Infographic: May 2014 Record Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales

JUN 11 2014 BY STAFF 16

“Summer is off to a great start! #EVSales soared in May with the highest month on record, while the U.S. doubled the number of plug-in cars on the road over the past 12 months.”

Stated the Electric Drive Transportation Association in releasing this infographic.

While our sales figures (12,053) don’t exactly line up with those put out by the EDTA (12,453) , the end result is the same: electric vehicle sales set single month record in US in May.

May Sales Infographic - EDTA

May Sales Infographic – EDTA

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Doubling from a year ago, mmmmm, where did i hear that before? Oh! yeah, it was me. When the ev spark goes nationwide except Canada, we’ll double again this year. Very close to 200k in the US for 2014. That’s my wish, anyway!

Great wish!

What is EV spark ? What has it to do with doubling of plugins ? Are you talking about the compliance car that sells in dozens every month ?

Spark EV sells in many dozens each month in CA alone. Have you driven it? A fast fun car!

Google tells me that the Spark EV is a model of electric vehicle made by Chevrolet.

I don’t think we doubled the number on the road in one year. I’m sure kdawg or Jay has their own plot that doesn’t show quite that good a trend…….but a good one never the less.

The doubling is confirmed by InsideEVs figures (Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard).

Sales Dec 2010 – May 2013: 102,906.
Sales Jun 2013 – May 2014: 107,522.
So, total as of May 2014: 210,428.

Important milestone: 200,000 in US at the beginning of May.
Another one: according to EV-Sales blog, 500,000 world-wide last April.


EV sales did not meet the over-hyped sales projections that some had made .. . but many of those projections were based on the Volt launching at a $30K price when it ended up being $40K (initially).

But EVs have sold and sales have grown every year. Prices are dropping and the value proposition is getting better & better.

Well, some of the projections were from very bullish/unrealistic expectations set by people like Lutz & Ghosn.

In their defense, they didn’t know that EV’s were going to be made into an anti-Obama line of attack by folks like Mitt Romney, and turned into a political hot potato(e). That didn’t help sales either.

Even in red states where there are good EV sales, they are mostly concentrated in blue large city carve-outs in otherwise red states. A handful of folks with right-leaning politics who support EV’s will complain about this, but the numbers don’t lie. Their fellow red voters haven’t shown up at the dealerships, so these companies have effectively lost a huge chunk of their market to political in-fighting far out of their control.

Thinking about all the news we keep hearing about new/better/cheaper battery formulations and improved economies of scale, I can’t help but think of Doc Brown telling Marty: “When this baby hits 88 MPH, you’re gonna see some serious ****.”

19 available currently, 17 editions through 2016. That would be a great story to cover. Wonder how many are EVs?

4….. or maybe 42 😉

Another tidbit I noticed from the plot in the bottom-right:

In Feb 2014 we first crossed the 100k sales in 12 consecutive months threshold, and have never looked back. As of May 2014, the number is 108k, as can be seen from the plot.

The plug in trend is going to continue to grow at a rapid pace on the coasts. Seeing a EV on Los Angeles area roads is very commonplace now and it reminds me of the growth of hybrid market. If it follows that trend it will take some time for the rest of the country to catch up. I assume every 5-6 cars is a Prius but when I travel outside the state that is not the case.

When the majority of people figure out that driving electric is like paying $1 per gallon for gas, and that the fuel cost savings can make your car payments, there will be shortages of plug-ins.

You just can’t keep that kind of savings a secret forever, even if you try.