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JAN 29 2013 BY JAY COLE 13

As a site grows, you need a larger infrastructure to support it.  We got caught a little flat footed this month when traffic spiked, and server demand outstripped supply.

To rectify this, we have migrated to a new,  bigger home.  Unfortunately, a job that we felt was going to take a few hours, ended up taking a couple days and we lost a little of the functionality of the site during that time.  (apologies to those who wanted to comment)

Anyway, the site is now fully operational again…and ready to host all the unnecessary media files that probably overburdened it in the first place.

Thanks for your patience during the switch!

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“…server demand outstripped supply”

Great problem to have…We should make it a goal to need to increase the server every year! 🙂

Keep up the great work guys!

The picture reminds me of that trusty computer Strongbad always used over at haha.

Yes, we are pretty happy with the abilities of the Commodore 64, big step up from the VIC 20.


Hey Jay,

Why don’t you at least upgrade to the Commodore Amiga?

Much more powerful than the C64, 😉

Thanks for all the great reporting!

Can you guys check your DNS settings? Some places the DNS updates haven’t propagated yet.

Yupe, we are on it Anthony. We not only moved servers but IP addresses, and updated them both at the same time, which isn’t the best idea.

Could take us a few hours to get it all straightenout out for everyone.

love the C64. i still have mine!

You guys just came back. I checked this AM and again later but now you back. That’s good.

It wasn’t the easiest transition, even still we are waiting for our new DNS to get to all the reaches of the interwebs.

PS good humor on the intro picture of commodore!

You know, I actually remember this picture from the 1980’s in some Commodore advertisements. But the irritating thing is the photo is impossible. Anyone who has ever owned a C64 knows it is impossible to actually put the monitor that close to the rear of the C64 because all of the cables would be in the way. So the C64 in the photo has absolutely no cables connected to it and either the monitor was being controlled from a different computer or the screen was being superimposed in post.

Glad you got rid of that cassette tape based blogger and put in a modern floppy disk that only takes 20 minutes to load a CP/M program. Interestingly the ‘dumb’ TRS-80 radio shack disk could load a large program in 1/2 a minute vs. 20 from the ‘intelligent’ CP/M option on the c64. I think the base thing still took 8 minutes. I think it used a 6502 and used a single bit wide line for communication. I had an argument with someone who got his pants all bunched up about “intelligent” disk drives.. I said, ” my Trash 80 just has a dumb western digital controller — it doesn’t ‘think’ about data transfer, it just does it, and its 16 to 40 times faster than the ‘intelligent’ c64.