Infographic: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard July 2014


While waiting for sales results for August ,we take a look at the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s infographic with data thru July.

According to EDTA, sales of plug-in vehicles in the US in July amounted to 11,433 and is almost perfectly divided in half between BEVs and PHEVs.   (We should note our own estimate for July is 10,533 EVs sold as we work to breakdown estimated Tesla sales each month, where others use a quarterly expectation and then divide be three…which obviously isn’t terrible realistic)

The EDTA’s US sales in the first seven months of 2014 reached 66,406 and are on the highest level ever (up by 54% in July and up by 37% YTD).

In total, at the end of July, there were more than 234,000 electric vehicles on US roads according to the group/

July Sales Infographic – EDTA

July Sales Infographic – EDTA

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insideevs scorecard : 10533 for July
This Infographic : 11433 for July

Could the infographic be inclusive of trucks, vans and motorcycles? Possibly a Tesla discrepancy?

I am still aiming to see a 2014 total year growth of appx 30-32% after December is done. Ifographic shows 37% so far. With gas prices dipping, cars like the Volt sloughing-off, it should slow down a bit through then.

I think next year is another 30% growth, and then 35% growth in 2016 with more new models.

Its Tesla,

We procure all the data points directly from the OEMs when they don’t directly report it themselves, those numbers eventually make their way around…but as Tesla reports nothing solid.

Most (if not all) outfits, in lieu of hard data from the OEM, just take the street estimate for the quarter and then divide that number by three (then fix once Tesla reports quarterly)…which obviously is in no way realistic month-to-month, especially for Tesla being a small company attempting to deliver worldwide.

July and most of August are perfect examples of why this doesn’t work, as US production/delivery we know is incredibly low while they fill for Asia/UK and also due to a brief line shutdown…while September will be (for America) off the charts.

‘July and most of August…is incredibly low while they fill for Asia/UK ….’

And here’s me instead hoping that the build up of Model S stock for Australia’s launch with massive sales will be the cause of a poor US sales result. Fingers still crossed for a big re-start in the Australian EV market

November is the big launch for you fellows down-under, (=

Wow, seems like the EDTA is now basing their plug-in sales stats on you guys 🙂

The numbers will increase even more if the US can get a plug in SUV and truck available from a major OEM.