InsideEVs Contributor Shares His Tesla Model 3 Delivery Experience

Blue Tesla Model 3 at delivery center


Tesla Model 3

Daniel Zorrilla with his new Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

I am a current Model S owner living in Florida that waited in line to make a reservation on March 31, 2016. In order to expedite my delivery, I decided to take delivery of my Model 3 in Fremont. That decision was a bit of a gamble, but I figured if it didn’t get me the car earlier, I could always change my mind and have the car delivered to me in Florida. I received my invitation to configure on November 21, 2017, and immediately configured my Model 3. When you are done configuring the vehicle, the vehicle requests a registration State and a delivery Zip Code. I entered Florida for the registration state and a California zip code for the delivery.

Tesla Model 3

Design your Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

While I was configuring, Tesla’s website said that I would receive the car within four weeks. Although I know that Tesla is not known for their timeliness, by my calculations, I estimated that meant that I would receive the car around December 19, 2017.  Surprisingly, I received a VIN number 144X on December 18, 2017, one day before my expected delivery date.

Many have asked how the assigned VIN is communicated. It only shows up on your Tesla Account between the Model 3 reservation number and the price. I did not receive an email or telephone call telling me that the VIN had been assigned.

Tesla Model 3 delivery profile

Tesla Model 3 delivery profile

Anxious to take delivery before the end of the year in order to receive the tax credit in 2018, once the VIN was assigned, I immediately contacted my local service center to see what the next step would be. I was told that the car was in Fremont and ready for transport, but that they had no delivery information here locally and that I would have to discuss with my Delivery Specialist, who had just been assigned.

I contacted my Delivery Specialist. He confirmed that the car was ready to deliver ASAP at the Fremont. With the holidays a few days away, and the fact that I needed to drive cross country to get back home, I decided to push the delivery back to December 27, 2017. I attempted to schedule delivery early afternoon, but the only time slot left available was 6:30 PM, which I took. I asked my Delivery Specialist if I was able to obtain a factory tour since I was picking up in Fremont. He confirmed that Tesla provides Tesla owners with free factory tours, but unfortunately, the factory was closed for tours between Christmas and New Year.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

I scheduled my flight and made arrangements to spend the night at my friend’s house in San Francisco. He picked me up at the airport. We had lunch and did a quick tour of San Fran, before heading to the Fremont Delivery center. We took the train from San Francisco to Fremont. After an hour train ride, I got off the train, went down the escalator, and as I was attempting to schedule my Lyft ride, I got a call from my Delivery Specialist with some bad news. They had been preparing my car for delivery when a service light came on. I asked what that meant with respect to my delivery, and he responded that I would not be able to leave with the car without the issue being resolved, but he had no information on what was wrong with the vehicle or how long it would take to correct.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

I explained that I had woken up at 4:00 am, had been on planes all day, and that I had just gotten off of an hour train ride to pick up my car. He understood the situation and was apologetic, but could provide no further information. I told my Delivery Specialist that I had a meeting in Los Angeles the next day and needed to get down there somehow and that I was willing to take another VIN with the same specs either in Fremont tonight or L.A. tomorrow morning. There were no firm commitments, but he promised to do whatever he could.

When we arrived at the Delivery Center, a cheerful and personable concierge at the front desk greeted us. She was unaware of our situation but would go check on the status of my vehicle. To make matters worse, a professional photographer was waiting for us at the Delivery Center to take pictures of the car to post on my Turo listing.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

After a few minutes, I was greeted by my Delivery Specialist and several other Tesla staff and personnel that all assured me that they were looking for another vehicle and would do everything they could to make the situation right. After a few more minutes, the Delivery Specialist came back with a set of keys, and told us to take a P85D loaner anywhere we wanted to go for dinner and to bring back the receipt and they would cover the tab. He was hopeful they could locate a Model 3 with my specs and deliver tonight, but needed about an hour to be sure that it was possible. The photographer, my friend, and I loaded into the Model S and headed out to find the best restaurant we could find in the area for dinner.

