Infrared Video Shows That Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Cameras Are Heated


Heated Autopilot Camera On Tesla

Heated Autopilot Camera On Tesla

A couple of weeks ago, we presented video of Tesla’s Autopilot defroster in action. Now, we’ve come across an infrared video that shows the heat signature of Tesla’s various Autopilot related sensors and cameras.

Video description (via YT/DÆrik):

“Testing the new AP 2.0 Model S to see if the extra cameras are heated or not!”

Without the heat, these cameras wouldn’t work properly in some cold weather situations due to ice/snow buildup, so it’s essential that each of these cameras are heated to some degree.

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Hi-res digital video cameras generate a lot of heat inherently from the processing circuitry inside.

If you wanted to heat them to melt ice you’d make them a lot hotter than 40 degrees. Look at the wing mirrors for example.

It’s cool how you can see the heating elements in the steering wheel.


All electronics, when in use, generate some amount of waste heat. Consider this: Very nearly 100% of the electric power such devices consume ultimately becomes waste heat.

It’s definitely jumping to a conclusion to state that the cameras are intentionally heated, just because they show up as hotter than the background on an infrared image.

If these cameras do have to be heated that would worry me about self driving cars. In that the heating systems of cars breaking down due to techie glitches is a big thing for the cars I have driven. And self driving car everything needs to be prefect to work in order.

I’m sure in the software, that drivers are given warning on failure of critical components, and thus autopilot would be disabled till fixed.

Certainly would need them today

Still need built in washers for the cameras – should see how fast muck builds up somewhere with proper winter (eg all of BC outside of Vancouver). Still I’d be happy enough if my car drove me 80% of the year.

Heated, not likely.
Aim your FLIR camera at your laptop, and then tell me you think it’s heated.