InsideEVs Is Actively Seeking New Writers


Yes, the time has come that Inside EVs needs to ramp up its editorial team … are you the new member of our team?

Inside EVs is growing and we need to keep pace with all of the latest EV news. We’re looking to contract two new freelance writers, one early AM beat writer and one writer with Tesla expertise.

The prime candidates must be skillful English language writers (U.S. residence is NOT required, though) and serious EV enthusiasts who can report on almost any automotive topic. You must have the ability to extrapolate key points while remaining objective and fair, put them into context with clear and concise language, proofread (grammar, punctuation, and spelling) yourself, and hold no stock interest in any automotive manufacturer.

Early AM beat writer requirements:

  • Two to three stories per day
  • Setup and research starting at 6:00 AM Eastern Time (journalists based outside of the U.S. are welcome to apply)
  • Journalism training / experience
  • Great writing skills to create fast and compelling content

Tesla beat writer requirements:

  • Two to three stories per day
  • Ability to cover Tesla and Elon Musk 24/7 in real time
  • Demonstrated interaction with Tesla and/or Elon Musk on social media
  • Inside sources a plus

Other job requirements include:

  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Basic photo editing skills (resize, crop)
  • A potential weekly conference call or Skype meeting (as needed)
  • Sign non-disclosure / freelance agreement

How to apply:

Please email your resume to and include three sample articles (150 to 300 words or more, published or not) about an emerging EV-related news topic. At least one of the three topics should be a fresh sample from within the current day of your submission.

Indicate which role you’re applying for by using one of the following subjects for your email.

  • AM Beat Writer
  • Tesla Writer

Also, briefly tell us about yourself. What have you been doing the past few years and what is your experience with autos and writing?

We’re looking for someone to start immediately. Application deadline is Friday, June 8, 2018. Based on prior experience, we expect a high volume of submissions. As a result, we will NOT be able to respond to all applicants.

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Do you really have an opening for a “Tesla beat writer”? I thought you were acting a bit overzealously but the above puts the whole service in a very different light. Go and create but please don’t polute this site with even more Tesla&Musk trivia. This is seriously tiring, if not annoying, for anyone who isn’t a die hard Tesla fan.

If you don’t like the Tesla Stories, just skip them. Problem solved.

Apparently the serial anti-Tesla trolls have an irresistible impulse to read and comment negatively on Tesla stories and then they feel have to complain to InsideEvs for having the Tesla articles!

Finally someone said it.

Well, it’s unfortunate that there isn’t that much interesting going on outside of Tesla for EV related subject, but you blame who fot that exactly?

If you have insight of other than Tesla EV related stuff, just apply and share your wisdom with all of us apolitical EV fans.

I don’t adore any brand, but show us someting to like about one or more other et voilà.

Nail remarking on the top of it’s head. Ouch, that hurts.

Actually a sub-site wouldn’t be that bad an idea. Sort of like used to hold a narrow separation between it and the rest of the autoblog site. Big news about Tesla could be cross-posted to both sites, and the huge volume of Tesla stories that flow through the internet each day could be redirected to just the sub-site.

With current Tesla owners quickly approaching 350,000, and another 450,000 who put down their money for a Model 3 with no idea when they would ever get one, there certainly is a large enough market for Tesla stories. And the internet certainly churns out enough news about Tesla to keep a sub-site filled with stories that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to the wider group of all EV enthusiasts.

This site as it is certainly is not a welcoming place to all those potential 450,000 new Tesla owners, with people like you who don’t like Tesla top posting on every Tesla story, with the attitude that Tesla stories are “pollution”.

I’ve written pro bono stories for insideevs in the past and will likely continue doing so, however I must admit that since the ownership/editorial changes the site has become less attractive to me.

Above all, Jay Cole’s complete disappearance is eerie. One moment he posts multiple stories a day, the next moment he’s gone. Completely. Does he really not want to write about EVs anymore at all, or was he pushed out?