After dinner, we headed back to the Delivery Center, for an update on the status of my delivery. When we walked in, we were greeted with good news. They had located another vehicle with the same specs, VIN 228X. Tesla was detailing the car and revising all of the paperwork for me to re-sign, and then I could take delivery of my vehicle. I signed all of the paperwork, and I was walked out into the closed doors of the delivery floor with black walls, concrete floor, and spotlights showcasing the cars ready for delivery like fine museum art. I quickly spotted this beauty as I walked out onto the floor.

The next 1.5 hours were torture, as I waited for the photographer to find the perfect light, locations, and filters for his photographs while I stared at my car from the distance in order to not cast a shadow on it for the pictures.

Tesla Model 3

Inside the Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

While we waited, we decided that they should give me the vehicle walkthrough on another vehicle, in order to minimize prolonging the delivery even further. The gentleman that gave me the walkthrough was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and its features. One thing he mentioned, that goes against what I’ve seen elsewhere on the internet is that you do close the frunk with two hands on either side of the ‘T’. He was aware of a rumor that you could close the frunk with one hand, but he said not to believe that and to always use two hands in order to not warp the hood.

By the time we drove off, it was 12:30 AM PT, which was 3:30 AM back in Florida. I had been up almost 24 hours straight at that point and was completely exhausted. I didn’t have the willpower at that point to go over the car with a fine-toothed comb, but it looked to be in great shape from a quick walk around. The next day, I did notice that the front of the frunk hood sits up a little higher than the bumper, which is not good for rock chips or aerodynamics. I am hopeful that is a minor adjustment that my local service center will correct.

Although hopefully, my delivery was an anomaly, it is good to know that Tesla was committed to doing the right thing and keeping me happy. It was a long night, but in the end, the car and the service that Tesla provided despite the difficult circumstances were perfect.

My only remaining question is – Scott, where is my reimbursement for dinner???

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and are interested in renting my Model 3, it is available here:

Tesla Model 3

A look at the rear-seat in the Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Turo)

Tax Ramifications of Taking Delivery in CA

The number one question I get asked is about the tax situation if you take delivery in CA. Unfortunately, it appears that a lot of people are misinformed about this, including my Tesla Sales Advisor, that warned me that if I picked up in California that I would be subject to double taxation. After researching myself, and speaking to a tax attorney, I became confident that Florida recognizes and credits sales tax paid in California.

(Florida Department of Revenue, Tax Information Publication No: 16A01-24R2)

So, although I did pay a higher sales tax in California, I am not paying sales tax twice. Unfortunately, it appears that whether you will be taxed by your home state and California varies by state. So, check with your state’s Department of Revenue and Department of Motor Vehicles before taking the plunge and scheduling delivery in California.

Hat tip to Turo for taking the amazing, professional photos and allowing us to share them!

Stay tuned for a follow-up post recounting the Model 3 road trip from California back to Florida.

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“it appears that whether you will be taxed by your home state and California varies by state.”
InsideEVs should write an article listing the states that accept California tax. If some of those states are among the few communist ones that ban direct sales of American made cars, taking delivery in California would prevent them from getting the sales tax anyway…

What you’re saying, and what InsideEv’s is saying don’t make sense to me. In Massachusetts you pay sales tax on the vehicle when you go to register it. So it doesn’t matter where you purchase a vehicle.

I bought my 2017 FFE in Michigan and shipped it to Texas. I had to pay Michigan sales tax. Texas charges more sales tax than Michigan so, when I registered the car in Texas, I had to pay the difference between the Texas tax and the Michigan.

I did not have to pay the full sales tax twice.

Wow, thats expensive, must really want a car to pay that…

Scratch what I wrote, I misread what you wrote, I thought you had to pay full tax twice… Blood sugars low!

The problem is that CA requires collecting sales tax on cars delivered in CA, but MA recognizes CA sales tax and will give you credit if you can prove you paid in CA.

For private sales it’s the same in Pennsylvania. You pay the sales tax at your local tag shop.

At dealerships, the F&I office is the tag shop.

