Infographic: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Canada Recap

APR 2 2015 BY STAFF 11

Courtesy of FleetCarma, we present this nifty infographic on plug-in electric car sales in Canada:

Update: Although the graphic says “the year in numbers” the plug-in vehicles totals expressed are all-time through the end of 2014.  By year, about 5,000 plug-ins were sold in Canada for 2014, 3,100 in 2013, 2,000 in 2012, and just over 500 in 2011

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Canada 2014

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Canada 2014

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There is an error. In the info graph, 10k corresponds to cumulative sales in Canada through the end of 2014. 2014 sales were just over 5k.

Hey Emc2,

Yupe you are right, the graph is in error/says for 2014 when it is all-time. Good catch…will make a note in the story! /thanks

Not sure how you get that. When I add up all the numbers I get 10,482 – BEV plus PHEV.

Where do you get 5K from?

While checking out the Fleet Carma site and informing them of their errors, I cam across this short article about the how the French people in Quebec describe things related to BEVs.

One particularly interesting use of words is that in Quebec the French the call ICE cars “Thermal Vehicles” – that’s bang on.

And i’d like to add that when speaking of EVs, on most of french EV websites, we call them ”Voitures Rechargeables” instead of ”Branchables”(Plug-in).
I guess the french taught ahead of time when Evs wont need a plug anymore, eventually.
Just like my Plugless Volt 😉

96% of sales are in provinces with incentives.

Makes a lot of sense. But QC, ON and BC also represents more than 75% of Canada population. Add to this that petrol is really cheap in Alberta and Saskatchewan (15% of the pop), and that the rest of Canada is much more rural, so less EV friendly, and suddently 96% isn’t that much.

Kind of? British Columbia didn’t have any incentives last year, but they brought them back this year.

For those who dont know the population of Canadian Provinces-

Ontario- 13,678,700
Quebec- 8,214,700
British Columbia- 4,631,300

So by population BC is the second best adopter of EV’s after Quebec

B.C. also has much warmer and less snowy winters that the other provinces.

Unfortunately most Albertans including the government still have their heads in the (oil) sand. Tesla has sold well in Alberta though and a Supercharger just opened in Red Deer with Superchargers linking along the TransCanada highway west from Calgary to Vancouver and the west coast electric highway to California imminent. The only incentive Alberta has is no provincial sales tax but then that applies to all vehicles. Also, Alberta just raised the tax on gasoline by 4 cents per liter (about 16 cents per US gallon) so maybe that will have an effect on electric vehicle sales here?