ING Adds 51 BMW i3s To Fleet In Amsterdam


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ING Logo

Back in September, ING in Amsterdam launched its “100% Electric Mobility” program.  Since then, 51 BMW i3s have been added to ING’s lease fleet.

Participating drivers must live within a 45km radius of ING’s headquarters.  Those drivers have access to some 90 charging stations installed by ING.

This is not ING’s first plug-in vehicle program.  In its lease fleet, there are already 42 plug-in hybrids.

To participate in the “100% Electric Mobility” program, ING employees must apply and be selected by ING.

The overwhelming response has been so positive that ING has created a waiting list for its employees who wish to drive electric.

As Gemeente Amsterdam reports (via Google Translate):

“We have all received enthusiastic responses from people at the start of recruiting participants in the pilot. So there are 51 cars with it and there is even a waiting list.”

“Part of the pilot is to give the participants a year feedback on electric driving.”

We don’t believe that there’s a cost associated with the use of the i3s.  ING says it’s using this program to inform automakers such as BMW and leasing companies on who drivers use EVs in the real world.  Additionally, ING adds:

“Use has been made of grant opportunities to place charging stations in the city of Amsterdam. This process is going well!”

No comment was offered on how ING obtained the electric BMWs.

Source: Gemeente Amsterdam

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Bev or REX? or both?

If ING was actually going to purchase them, it would have made more financial sense to purchase a Leaf, or used the same funds to purchase more Leaf’s than the 51. I wonder what the other 42 vehicles are?

European pricing is often different than US pricing.

Nissan website says Leaf costs €24,110 up to €29,150.

BMW website says i3 costs €35,500.19 for BEV
(Not sure why they felt the need to add the 19 cents!)

So a little more expensive for the i3.
But current lease deals are €319/mo for barebones Leaf or €533/mo for top of line

Leasing an i3 is €299/mo.

I guess that the leaf is not luxurious enough. And the BMW has more to it with respect to innovative design, which makes the i3 better for greenwashing purposes.

Way to go, ING more companies should wave their green flag

Actually this is pretty common for the major corporates in NL. I myself drive a V60 D6, and we have 10 charging spots at my office for 250-300 employees. I am getting used not being able to charge when I arrive at work, but having to swap cars with a colleague at lunchtime.

10? Oh my, we only have 2 spots, equal capacity of 200-300 cars at our Dutch office.

What, no orange paint job??

Phew, lucky they don’t still sponsor the Renault F1 team, or this could have been embarrassing…