California has what is called a one-trip permit. CVC 4003. Tesla does not have normal dealers so they may not know about this option. The vehicle must be driven by a dealership person, or shipped by carrier to the OR, NV, or AZ border (whichever is closest) where the buyer can then take physical possession/ delivery. This allows a buyer to avoid CA sales tax and registration fees altogether. If memory serves the permit is about $45. I used this method to buy vehicles from my old Ford dealership in CA on several occasions when I was living in Montana where there is no state sales tax. After paying a salesperson to drive the vehicle from the LA area to Las Vegas and his plane fare back to Burbank, this saved me many thousands of dollars in total on each vehicle. Also keep in mind even if your state credits you for taxes paid to CA, most are lower rates than CA. So no one is going to refund you the difference. You are going to eat that along with the CA registration fees. The one-trip permit acts like a temporary registration to get you back to your home state.… Read more »

$55k for a $35k car. Six months late and fifty percent over the promised price. It just keeps getting better and better.

That’s OK, you go on ahead driving your 60 mile range Focus Electric with the huge battery box in back taking up cargo space. LOL!

Whatever makes you happy… Try starting a car company from scratch, sourcing new kinds of parts and making a whole new kind of car. Then try making 100,000s of them. Then compare your results with giant car companies over 100 years old with dozens of factories, hundreds of suppliers and established supply chains + thousands of dealers/parts/service networks. Now structure those dealers as franchises who camel trade with you to separate you from the highest amount of money possible and sue any challengers to their sales model.

To say Tesla is going against the grain and is an industry pioneer and disruptor are understatements.

You go status quo and compare everything Tesla does with the ridiculous compliance behaviours of legacy gas car companies. Go right ahead.

But you’ll sound foolish and stupid doing so. Or like somebody with an agenda.

The $35,000 cars will materialize. Change and revolution take time. We are talking a paradigm shift of an entire heavy industry.

Tesla has to make a profit. Producing fully loaded M3s first makes good sense.

Good things come to they that can wait.

35K is the base price. This is NOT a base vehicle. It has 20K of options, including a long range battery and the premium package.

It just keeps getting trollier and trollier


Did you expect to pay $35k for this car? Sounds like you are the idiot.

Yes. I will be ordering a base Model S. It will be $35K.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Uhhhhh……… Model 3 right?

$55K for a car that is twice as quick as a Ford Focus Electric, and Ford is no longer selling this car in Canada, so I can’t even buy one. $55K for a car twice the range of the FFE. $55K for a car that 400,000 people put reservations down on. $55K is competitive with the competition, which is BMW, Mercedes and Audi, not Ford LOL!

Any Tesla since the Roadster has a lot more than “twice the range” when you consider the Supercharger network.

This whole article feels like an ad for the guy’s Turo profile…

I do like the fact that he, like a few others, immediately hit the road to drive it back to FL. Do that in your Ford Focus Electric: drive from Michigan to Texas.

55K fir a car that has 3x the range of BMW i3,with a supercharger network, autopilot
, OTA, great CEO,….

55K for a car that has 3x the range of BMW i3($50K),with a supercharger network, autopilot
, OTA, great CEO,….

It is all great and amazing, especially if you can get all the subsidies. If you can’t, I’m not sure it looks so competitive with e.g. BMW 340i that does 0-60 in under 5 seconds, has real physical controls, 400 mile range, 5 minute “recharging” and sells for $50k in the US even if it doesn’t have electric drive advantage.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“$55k for a $35k car. Six months late and fifty percent over the promised price.”

So why don’t you post what the promised price is for the TM3 he “configured” to purchase??????


How Effen stupid are you?

Jesus H Christ what an IDIOT!

@Texas FFE, “$55k for a $35k car.” Want free options ? Which car companies would give free options ? GM or Ford or BMW or Toyota … ?

Texas FFE said:

“$55k for a $35k car. Six months late and fifty percent over the promised price. It just keeps getting better and better.”

