Infographic: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard January 2015

FEB 17 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

Electric Drive Transportation Association released its EV sales infographic for the US with a number of 6,090 plug-in cars sold in January, 3% more than in January 2014. InsideEVs’ tally is 5,924.

All-electric cars with 3,977 sales were close to two times more popular than plug-in hybrids – 2,113.

Editor’s Note: EDTA’s January (and YTD) estimates are typically slightly different than InsideEVs, as most publications don’t allow for the monthly variance in Tesla’s US deliveries.

As January isa  slow month, the most important number is 292,480 plug-in cars sold in the US through the end of January. There’s a strong chance that in February 300,000 will be exceeded.

EDTA Sales Infographic – January 2015

EDTA Sales Infographic – January 2015

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We see that ICE car makers did a good job killing sales growth.

I think that it was Bolt.

And few others companies that chimed in with cheap 200miles + range EVs… that are not here for a long time.

I’d really like to see BEV against BEV same month sales. There is only one plug-in hybrid, the Volt, that I would qualify as a BEV, almost.

But I think cars like the Prius plug-in, the Ford Energi models, all the other low AER cars are a different category that appeals to a distinctly different market than pure BEV’s. The Volt and i3 Rex are exceptions to this rule of thumb.

Are these numbers right? Did plugin vehicles take 20% of total hybrid sales?

I work for a manufacturer of EV Charging stations and we have seen a sharp increase in property owners considering the cost of adding an electric vehicle charging station and the revenue that it will produce as an added amenity. Could this be the next big thing, like we saw with vending machines, ATM machines, Blue Rhino propane and Redbox? Read more…