Inside Look – BMW i8 Production – Video

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Battery Installed In BMW i8

Battery Installed In BMW i8

Curious how the innovative BMW i8 is being manufactured? BMW takes behind the scenes at the Leipzig plant and show us what it takes to create the sexy looking BMW i8.

The BMW i8 production stands at the beginning of a value chain that is completely aligned with sustainability criteria. From the raw materials production to the energy-efficient vehicle operations and the recycling as the last step, the chosen approach makes a considerable contribution to the favorable overall life cycle assessment of the plug-in hybrid sports car BMW i8.

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The innovative vehicle architecture of the BMW i8 comprises two elements: the Life module, the passenger cell made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), and the aluminum Drive module, which incorporates the entire drivetrain and chassis technology.

The LifeDrive concept and use of CFRP allows production times to be cut by half compared to those required for an equivalent car built along conventional lines. The process is less investment intensive as the high costs required for a conventional press shop and paint shop are no longer an issue and the Life and Drive modules can be manufactured alongside one another

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They said in the video the rear wheels are powered by a 6 cylinder… I thought it was a 3 cylinder?

Listen again. He says “Half of a 6-cylinder”.

To complicated car with to much parts give expensive service costs. But the buyer in this price range dose not care about costs. The volume will not be large.
But they will learn a lot and use some of these ideas in other cheaper car models in the future (pure electric). To much volume is stolen från the car with two types of engins.