😆 😆 😆

Yeah, if I was stuck with a Ford Focus Electric, I’d be green-eyed with jealousy over those who are getting a new Tesla car, too!

“Texas FFE” is also very, very angry that he can’t charge his car up at Tesla Superchargers. Doesn’t Tesla know it “owes” him free charging on its network, even though he didn’t buy a Tesla car? 😀

Go Tesla!

$55k for a $55k car. You do realise this is not the base model?
Lots of cars have a base model and progressively higher options, lots of people will be more than happy with their $55k Model 3.
Don’t look at Porsche, Audi, BMW or any other luxury brands, many of them have base model 1/2 the cost of their fully optioned model.


He paid $55k for a $35K car plus $19k worth of options and delivery charges. That is a choice every buyer gets to make. Whats the big deal? I have never bought a stripped down model of anything in all the years I have been buying cars and trucks.

And your mentally ill, serial anti-Tesla troll rantings here against all things Tesla keep getting more and more delusional.

You should take a few minutes and learn how to correctly reply to people in the comments section. Come on Grandpa get it together.

Mr. Tesla Can’t Do Anything Wrong, you appear to be the one buried in delusions. If you had your way we would all be drowning in Tesla rose petals. Why don’t you call up Mr. Musk and see if he’s getting sick of sleeping on a cot at the Tesla factory?

HAHA Mr. FFE you have the right to express your opinion..

I believe Aristotle stated:

“It is the mark of an intelligent mind to entertain an Idea with which you disagree”.

Of course FFE, as you found out, that won’t apply here often, hehe.

So you agree with what he said, Bill? Should we all expect to get a fully loaded model of any brand for the base price?

Bill Howland said:

[quote]I believe Aristotle stated:

“It is the mark of an intelligent mind to entertain an Idea with which you disagree”.[/quote]

I’m pretty sure Aristotle wasn’t talking about obsessively making repeated “sour grapes” comments motivated by irrational jealousy bordering on insanity!

Aristotle was all about calm, rational, logical reasoning… and not at all about jealous rants.

Bill, the key part was ‘to entertain’, and he definitely created a lot of entertainment!

Mr. Weekley I thought you were a real person. Therefore I find it unfathomable that you don’t know the plain meaning of the word ‘entertain’.

It is not the other ‘amusement’ definition, it is the more general ‘allowing an idea to sink in’.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Gosh, I would call up E (his friends call him “E”), but he is in Chile at the moment, negotiating Lithium supplies.

Now personally, I don’t feel Tesla can do no wrong, since the can and certainly do screw up on occasion. But, my experience with trying to buy an FFE a few years back showed me Ford had no understanding of how the car worked, nor the desire to sell one.

So, I wound up with a Leaf, and a Volt, both used, but at least with people willing to take my money and explain the vehicles.

Ford Reps at the Detroit NAIAS had the Temerity to try and tell me the Ford Focus EV doesn’t do Regenerative Breaking! Sorry Ford, you gotta do better!

Back when I leased my first Volt MY2013 I first took a FFE for a test drive and tried to negotiate a lease. The dealer knew nothing about the car and they offered me a lease for $450 a month with $4,000 down.

I got the Volt.

How do Tesla’s new supercharging rules affect people like the author who want to rent their cars out on Turo? Are the renters not supposed to Supercharge now? What if you need a charge?

He can’t use the supercharger network if he rents it out. I wonder how long it will take him to get back to FL. It sure seems like he is trying to take every advantage. It would be interesting to see his face when Tesla turns off the Supercharger juice.

The link you provided says about Super Chargers “asks” not to use them for taxis, ride sharing, etc. It “may” take action if they detect abuse. It doesn’t actually say you can’t do it.
Model 3 users will be charged a fee, why would they care what, how often, etc. If you are paying for it? And you have to drive 220-310mi before charging again, and they charge a fine if you camp on the charger, I don’t really see why it would be a problem.
Model S/X with free charging might be a different story.

A problem is that they don’t charge full price that would be in order of $1/kWh for Tesla to break-even on all charger related expenses.

$55,000 !!!!

