Infographic: The Impact of the Electric Car; Will the EV Change the World?

MAY 28 2013 BY STAFF 4

Umm, this here is a nifty infographic on electric vehicles.  Specifically, it tries to touch upon tons of aspects related to electric vehicles while seeking to answer this question: “Will the EV Change the World?”

It’s presented by Vroom Vroom Vroom, an automobile rental site in Canada.



Source: VroomVroom Vroom

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Seems a bit dated, especially on the price of the Leaf.

Looks like we’re doomed! 400 ppm and there’s no stopping it!
Some kids being born today will see 2100 AD.
It’ll be a different place.

Oh well.
Remember the song.
Sha na na na na na
live for today.

Why are you publishing a study based on 14-16 month old data? (Feb-Apr 2012)

A quick look at then (2012) & now (2013):

• 32,000 PEVs in US May 2012 , May 2013 over 100,000 PEVs
• 2013 YTD (Jan-Jun 2013) US PEV sales ~32,000
• Leaf’s on the road in US: May 2012 ~13,000 … May 2013 25,000+
• Model S’s on the road in US: May 2012 ~10 (prototypes) … May 2013 9,000+
• Monthly US PEV Sales rate: May 2012 ~3200/mo … May 2013 ~7200/mo Plug-In EVs
• Monthly US BEV Sales rate: Apr 2012 ~775/mo … Apr 2014 ~4400/mo Battery EVs
• prior to first Tesla Model S being delivered (June 2012)
• TSLA was $28, today $101+
• …

Please show us an up-to-date Infographic? Thanks.

This shows that EV’s are all about having your cake and eating it too. What will really reduce emissions is getting people out of commuter vehicles and onto public transit or riding bicycles. Why do people that commute 3 miles need to drive? That is the problem we could solve without spending billions.