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Formula E - 2015 Donington Park Testing - Day 3

Formula E – 2015 Donington Park Testing – Day 3

A lot is going at the Formula E pre-season tests at Donington Park.

Teams are testing new versions of cars with new motors, gearboxes, inverters, and other parts.

Some of them have kept the original drivetrain from season one, some are trying to develop their own drive systems with different motor (or motors) and number of gears, while others went completely direct with single-speed like NEXTEV TCR.

For champion Nelson Piquet Jr., single-speed drive could be costly as after six days of testing NEXTEV, the team typically was some 4 seconds behind the fastest teams.

We need to give teams more time to adapt and remember that the Donington Park track is different from the street tracks of Formula E. Anyways, the Andretti team already reverted back to its season one powertrain.

Here is a set of videos from tests:

Inside track: Donington test 1

“Take a look back at the first of the pre-season tests at Donington Park as Formula E gears up for its second championship.”

Behind the scenes at Donington testing

“Formula E returned to the track as the teams took part in the first two-day pre-season test at Donington Park. Here we take a look behind the scenes from the opening official season two test.”

Nelson Piquet Jr – pre-season testing action

“Formula E champion Nelson Piquet Jr explains the new technology that has been introduced for season two and how his NEXTEV TCR team is getting the best from it in pre-season testing.”

Inside track: second Donington pre-season test

“Take a look back at the action from the second pre-season two test at Donington Park. Includes interviews with Jerome D’Ambrosio, Nico Prost and Lucas di Grassi.”

Bruno Senna onboard lap of Donington Park

“Take a ride with Bruno Senna as he completes a lap of the Donington Park track in pre-season testing for Mahindra Racing.”

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I still want them to move to a battery swapping system. Give something for the pit crew to do and add that element of when to swap packs.

This bit of having the driver get out and get into another car just doesn’t feel right.

I originally thought that the main absence of a removable pack was all a matter of safety. A 200kg block sliding out of Heidfied’s crash would be a bit much.

It makes a lot more sense that swappable packs are commercially unviable for mass production electric vehicles (which the Formula E series was made to improve on). We know about Better Place and we know that Tesla’s venture into battery swapping just showed that owners preferred a rapid charge.

Hopefully, battery swapping would be seen used in the series. If anything, I hope to see it as something that could help reduce time and labour in removing packs and their modules.