I thought they weren’t selling the Long Range model yet. 55 for a short range model????

I’m sure it pisses him off to be charged $1000 delivery for an across the street delivery, but he can obviously afford it.

I just remember all the usuals saying the BOLT ev was too expensive.

I’d be interested to know why this car is so expensive if it is not a Long Range model.

Like the guy from Mass, I’d have to pay 8 3/4% sales tax to get the car registered. They wouldn’t care that taxes may or may not have been paid somewhere else. In addition there would be the registration fee on top of that.

Oh ok this is an LR model – then the $55,000 price doesn’t seem too bad. How did he manage to get one of those?????

Priority is given to:
1) People who lined up earliest during the pre-order days.
2) Current Tesla owners
3) Taking delivery in California.

They are only making the long range versions right now. The $35K version should be out this spring/summer according to Tesla. That is to be followed by the AWD version.

Huh? Dan’s Model 3 is the long range version. It is the base battery version that isn’t available yet.

You have it backwards, Bill. They are only selling the long-range version atm, $9k more than the base model.

Destination fee is law; all auto manufacturer’s have to add that in regardless of where it is picked up.

@Bill Howland, “I’m sure it pisses him off to be charged $1000 delivery for an across the street delivery”

All car companies charge the same delivery amount regardless where the customer pick up the car.

If you can find varying delivery charge from a car company please post the link.

Bill, having been a Tesla Roadster Owner, at a cost of over $100,000, with a rated 245 Miles range, and just 2 seats in a small, tight, Lotus body, compared to this car at $55,000, with 4, no: 5 seats, 310+ Miles Range, Premium Upgrades, far more storage space, and only about 1.2 seconds slower on the famed 0-60 target than your Roadster, at worst, and Months Earlier than he would have got it in Florida, and you laugh at the Value he got! Funny!

Also, it seems you just got back from somewhere without world news or internet, based on your comments and awareness gaps! I hope it was a good vacation!

I may have been on vacation from news sources but you definitely have been away from a Dictionary for far too long. (Check the previous reply).

You are also behind the times in that I’ve already stated that although the model 3 is ‘sporty’ – (personally I prefer my ELR, since it was voted by Car & Driver the best handling Hybrid – not plug in – ANY hybrid – of all time. Therefore it has to be at least as good as the ‘3’) – but the point is, as good as the ‘3’ supposedly is, and my ELR Definitely is, NO WAY does that hold a candle to my Roadster in the area of sportiness or ‘fun-ness’.

Do you seriously think I’d spend $109,000 plus destination plus tax (around 120,000) for a hunk of junk?.

“Laugh at the value he got”?

Huh? After my initial comment I immediately followed it with ‘oh, it was an LR model. Then $55,000 isn’t so bad’.

Reading Comprehension Mr. Weekley.

Or else you don’t understand the difference between a question and a laugh.

Great write up, Dan! Thanks for sharing.

The car should have been ready sooner (or the customer been invited to pick up ONLY after the car has been fully checked out). Firefighting (what we can customer escalation issues) sap resources and drain morale.

Dan is brave for daring to rent his brand new Model3. After what happened to that Model X couple (where their car got rented by a big automaker’s shell company and trashed), I’d keep my brand new car to myself. At least until there’s plenty of them all around.

You don’t have to be all that brave if its bringing in one month worth of car payment in a day’s outing.

“I thought they weren’t selling the Long Range model yet. ”

That’s ALL they sell right now Bill.

good input on how the tax works.

Brave dude for putting your car on Turo.

For sure wouldn’t rent mine. Good luck getting 500 a day. People are going to beat the piss out of it. If he was from California the issues he had would have been non-issues. I lived in Cali when I waited in line to reserve my 3. I updated my address to the state I moved to and will wait with everyone else for it to be delivered to the closest service center.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

If I had the choice to pay CA taxes or pay less taxes from another state, I would opt for the less tax and just wait…….lol

Yeah that brings up another question. If Dan is going to ‘rent out’ the M3, with the faster performance of an LR version – that means the renter COULD ‘beat the piss’ out of the car, so to speak.