With him was gone the grassroots and community-building tone Jay was famous and appreciated for. The site now comes across more as a commercial entity than a community site. There’s too much Tesla partisanship and partisanship in general (hint: no matter how hard you try, you’ll never beat Electrek in Tesla fandom, so it’s best not to try). Stories are less properly researched and vetted. And so forth.

This is still my go-to EV site, but much of the joy is gone. I hope you can bring it back.

Hey Assaf. Jay wasn’t pushed out. He had a great opportunity to sell so he did. I don’t know all the details, but I spoke with him afterward and I know he was happy with the agreement. I have to say that I too miss his humor, but I also have to give kudos to the brothers Loveday for keeping the spirit going. I have grown to respect Eric for the monumental hours he puts to the craft and I have taken a shine to Steven. If you reach out to IEVs you will get every bit the same warm reception from Steven that you did from Jay. Nobody will replace Static’s humor and wit, but short of that I still give them an A for my favorite EV site as well.

Thanks, Mark. I love talking to you as well. Yes, if people reach out to me on email, I will reply nearly immediately and even have a conversation. I love to connect with people and all of your opinions do mean a lot to me. Jay is not necessarily gone for good either. He’s taking a break and still in the loop. Look for him in the future. Eric and I are doing everything we can to make IEV great. New ownership does not impact our decisions or content. Just more resources and a new look! Wait till you the new scorecard!

I thought as much, as I mulled over briefly the conditions surrounding his departure, and came to the conclusion that it was amicable. It also answers a recent question I posted concerning his vanishing act.
I heard he found a big cabinet in the attic, stepped in, and poof!


I can attest to Steven answering emails promptly with my article three weeks ago about Electrify America opening the first ultra fast DCFC station in the U.S.. It was a pleasant experience!! Thanks Steven! You guys are great!!

Appreciated, Brandon!

Yeah, it was an epic historic day for me!

Thank you all for responding, and sorry for coming on too strong.
Great to hear it’s just Jay taking his time to circle back. FWIW, tell him we miss him over here! Even a post every once in a while from him would be great.

Glad also to hear there’s no intervention in your editorial autonomy. I guess it’s just editorial differences and learning the ropes of running a news site. It’s not an easy task.

Thank you, Assaf!

couldn’t have said it better, Assaf.

I’m happy Jay is not out of the loop, as he and the rest of the early team of IEVs were a major inspiration for EV Sales.

Do people get paid to write for this blog? I certainly hope so. It’s not stated above what someone might be paid, but they certainly have a lot of demands.

I wrote for another EV news website for a little while. I got $25 per published article IIRC. Ain’t gonna put the kids through college, but enough for some booze money!

Do a few extra articles and you’ll be able to trade in your Bolt for a Tesla

Now what would I do that?

Don’t mind him. I actually prefer a hatchback vehicle like the Bolt or LEAF because they sit higher and offer great utility and style as a hatchback.

Come on man, I have to jerk your chain a little!! All in good fun- remember at the end of the day we’re all on the same EV team!

He tends to forget which team hi is on sometimes.

Bro never forgets he’s on the Bash Tesla Team. It would be refreshing if he could show some unbiased side. That ain’t going to happen. He either works for GM, a GM parts supplier or has tons of GM stock.

Guys like Bro 1999 are why I spend less time on sites where he trolls. The constant barrage of Tesla trolling is fatiguing and even depressing.

Bro writes for: Kill Tesla dot com! L😀L

I thought Evanex was you Tesla writer. Do you guys really need another? Or maybe this is also for negative stuff which E will never cover…

In spirit of Trump.

I nominate bro1999 for the Tesla assignment. I’m sure he’ll bring fair and honest coverage.

Since FCVs are EVs too. I nominate PuPu to cover all things hydrogen.

How about a copy editor first!
Trying to get a revision, on the Nissan e-NV 200 delivery article from yesterday, is another fools errand on my behalf!

Mark Kane what is really going on?

I am pretty sure English is not his native language. If you pay attention to what he covers it is pretty darn good for the volume he produces. I know you would like to have it all. However, as an engineer myself who is also grammatically challenged, I prefer content over grammar.

