Spark EV  44310110007223
Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid21321001125018
Cadillac ELR30220721000017
Mitsubishi i-MiEV  1320000000006
2017 U.S. Sales Totals11,00512,37718,54113,36516,59617,04615,54016,51421,24214,31517,17026,107199,818
2016 U.S. Sales Totals6,2217,76313,85710,53111,46714,86313,06714,59217,22411,00713,23724,785158,614
2017 Worldwide Sales*41,37253,56194,65071,76291,417102,13092,835104,225124,197125,447148,903176,6181,227,117

Above – 2017 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers – *Estimated Sales Numbers – Reconciled on Monthly or Quarterly Totals, ** Estimated (Based on State/Rebate Data and other reports), Credit to for assistance on Hyundai/Kia and some BMW data. BEV models are designated with the icon.

Above – 2016 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers – *Estimated Tesla Sales Numbers, NA for X through Q3, US Q4 – Reconciled on Quarterly Totals, ** Fiat/Hyundai Does Not Report Sales Directly, Estimate Based on State/Rebate Data

2015 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers - *Estimated Tesla Sales Numbers – Reconciled on Quarterly Totals, ** Fiat/Hyundai Does Not Report Sales Directly, Estimate Based on State/Rebate Dat

Above – 2015 Monthly EV Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers – *Tesla Full Year Totals On Model S/X Verified Q4 2015, ** Fiat/Hyundai Does Not Report Sales Directly, Estimate Based on State/Rebate Data

2014 Update:  Fiat 500e estimate restated to reflect numbers based on incentive data over less accurate 3rd party data previously used.

2014 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers *Estimated Tesla Sales Numbers – Reconciled on Quarterly Totals from Earnings Report (Q1 Sales reported @ 6,457-3,000 Intl Delivers, Q2 7,579 total-approx reported International registrations, Q3 7,785 total deliveries ~ 3,900 US, Q4 via 55% net NA deliveries from 31,655 total) ** Update: Fiat 500e data estimated via incentive data

Above – 2014 Monthly EV Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers, *Tesla Full year Model S Results Verified, Monthly Estimated, Update: Fiat 500e data estimated via incentive data

2013 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers *Estimated Tesla Numbers have been included in this graph. Tesla Total US Sales Based On Quarterly Disclosures (Q1 & Q2 from filings, Q3 based on shareholder letter, and Q4 based on company estimate of half of sales out of North America) *Fiat 500e estimated based on available data.

Above – 2013 Monthly EV Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers *Estimated Tesla Numbers have been included in this graph. Tesla Total US Sales Based On Quarterly Disclosures (Q1 & Q2 from filings, Q3 based on shareholder letter, and Q4 based on company estimate of half of sales out of North America) *Fiat 500e estimated based on available data.

2012 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers (click to enlarge) Tesla sold approximately 2,650 Model sedans in 2012 (as per Tesla financials – monthly estimate shown)

Above – 2012 Monthly EV Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers (click to enlarge) Tesla sold approximately 2,650 Model sedans in 2012 (as per Tesla financials – monthly estimate shown) 

2010/2011 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers (click to enlarge)

Above – 2010/2011 Monthly EV Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers (click to enlarge)

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the new format is harder to read , especially the tiny light green texts on the left, but also the numbers are a bit too thin in my opinion.

Should be way easier to read. The previous screenshots wouldn’t enlarge on mobile. Are you on mobile or desktop? What browser? What are the tiny light green texts … model names? This is exactly why we shared it ahead of Friday, so people could apprise us if there was an issue on devices. Thank you!

I find the model’s names being very hard to read. Small text and that green color is horrible for readability. Desktop/Chrome.

Also missing column dividers. Total number at both the bottom (monthly/yearly) and the side (model) needs to be bigger and balder.

Got it and talking to Devs. Thanks!

Good points, making the model names black and the “battery” icon green might help I think! The green battery will still make it obvious at a glance which is a PHEV and a BEV, but the text will be easier to read. 🙂

Tweaks will always be needed on new features, but the kinks will be worked out and this is going to be a *much* better format!


desktop , Chrome

We can make numbers and model names thicker. It’s a work in progress, and thank you for the insight. But, not having a reality of being able to see it on mobile with the redesign and the weird screenshots need to go. We will be tweaking this througout this month as we approach the end of Q2.

