Inside Tesla Part 2: The Body Center (Video)

JUN 6 2012 BY STAFF 2

Tesla once again has given us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the process involved in building the Model S.  This installment details the ‘body center’, where pressed and formed parts fresh from the press line (see last week’s video here) head to the Body Assembly area where they are welded and joined together to create the framework of Model S.

After blanks of aluminum have been stamped into 3D parts, they are assembled into what is called a “Body in White” – a term that refers to a vehicle body ready to be painted.

At each station, robots build a unique sub-assembly and then transfer it to the Body Framing Line where it is joined with other sub-assemblies from parallel stations. The robotic arms of the Body Framing Line bond, rivet and weld sub-assemblies into the iconic form of Model S.  Once again absent in the video, people.

Anyway, thats enough talk.  On to the video:

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You’re right – no people involved in this video. If this music was more ominous – it could be a scene from Terminator. But is anyone sure that Elon is not a terminator? Has anyone seen him sleep or even blink his eyes? How else to explain that he can launch a rocket and build a new revolutionary car at the same time.

…well, you can see people passing by (even one in a bike) if you look carefully at the scene’s background.