Yes, Mark doesn’t speak or write English primarily. With that being said, he does a stellar job with translation and volume. Thanks, M Hovis!

Actually hiring two new writers would be great as long as it is a replacement for the typical Evanex drivel. When I see them as the source, I don’t even click.

May I humbly make a suggestion to have something along the lines of a CNN “Crossfire” piece. We could have Messrs MadBro and PuPu standing in for Pat Buchanan and Michael Kinsey with the inestimable Steven Loveday as the moderator/referee and creator of the topic du jour. Now that would be quite fun as long as it didn’t degenerate into the “I know you are but what am I?” kind of retort.



Jane, you ignorant slut….

You’ll have to be an old SNL fan to get that one.

Putting two extremists in a room and encouraging them to shout at each other is a great way to generate heat, as the “infotainment” shows have found, but very little light.

My favorite news commentary segment is “Shields and Brooks,” seen every Friday on the PBS News Hour, where moderate liberal (hey, I’m not afraid of that word and refuse to use the euphemism “progressive”) Mark Shields and the moderate conservative David Brooks discuss the weeks’ news. There’s never any shouting, and quite rarely any real animosity between the two. These two gentlemen have not forgotten the concept of disagreeing without being disagreeable.

A conversation and/or debate between two people with different but relatively moderate views on a subject will be far more informative, and actually more interesting rather than being mere spectacle. Far better that than putting two extremists together and letting each merely parrot his talking points!

That said, I’m not adverse to appearing in some sort of Skype debate setup, but frankly I think Steven could find someone far more articulate to participate. Sure, I’m a reasonably good and relatively prolific writer, but that doesn’t mean I’m a good orator or verbal communicator. That’s a different set of skills.

Besides, applying makeup to llama fur doesn’t work all that well. 😉

Cool. I hope you find someone that has something of note to say and value to share.
I’m sure that if they are up to the standards of insideevs staff that will be a foregone conclusion.

As a thought-experiment, let’s say I had “demonstrated interaction with Tesla and/or Elon Musk on social media” and had “Inside sources” in Tesla, and the ability to produce two to three insightful articles a day.

That would be a valuable asset to any EV website, and I’m not so sure I would choose one where I would face a dozen people clearly not interested in Tesla top-posting a bunch of attacks on me the way Evannex stories are attacked routinely. And where the boss regularly says he runs Tesla stories only because they pay the bills. I would probably go somewhere that the content I produced would be better appreciated.

As a thought experiment putting myself in a candidate’s shoes, that’s how I would see it.


We surely don’t just run Tesla stories to pay the bills. The EVANNEX pieces are a sort of outlier because they tend to get picked up by affiliates and social media and generate heavy Google traffic. For us to do the same with our own Tesla stories, we’d have to choose those type of EVANNEX headlines and the very positive storyline, with lots of eye candy, etc. We don’t do that, but rather just attempt to bring you the news, good or bad, and attempt to keep the headlines fair (although we’re not perfect) and we’ve had to change quite a few from time to time.

Otherwise, great thought-experiment assessment Nix.

Hypothetically speaking, I’d be more interested in reading 20 articles by EvanNIX than 1 article by EvanNEX. 😉

Their articles are fine for what they are. But even as a long time Tesla fan, they’re not my cup of T.

LOL!! I have to agree that evannex isn’t my favorite source. I do miss Jay….

I think we all do! But he’s taking his sweet time chillaxing’. B) I think he’s earned a break lol. Whenever he’s ready to come back, the red carpet will be rolled out for him.

(btw, If you’ve ever thought about writing for the site you should totally reach out! You’ve been following not only Tesla but the whole industry long enough to speak with authority on all sorts of subjects.)

I’d choose “None of the above” in a perfect world.

If I lived in your neighborhood and parked outside, would you scratch my Model 3 with your Bolt key fob in the middle of the night? Seriously, your Tesla ire scares me.

Theres another familiar EV site that died on the vine that you are part of. Once the home of 65-100+ comment posts per day. Due to hyper fanboys, its a forum page today that gets tossed a few articles now and then. Uber fan boys like bro1999 whittled the site down to 3-10 comments per day. This is what happens when extreme bias is infused.

