InsideEVs Co-Founder Launches Apple Car Site


Time To Check In With What Is Happening With Apple's Car Program ... no Apple watch required

Time To Check In With What Is Happening With Apple’s Car Program … no Apple watch required

We are fast approaching an inflection point in the history of the automobile.  In the more than 100 years since automobiles were first invented there have been several stages of technological progress.  In the past 10 years we have witnessed the arrival of the electric car, and hence the genesis of this site.  While the electric drivetrain is surely evolutionary it isn’t exactly revolutionary, as electric cars have existed in one form or another for the same 100 years.

Apple Is Expected To Bring A Vehicle To Market Before The End Of This Decade

Apple Is Expected To Bring A Vehicle To Market Before The End Of This Decade

Technological progress has gradually been empowering vehicles with greater features.  However, during the past 20 years since the arrival of Internet-enabled home computers, technology far more disrupted our personal and business lives than our driving.

We owe much of this disruptive force to Apple, Inc.  The invention of the iPhone and the iPod before that opened up an entire new world of opportunity.  Though Apple didn’t invent those categories they disrupted them by marrying perfect hardware to perfect software.

Apple is about to do the same with the automobile.

The Apple Car will be revolutionary. Apple will aim to redesign the hardware and software of the car to achieve harmonious integration.  The drivetrain will be electric, and the company will rely on its extensive battery design and production it has developed for computers and handheld devices. But the fact that it is electric won’t be the revolution.

The car will be self driving, and offer a host of technological innovations we haven’t imagined and at some point won’t be able to imagine living without.

Apple is unlikely to rely on automotive partners in any major way – they will likely do it on their own, leveraging their nearly $200 billion in cash reserves to build and tool their own auto plant.

Because of the incredible potential of the Apple car and the fact that it will stand out from any car before it, the time is right to launch a destination fully dedicated to this future vehicle. is a place to learn about the Apple Car and to meet and discuss with others all the information that becomes available.  Every day you will read the latest news and rumors about the Apple car and can participate in a full featured Apple car automotive forum.

As co-founder of I cannot heap enough praise on Jay Cole (Editor-in-Chief/Co-Founder) for doing an incredible job informing the world about EVs as he has done here on this site.

Now I look forward to you checking in with us on as we watch, wait for, and hopefully influence the coming dawn of the smart car.

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You might be a wee bit early with the site…

But have fun! And goodluck.


Just a quick note. Lyle has been a good friend of mine for years, reaching back to our days writing together at (circa 2008-ish).

Lyle single-handedly turned GMV into the goto place if you wanted the inside scoop on the Chevrolet Volt, with behind the scenes interviews, product details, etc…and beginning year’s before the launch of the car.

Hopefully, that success will be repeated with AppleCarFans. We wish him all the best with this new project, and as we move forward, you are likely to see a lot more of him back home here at InsideEVs, (=

Thank you Jay. I cannot speak highly enough about your incredible energy and brilliance in getting the inside scoop and getting it out there in a timely fashion. If Apple Car Fans is 1/10th the success of InsideEVs (because of you), I will be happy.

Lyle Dennis indeed deserves much praise, if he’s the person who created and supported the forum at I’m very glad it promotes discussion of all EVs, not just the Volt. That has been a great benefit to the EV advocate community, for several years now.

Interesting…as much as I am dedicated to Apple products, I still want a Tesla. By the time this car launches (if ever), who knows how advanced Tesla will be. They already have impressive tech which is skating along the line of legal vs. illegal/no-laws-yet technology.

Exciting times, nonetheless!

Lyle – how often do you plan on posting an article on your Apple site?

(it appears to be daily, but I just can’t see that much news happening on the Apple car since they are so tight-lipped)

We will be posting on a daily basis. No doubt it is more challenging to get Apple info than is was for GM but that challenge is part of the fun. Slowly making inroads…

Making cars at a profit in the global competitive market is HARD. Tesla is learning that. Pushing into the turf of GM, Ford, BMW, VW, M-B, Toyota, etc. isn’t like taking on Nokia or Dell. Apple may learn the hard way of how to make $100 billion in the car business. Start with $200 billion.

Yes, and Tesla has succeeded at doing so – beating some of the best in the business in profit margin.


I recommend seeking the advice of the Mac Rumors folks. Those guys are experts at parsing Apple news and figuring out (or at least making a good educated guess) what is likely fact and what is likely BS. Arn Duncan is the founder and still posts there on occasion.

