Infographic: Life’s a Gas, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

DEC 9 2013 BY STAFF 13

As this infographic put out by Insurance Quotes shows, some advantages of owning a plug-in vehicle aren’t readily apparent to most consumers.

Like, did you know that some auto insurers offers discounts for owner or hybrid and plug-in vehicles?

That’s just one small section of this infographic, which focuses mostly on cost benefits of owning plug-in vehicles.

Check out the infographic and then let us know if you agree/disagree with its finding by dropping a comment below.

Life's a Gas! Infographic

Life’s a Gas! Infographic



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I don’t think this info-graphic considers the Volt.

I think it’s a bit off that the refuelling time on the electric vehicles is listed as ‘hours’. After all, if you need to go to a gas station to refill an ICE vehicle then surely it’s a fair comparison to go to a SuperCharger for the Model S or a Chademo charger for the Leaf.

I was thinking the same thing. The EVs should be listed as 20-30 minutes to give a better comparison. Just because the chargers are hard to find doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

It is debatable. I look at recharging as 5-seconds. Plug in and walk away. If you are “tripping” and going long distance in a BEV and need to recharge mid-day, then sure, there is a wait period. But otherwise, 5-seconds is all recharging takes of your time.

Too bad the visual punchline (the Leaf having dramatically lower total COO than ICE and ICE hybrids) is at the end.

It works with texts, but not infographics. With visuals you have to hit the audience right away.

Anyway… they got it right with cost-of-ownership, and that’s already light-years better than the misguided outdated CW about ‘EVs are soooo expensive’, that you encounter even here in the comment threads of this site.

Thanks for the story. Will share.

Speaking of which: here’s a link to the original

Not bad, but “hybrids have no maintenance advantages over gas and electric vehicles” is wrong. Maintenance costs include more than powertrain maintenance. Because of regenerative braking, most hybrid drivers will find that they need to replace brakes far less often.

True. Even the motor oil lasts longer because you’re not running the ICE as often or as hard.

Agreed, urban stop-and-go traffic especially will strain an hybrid’s electrical motor much less than an ICE and related components.

Furthermore, hybrids also can (and in at least the Prius and the Volt, do) omit a bunch of possibly troublesome bits, like starter, gearbox, clutch or torque converter.

Very True. I’m at almost 100k miles on my Escape Hybrid and just checked the brakes to see how close I was to needing to change them…. not even close to 1/2 way worn!

I think it’s unfair not mentioning 30 minutes fast/super charging times for most EVs. And the fact that it’s free for Teslas

My total 2 yr maintenance for my Volt was $77. The total gas costs were $20 per month.


HA (I say). My insurer, Allstate, charges MORE for my Volt than other non-plugins. Do not believe that all insurers will charge less for a plug in. At least if you have Allstate. Geico and Progressive charges about 1/2 to 2/3 the price for a Volt than Allstate.