Should be blue on scorecard and green on report card. Should allow you to easily see and scroll the charts on mobile to see monthly totals, as well as the grand total for the year without having to try to click on chart and attempt to increase sizing.

and also, wouldn’t it be time to have a chart for BEV only?
I understand the rationale from lumping them together (BEVs and hybrids) , but now with the relatively decent number of BEV offerings I think we should at last compare apples to apples.
Model S and Prime are really not in the same class (except that they both have 4 wheels :-), also Cayenne S-E hybrid with its enormous 14 mile range and Bolt is not a fair comparison.
Therefore it would be fair to have the hybrids ranked separately.

I for one wouldn’t even look at the hybrids table, although I understand why (range anxiety) other people might.

That is coming at a later date for sure.

I know that’s a hard one for the future. I am sure that separating them would help readability, but I for one will cast my vote to always have a page that displays them both, or as a minimum the top 20 sales, or sales over a certain percentage etc. Leaving that information out or refusing to look at the other page would be missing the whole picture. We are a loooong way from hybrids especially like the i3 and Volt not counting in the r-evolution, or even the Prius for that matter. Either way, nice job! and good on ya guys!

Totally agree with M Hovis. Not sure why having a BEV-only chart would be useful. An electric mile is an electric mile.

I’m getting scroll bars on the vehicle name column which throws the alignment off.

You have made the column with the cars namn little to wide so now you can scroll it both up/down and sideways.


Thank you! Good to get that positive. But, because of people all over the world and different devices, etc., we need that feedback to make it right. I love the new embedded charts and streamlined format, especially on mobile. Though, it doesn’t work great for all, so we want to know the issues.

Maybe keep the comma separators in the month-by-month model totals? I like the new format a lot, but I find it harder to quickly digest the monthly numbers without the thousands comma separators.

I view the website most of the time through my smartphone and I’m not very happy with the whole website refresh. The advertising is obtrusive to say the least and the banner is always getting in the way especially when I’m trying to zoom on something. I know that Indideevs has to make money though advertising but there has to be a better way.

Just a few thoughts….

1) Make the car names darker
2) Put the asterisk to the left of the car
3) Add a comma to the monthly car sales over 1,000

All happening! Thanks.

Nice improvement. The double border between “DEC” and “Total” in the header row doesn’t quite line up with the double border between the December column and the Total column in the rest of the table: Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, desktop.

The new chart looks much cleaner, and nicer, certainly more pleasing to the eye, but I find it a bit harder to read. With some refinement it should be ok, definitely a step in the right direction.

We just bolded the models and changed the font. Yes, a work in progress, but thanks so much!

Probably would be clearer if the asterisks went with the numbers that are estimated rather than the model. For example, for the Chevy Bolt, the numbers through March are official, while April is an estimate. You can’t tell that by simply starring the model.

Agree 100% with this.

Just about to give up visiting this site, I always use my i phone but it just keeps getting harder to see anything complete anymore.

What’s wrong. Tell us and we can fix it. We already fixed nearly every issue in this message thread.

The whole reason we updated the table is you couldn’t see the whole thing or enlarge it on an iPhone. It wouldn’t click to get bigger or use thumbs to make it visible. Now, it’s embedded and you can see the chart clearly on the page and it’s set for iPhone optimization.

The new chart is far far worst on my iPhone. The old one resizes to fit in portrait or landscape. The new ones 2018/2017 just show 3 or 6 months and force me to scroll back and forth, never seeing all the columns at once. Also no way to zoom in or out. Horrible experience, sorry.

Viewing on a iPhone 6s

BTW great website. No criticism of the great work you do. Probably some setting is off.

When I use the old ones, it’s an image. I can click on it on my phone and it pops up. But there’s no way to enlarge it and I can’t see the numbers. This one is built in and only shows a few months at a time so that it’s big enough to see at all times. We are still tweaking the font and such, but overall, everyone seems to agree that it is so much easier to see and read. The reason we are changing it is because of so many complaints that people simply can’t see the other one on their phones. Thanks for the input. We will keep working on it!