Also, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tends to be a reliable source regarding Apple’s product roadmaps.

Great idea for a blog. I will definitely follow you guys. I really hope Apple does something completely different with their chassis.

Cool, been reading this stuff since ’08, looking forward to more.

If pass is any indicator, he will dump his Apple car and drive a Microsoft car.

Probably not – wouldn’t want to see the Microsoft blue screen of death while barreling down the highway!

Lyle, people have reported their Volts and Teslas center screens rebooting while driving. Also, Ford electric Focus have known to have computer issues. Microsoft’s blue screen of death historically came from device drivers, many times written by third parties, causing the problem. Certification of device drivers was needed to clean that up.

We all put our faith in the computer programmers back in “the lab” to keep things running even if something goes wrong. But honestly, I still don’t trust them 100%. Apple computers and iPads run software from many other parties. Their software is no panacea and yet does offer good stability “compared to others”. Google Chrome crashes far too much for my liking on my iPad.

I might think that an open-sourced automotive OS (meaning the core computer logic) should be adopted so that outsiders can at least read the source code of what makes their cars tick and develop levels of trust and offer feedback to the automakers to plug security and logic holes that developers may have not thought of.

Apple will just reboot your car while you are going 80mph on the hwy without you knowing it…

“What happened to the steering power? Honey?”

“Oh never mind, it came back.”

BTW, his reference was to your trading of Volt to Ford Energi (which Ford used to run MS and was deemed “inferior” to Volt in terms of EV powertrain).

“Apple will just reboot your car while you are going 80mph on the hwy without you knowing it…”

No, you’ll know because the steering wheel will become a spinning beach ball. 🙂

Full disclosure: I’m definitely pro-Apple but not fanboi level and signed up for Lyle’s new site when I first heard about it.

Not only that, every year the latest Apple car will have a differently-shaped charging socket.

Adaptors for using an old charger will cost $499 in white, $599 in colors. Belkin will offer crappy chargers that still cost $399.

Also, whenever the car’s software is updated, all your songs will be erased and replaced with the home page for Apple Music.

Pretty smart. Trojan cheaper than 5th seat downgrade.


What do you drive these days?

He probably drives a gas power SUV. Notice, he stop writing after the cmax. That cmax took the EV out of him.

The media had a field day after his defection, “Look the biggest volt fan defects to Ford’s half ass PHEV!”


After 10 attempts to input pass word to open Apple smart car you will be permanently locked out…now what?

I hope the apple car battery is better than the one in my phone. Seems like that’s always been their biggest weakness.

Thanks for your work starting GMV and InsideEVs Lyle.

I wish you success with the new site.

If Apple has serious plans to make actual EVs, and not just the EV powertrain (as LG Chem is for the GM Bolt), then it’s good that they’ve established a website to advertise their plans. Apple managed to develop the first iPhone in secret, but developing the production capacity to manufacture a mass-produced car can’t be hidden that way. Manufacturing cars takes far too many employees and sub-contractors to keep it a secret, and building or converting a large factory to make an auto assembly plant is likewise something that would be difficult or impossible to hide. Since they can’t really hide it, best to advertise it and create “buzz”.

And it is looking to me a lot more likely that Apple has serious plans to go down this path; a lot more likely than it did just a few months ago.

For anyone interested in the Apple car project, I recommend the Wikipedia article, which has a good overview:

Oops, I see I misunderstood. Apparently isn’t sponsored by Apple.

Apple car may be revolutionary,it may be evolutionary, or dated by the time it comes out.

We just don’t know what the Apple car will be or what the competition will look like by the time Apple launches.

Apple has has more winners than losers and the iPhone was certainly a grand slam.

But not all Apple Products have been grand slams.

I’m not even convinced that they are working on an Apple car.

Well..200 billion $ ….Apple can buy any technology or OEM…waiting for the words..
One more thing..!!

Features of the new Apple car:
1) Chassis is metal, body is all glass. There is no warranty on the body. However, you can purchase an optional insurance policy for $10k which covers a one-time body repair.
2) Drive battery is non-replaceable.
3) Car to be manufactured by Foxconn in China.
4) Warranty is for one year. Does not cover accidental, cosmetic, liquid damage, or damage from unauthorized modifications.
5) Car can no longer be updated after the second OS rev.
6) Only plays music or video that has been downloaded through itunes.
7) Uses the proprietary Apple charge/sync connector.