InsideEVs Exclusive: McLaren P1 Spotted in Geneva

MAR 4 2014 BY STAFF 5

A Rare Moment Of Sun In Switzerland Today - Soak Up That Vitamin D While You Can!

A Rare Moment Of Sun In Switzerland Today – Soak Up That Vitamin D While You Can!

Our camera lens just so happened to catch one of the world’s rarest (only 375 will ever be built) and most expensive ($1 million plus) plug-in vehicles sitting on the side of the road in Geneva.  In the rain.  It only rains here.

Here’s the McLaren P1, the plug-in supercar of supercars.

Obviously, the stunning P1 is not a common sight anywhere in the world, so getting a photo of one out in the wild is an extreme rarity.

This particular example was spotted outside of a hotel in Geneva, where we’ve got two guys from InsideEVs on hand to capture all the plug ins that take to the stage at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

McLaren P1 Specs

McLaren P1 Specs

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Stunning indeed! Love that color too.

Hmm, that’s equivalent to 7+ BMW i8s. Wow something that makes the i8 look inexpensive.

going from 91 ft/sec to dead stop in 100 feet must be breathtaking. My Driveway is 50 feet.

No specs for the EV components? Is this the “Inside ICEs” site? 🙂

Here are a few:
7 mile EV range
161 hp [120kW], 96 ft-lb [130Nm], 17,000 rpm, motor/generator (peak)
2:1 ratio from motor to ICE crankshaft
0-62 mph in less than 10 sec in EV mode


7 mile EV range! What a performance! (6 miles less then a plug-in Prius)

Frankly this car super sucks, nothing great about a thermal car that is more expensive than some reactor planes that are way more interesting if you just want to experience some trill.