Looks fine to me. May want to have some colorblind people (of various types) check it out as being color blind is more common than one might think.

Any chance this table format is used for reporting on other parts of the world, i.e. Canada?
Any plans to make the table more interactive, i.e. be able to sort the order by the vehicle make/model, or a particular month sales, make the month tag a hyperlink to the particular monthly report article?
Any chance the green theme of the site becomes deep blue? Had to ask 🙂

We hope to eventually integrate it more. Interactive is an option (like the comments), after everything is set and working fine. There’s an index to monthly reports. The hyperlinks currently go to each model’s tag. Month tag could for sure yes. Good idea! Green may not go away. We’re pushing to get the blue back though. Green shade is being fixed for visibility and bolded.

I like the battery sign next to the BEVs.

To me, adding estimates lessens the charts. I want to look at these charts for facts, not estimates.

If it were a random blogger estimate, I would agree, but these guys don’t post it unless it is darn close. The estimate is always based on some set of data for them. For me, it keeps from constantly checking for days until a few digits are corrected. Sorry to null Mark W, but Mark H cast to keep it!

Darn, my chart format I had prepared and sent didn’t get utilized, what a bummer! 🙁 😉

Here’s what I templated, just for comparisons! 🙂 Either way, the new chart will be much more readable over the old one. Forgive the small screen capture…

Yours was amazing. Had we not gone to an internal embed, I was switching all the Excel charts to a concept based on yours. But, was told to pause that and not do extra work since the new chart would be built into the redesign. Those graphics and such can be inputted with some HTML coding, and we may go that route. For now, however, we are focusing on assuring it just works, updates correctly on sales days, is readable and clean, etc.

It’s all good, if nothing else it spurred some discussion on design and the new design should be pretty sweet.

I come from an HTML background along with Javascript, server side includes, CSS, and all that fun stuff, so I have plenty of ideas of how to make it easy, but you guys got it; your new design will look sharp. 🙂

Thank you!

Ha. I shared it. It actually got the devs working to integrate this. We initially had more of your concept, colors, graphics, etc. in the plan. It got too bogged down, but we’re still experimenting lots here. That’s why we shared it early.

These charts looks fantastic, especially with the battery icon to indicate Battery electric vehicle. Go for it.

Can you please add 1 more line named ‘Worldwide Heavy Vehicle’ after Worldwide. China sold 10,300 heavy plugin vehicles last month. Anyone who drives a heavy vehicle who views these charts will have a motive to buy a heavy plugin vehicle.

We have to get all the car ducks in a row first. Just getting those numbers is a huge chore. All in good time perhaps. Thank you!

Overall I like the new look. The battery symbols make it easy to see which are BEV vs PHEV. Text colors may be an issue with mobile users.
The one thing that jumped out to me was the bottom 3 lines on the 2018 chart. It has 2017 first which logically should be the 2018 totals. Your 2017 chart is the other way around, so you’ve got some inconsistency going on there.
Thanks for all you guys do!

It was a copy/paste issue. Gotta fix. Thank you!

All fixed.

The BMW i3 row should not be labeled “REx split” because at best it’s misleading and at worst nobody knows what you mean by that. Call it “BEV + REx”. Or split it into two lines, but I don’t think you get that granularity from BMW. Worst solution, put a comment at the bottom of the chart explaining what you mean by “REx split”.

Will do. Thanks!

Great stuff, viewing on my iPad. Any chance of adding one more line, to show ev share of overall sales? Eg .5% , .8% etc.

I’ll never see green text, nor red, yellow or blue text. All my text is mapped to white, except for links, and my backgrounds to black. This is, of course, not standard (anymore) but I like it. My main point is I’ve always disliked the black text on a white background that the old table used for the details, and now it works properly.

So, even for me this is an improvement!

On my tablet the chart doesn’t fit the width of the article area, so I have to scroll it right to see the totals. It would be nice if you could make the area assigned to the article just slightly wider so I could see the whole thing.

It’s scrollable so that the text isn’t too small, especially for phones. Still tweaking. Thank you.