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InsideEVs’ own, Michael Beinenson, has quite a wealth of information about the Tesla app’s interface and performance in integrating and tracking EV charging, the Tesla Powerwall, rooftop solar, and grid use.

Like Tesla’s Kim paid Michael a visit since he’s one of the first to receive and put to use his brand-new Powerwall 2. Michael has contributed at InsideEVs for some time, reported on some live events, and is the former president of the EV Club of the South. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more valuable and knowledgeable source than Michael, and his setup is super-impressive, to say the least.

Kim does a great job asking Michael all the right questions. In about 6-8 minutes, he makes everything abundantly clear, along with making some of us a bit jealous. The end of the video adds a series of outtakes with even further information. He told Kim:


Michael’s solar install (he doesn’t have a Tesla solar roof)

“My little system has about 5.5 kW production or capacity. In a normal beautiful day like today I could generate 30 kWh of battery. During the week, there’s nobody at home, the solar keeps producing it (power) and it gets sold to Georgia power.”

For those of you that haven’t had an opportunity to experience the Tesla app in this capacity, it’s beyond intuitive and easy-to-use. The system of overlays makes your usage crystal clear. Micheal, who has a solid palate of knowledge when it comes to technology, and, of course, all things Tesla, shared:

“I think Tesla has done a fantastic job with this app.” 

Additionally, Michael recommends Google’s Project Sunroof, to see how your home can benefit from a solar installation. If you haven’t seen it, surely check it out. It’s useful and exceptionally well done.

In a few days, we should have a more detailed/interesting review of Michael’s system (from Michael) that also includes how it worked during Irma, and dispelling “one big misconception that people do not realize about Powerall”.

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We do have our own employee who has already installed the roof solar power that doubles up as charging as well as source of electricity at his residence since last year.

See this link

And this is where the anti-Tesla trolls’ FUD propaganda completely misses Teslas’ truly disruptive impact on not just the complacent legacy auto OEM industry but also how they will disrupt the monopolistic and/or predatory electrical utility industry.

Not to mention that their disruption leadership will eventually largely destroy the highly political and regressive liquid fuels empires.

Bring it on!

Very informative video, I can’t wait until my Model 3 arrives and I can set up a solar charger/backup system using the Powerwall.

Can you power your house from reserves in the cars over and above the powerwall should power go out for instance.

Powerwall would cover the typical overnight needs of the house