I haven’t read a Tesla Warranty lately, but isn’t one of the provisos that the vehicle be used in ‘non-commercial’ service?

What will this do to his warranty when something goes wrong?

My View is the Best thing about a New Tesla is the New Car Warranty. Personally, I wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize that.

You are correct. Still wondering when Tesla will cut him off from the Superchargers.

Thanks. I see he is not eligible for Supercharger Use.

But I was looking for language in the more general sense.

I remember with my roadster, doing the drag races which there are always several articles here comparing sporty cars and what their 0-60 is, that such activity would VOID the warranty of the Roadster.

I’m wondering what activity will VOID the warranty of a modern Tesla. Since Tesla from day one has always kept plenty of logs in ALL their cars, there won’t be much claim to say the abuse didn’t happen.

And, obviously, unless DAN has an iron-clad rental agreement with the people he’s charging $500 to, Tesla’s ‘deal’ is with DAN, not with whom he may rent to.

I have a Roadster and have taken it to the drag strip several times and had NO issue with any warranty work. Maybe if my car broke the track or because of racing I may have had a problem. But I know I am not the only one who has done this with a Tesla.

David – If you want to gamble with the logs of the event and just say to Tesla that was ‘normal spirited driving’ that is up to you.

Due to the differences between the Roadster and “S” warranties I had enough trouble getting Tesla to honor their existing warranty mostly due to new hires there NOT understanding that the ‘deal’ negotiated with customers is NOT the same as it used to be with my purchase.

Fortunately I had everything in writing – and one party cannot ARBITRARILY change an agreement without the other party’s (namely , MY) consent. That is why they call it an AGREEMENT.

Good question. I was only reading the fine print regarding the supercharging not the warranty. Normal car warranties don’t cover abuse.

Great article, thanks for sharing your experience. I was actually close enough to Tampa over the holidays (Fort Myers) that I would have rented your M3 for a day had I known about it. Will check you out next time I’m in the area.

Happy New Year to the IEVs community!

1. California has the highest sales tax in the nation.

2. Paying tax to California encourages waste. Usually the money goes to trains, government pensions or government pensions for train workers. Remember the sign? DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS.

3. I am likely to do both of the above, since I am trapped here in California. I’m in the process of applying for emigration to a non-communist state.

4. Yes, its forking “emigration” not “immigration”, look it up and stop bothering me.

Be careful not to let the door hit you in the back, on your way out of Commie4yeah!

Do it now and do it fast…and convince as many as you can to join you. The traffic is getting ridiculous, the cities are overcrowded and we need more people like you. Thank you!!!

Seriously, good riddance. You’re not going to be missed. California has an overabundance of people as it is.

$490/day to rent it. Wow, what an ahole…

I mean it’s not like Daimler is going to rent it in FL and disassemble it 😀

Good One!

The price (exorbitantly egregious at anything over $400.+ per day) to rent any car can obviously be passed on by the wary consumer. Surely in 12 months time, there will be many Model 3s on Turo, all renting for much less than 1/2 this current questionable “fair market value”.

Turo, Tesla Model 3, and Capitalism, what did you expect?

Has Tesla turned off the ability to supercharge your car yet?

IE the commercial use of a Tesla vehicle is prohibited from supercharging. I am concerned since I use my personal vehicle for trips that I am reimbursed by the company that I work for.

I would think these rules would only apply to the model X and model S as they have free supercharging. But I have not seen anything specific about the model three.

I personally think Tesla will only apply this to vehicles that are continuously used for commercial purposes and not to personal vehicles that are reimbursed by a company for occasional company use. But it is not clear at this point.

It sounds like you are fine.

The vehicle in the article is a different story. Maybe they will let him get to FL before turning him off.

Model 3s have the same legal as the Ss and Xs. Just imagine if uber drivers in Model 3s could use superchargers. It would be chaos.

You get 1k miles gratis (free) per year on the Model 3, non-accumulating. Then you pay, the going rate in the area per kWh.
Something like that.

