Insane Electric Go Kart Does 0-60 In 1.5 Seconds

MAY 16 2017 BY STAFF 9

It’s faster than any Bugatti, Demon, or even Tesla you can think of.

We typically associate go-karts with handling, not 0-60 times. Daymak, a company out of Toronto, Ontario, aims to flip that thinking upside down with an electric go-kart that does the 0-60 mile per hour (0-96 kilometre per hour) run in what they say is under 1.5 seconds.

That’s a full second faster to 60 mph than the new Bugatti Chiron. And while the Dodge Challenger Demon and Tesla P100D duke it out for at 2.3 or 2.28 second runs, the Daymak C5 Blast still bests them with ease.

Article via KANISHKA SONNADARA, Lead Editor, Motor1 Canada

Daymak C5 Blast Go-Kart

Wanting to know more, Motor1 Canada reached out to Daymak vice-president, Jason Roy. Here’s what we found out.

How do you get a 200+ kilogram (440+ pound) machine with an adult driver into hypercar-besting acceleration? According to Roy, it begins with reducing the weight even more –which admittedly even confused me at first. It achieves this by using eight Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motors to create 100 kg of upward thrust, effectively “pushing” the kart off the ground for less friction. Sounds Star Wars-y, and even the company admits with enough upward thrust, the go-kart could be made into something akin to a Landspeeder.

Lift may not be ideal for cornering, but the EDFs can be tuned for various applications, or shut off entirely for more downforce. But when you can do insane acceleration runs, who cares about cornering?

Forward thrust comes in the form of four EDFs at the back and a 10,000-watt motor connected to the rear wheels. The whole system is powered by a 2,400 watt-hour lithium battery pack.

Research and development work for the C5 Blast has been done in Canada by Daymak itself and the go-karts will even be manufactured in Toronto.

Pricing has been set at $59,995 USD for the C5 Blast with EDFs. Or you can do without all the fancy thrust, and opt for the non-EDF C5 Blast priced at $9,999 USD. The company says it has no plans to offer Canadian-only pricing.

And no, the above isn’t a typo. There’s $50k difference between the Star Wars-y go-kart with EDFs and the regular one. You didn’t think you were going to pull 1.5 second 0-60 times for $10k did you?

So where can you drive (pilot?) these insane machine? According to Daymak, the C5 Blast is for track use only.

Interested buyers can expect to wait 60 to 90 days before C5 Blasts are ready to ship, and will be available to customers globally through its website.

Videos below:

Source: Daymak

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They should put hub motors on the front tires.

Killacycle can do 0-60 in less than a second!

Numbers don’t make sense. If you lift the rear wheels, it cuts traction, and even slower acceleration. Even with perfect traction, 10kW motor may not even get to 60 MPH when you factor in poor aerodynamics of go cart + human body.

If ducted fan is providing 100 kg rear thrust (not up), it’s only good for about 0.3g of acceleration (200kg + 100kg driver), which is slower than SparkEV’s 0.42g acceleration, and SparkEV’s 0-60 is 7.2 seconds.

I think the author of this article messed up.

100kg of upward thrust would make the car push down on the ground. If car+driver is 250 kg, then 100kg of upwards thrust will give the car 40% more traction than it otherwise would (assuming only friction and no stiction).

I guess this kind of idea has always been around, but great work implementing it and getting 1.5-2g launch acceleration from a go kart!

That still doesn’t make sense using 10 kW (13 HP) motor. My riding mower has 27 HP engine (double of this go cart) and weighs about 500 lb (similar to this go cart), but it won’t reach anywhere near 60 MPH let alone do it in 1.5 sec.

Yes, the numbers are complete nonsense. With 10 kW RWD and four forward thrust ducted fans about 4 seconds 0 to 60 might be possible. 1.5 s is pure fantasy.

How fast is the $10k model?

I wonder what the decibel level of this thing is when all the fans are running. Seems like you would need earplugs to get on this thing.

Wonder if they’ll go head to head with Grimsel electric Kart that can do 0 – 62 in 1.513secs 🙂