This is why I’m grateful for the Lovedays keeping this site as neutral and informative as possible. Keeping in the tradition Jay Cole established at IEVs from it’s inception.

Jay’s hard work, dedication and perserverance will be greatly missed. Great to hear he’ll still be involved at some level.

The reason that site died (or is dying) is because the primary editor, Jeff Cobb, left to pursue other opportunities. Around the same time, the site suffered some glitch that made it look like the site was dead, as no new forum topics were updated on the main page even though forum activity was still lively. So any new person coming to the site would see an ancient article and what looked like a dead forum. In addition, it took the site’s owners over 2 months to post a new homepage article to replace Jeff Cobb’s last article. To top it off, an article about Trump was that stuck in time article, which probably only assisted in decrease of web traffic for the site. Finally, one of the TSLA fanboi forum moderators banned me because he’s unstable like that. So there was no longer the allure of people to see what bro1999 posted in the forum each day. 😀 That website basically shot itself in the face multiple times. But it’s alright. I’m active on a Bolt owners forum, and it’s much more civil in there. People like paranoid James are few and far between. 🙂 And I’ll be a… Read more »

I had you in mind when I was pushing for the votes on comments not to change their visibility. Many people may not like your comments, but they deserve to be seen.

As expected. Inflammatory at best.

What you write as fact should be outed as pure, unadulterated fiction.

As I have a source much closer to the actual happenings over at Verticalscope, I can robustly and with 100% confidence inform that your outside looking in speculation of what happened at their website is far off and absolutely inaccurate.

My advice to others will be that your being blocked from multiple forums is and was based on sound judgement.

Your bias is ugly and innaccurate to a great degree. Instead of truth or truths, you are the purest definition of a troll – a person with an axe to grind with what he/she sees as an open forum to spread falsehoods most will never fact check.

“Demonstrated interaction with Tesla and/or Elon Musk on social media”
Maybe you could try to hire @upulie 🙂

IEVi think it’s time you guys require creating accounts to comment on your articles. There are too many users with same handles and it’s getting confusing.

We look out over the broad EV landscape and see a fleet of 18-20 mile PHEVs and host of compliance cars ICEmakers dribble out at a few thousand a year. Shipped to CARB states and primarily built to gather ZEV credits, its tough to get excited about them, and even tougher to write about and review these cars with enthusiasm. That said, Tesla is still dragging the EV industry into the mainstream. 10-20,000 $80,000 2 Row Crossover SUVs by Jaguar, Audi or Porsche does not a game changer make. While the prospect of solid state batteries or somebody actually building a worthy EV that an average person can afford (and would want to buy) is out there, Tesla’s existence and survival is why websites like this exist. Otherwise, Its a niche that is boring and moving as slow as molasses. How many more Volkswagen concept cars and dead end new battery tech future promises can one justify clicking on? Tesla shorters, bashers and heelbiters may constitute traffic, but it will be the success or failure of that company that constitutes whether or not electric cars and trucks rival gasoline-powered vehicles or wither and fade from the transportation landscape. Thus, Tesla… Read more »

VERY well said James!

There was once a Tesla fish, a relatively small fish all alone in a pond enjoying all the tasty fish treats to itself. Then one day, bigger, older OEM-fish, that had long ignored the tiny Tesla fish, started to notice that pond, and started increasingly to encroach on the Tesla fish’s once peaceful territory. Now that competition from the bigger, older, increasingly hungrier fish started to get serious, the Tesla fish started to realize life wasn’t as cozy as it once used to be, and the pond was getting more and more crowded with less and less fish treats available that once were easy to find. The shortage of fish treats frustrated the Tesla’s head fishmaster, leading to outbursts on the fish universe’s favorite social fish platform, Frogger.

Will the Tesla fish stave off the competition from the bigger, older OEM-fish to survive to swim another day, or will it end up floating upside down in a fish bowl? Stay tuned. 🙂

Stop fighting yourself James!