I’, sure you will have no problem using the sc as you describe. Now if used it almost everyday for a month then there might be.

Scratch that free 1k for Model 3, that is the new deal for S & X. You have to pay from the start, probably about 100 bucks to drive from CA to FL.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Those aero hubcaps are so dang Sexy!!!

Hey, quit “capping” on those cool Tesla aero hubs!?

No factory tour because it is closed for the holidays you mean to tell me that a non-union company gives their employees a week off for the holidays WTF Tesla doesn’t need a union LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

It doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything.

Why is Tesla producing new, high-profile cars for the masses which have unresolved service light issues and twisted hoods?

Please don’t tell me ‘all mfrs have to tweak their cars’, because that simply isn’t true. Dan already has to get his hood repaired and beg for his dinner reimbursement.

The Model 3 isn’t for first adopters, yet Tesla still seems to have the mentality that people will always forgive these things. They seem to be operating at a 1-sigma defect level:, and that’s pretty terrible.

Any random $24k Kia Niro on the lot will be *perfect* and has a much better ROI, and yes, that’s the sort of cross-shopping I’m doing.

Tesla’s customer service is apparently unmatched. But they won’t be able to roll out the red carpet with free rental and dinner for 500k customers when their cars are messed up even before delivery. I’m glad Dan is happy with his purchase, but stories like this are pushing me further away from my reservation – not closer.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Please jump out of line.
Those in line will thank you.

I have worked at car dealers for 25 years. The dealers do all the rework on the cars built by other car makers. You would be surprised if you knew how much rework is required on Toyotas and BMWs before they are saleable.

Murrysville EV posted FUD:

“Why is Tesla producing new, high-profile cars for the masses which have unresolved service light issues and twisted hoods?”

That’s odd, I didn’t have “Murrysville EV” on my list of Tesla bashers. Not yet, anyway, but this post moves him rather sharply in that direction!

Dude, that is absolutely not what Dan wrote. Not even remotely!

“They had been preparing my car for delivery when a service light came on.”

@Push: His entire schedule had to change because Tesla built a faulty car, and had to scramble to find a replacement.

“The next day, I did notice that the front of the frunk hood sits up a little higher than the bumper, which is not good for rock chips or aerodynamics.”

@Push: OK, maybe it’s not a ‘twisted’ hood (my misinterpretation), but it’s still going to be a scheduled repair. The only brand new car I had to do this with was an 05 Odyssey, for which I later won a lemon lawsuit.

I’m not trying to dissuade others from their Model 3 purchase, but I’m having FUD about my own commitment to the brand.

It’s OK! I had a Manager at work tell about reserving a Model 3 about 5-6 Months Back, then about 2 Months back, he Cancelled his Reservation, said he needed a new car in a hurry! I guess he needed that $1,000 for his new ICE vehicle! Going to use up a few of those on the care and feeding of his new ICE Baby, too!

Thank you Mr. Daniel Zorilla for sharing your story. I hope you will be having a smoother comfortable driving in the coming months. Worth the money and effort and you can share this with your friends and relatives who will consider you a hero.

Meanwhile Turo is renting Model 3.


Thanks for the great write-up on your delivery experience! You certainly went “the extra mile” to get your TM3 as soon as possible! I hope your experience with it is a very happy one.

Turo is a ride-sharing service? Well, for your sake I hope that my dire predictions of that being somewhere between a hassle and a nightmare for most people renting out their car to strangers, prove to be entirely wrong.

I’m looking forward to your next saga, about the cross-country drive home!

Actually, per “Turo is a ride-sharing service?”, it’s not. It is a CAR Sharing Service!

Basically a Car Rental Network of Individuals, renting out their ICE & Electric Vehicles, for a fee! Some are less that normal rental agencies, but some are not!

First vehicle DOA, second vehicle has poor fitting panel.
already several other reports of similar problems. Tesla better get it together FAST

Hey Dan, I’m in Fort Myers until Jan 11. I’ll rent it for a 2 her test drive for $100. David