Infographic: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard August 2014

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Tesla Model S EVs Grab Some Juice

Tesla Model S EVs Grab Some Juice

Electric car sales for fourth time in a row exceeded 10,000 units in a month according to InsideEVs Monthly Plug-In Sales Scorecard, and in August the figure was somewhere close to a record level of 12,000 units (exact values ​​are not known due to lack of data from some producers).

Electric Drive Transportation Association counted 12,403 units, which is more than 25% of conventional hybrid car sales, and 9% more than in August of last year.

Editor’s Note: We do feel EDTA’s July/August (and YTD) estimates are a touch high, as most publications don’t allow for the monthly variance in Tesla’s US deliveries; but should still even out to be fairly accurate overall in the upcoming months.

From those, 5,920 are plug-in hybrids and 6,483 pure electric cars. BEVs being above PHEVs is something new in the US.

After eight months of 2014, their sales tally reached 78,809 (32% more than in the same period last year), while total cumulative sales stands at 246,426. Time to start preparing to celebrate a quarter of a millionth car in September (California recently crossed 100,000, and is not waiting for the rest of the country to catch up).

August Sales Infographic – EDTA

August Sales Infographic – EDTA

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“Available plug in and Fuel Cell Models”

Ohhhh nooooo

not those horrible fuel cells.

Sorry, just trying to stir the pot.

Good report. 30% YOY growth.

“20 models currently available”

They forgot the magic asterisk with the footnote saying: “In California. The number available in other states varies from as few as 4 (LEAF, Volt, and 2 Energi models) to close to 20, and in most cases is much closer to 4 than 20.”

I realize California, like New York City, thinks it is the center of the universe, but actually things are much different elsewhere.

volt, leaf, fusion energi, c-max energi, tesla model S, focus ev. 6 that sell in most places. Lots of compliance cars that don’t sell outside of carb states.

Some states don’t have the Tesla model S due to state car dealership franchise laws. And the Focus EV has been extremely scarce lately – not being available in some states for a long time.

Every State in America has at least one Model S registered. I think Mississippi was last.You can buy a Model S anywhere in the US or EU through the internet even if you don’t have a store or gallery in your state/country. And have it delivered to your door.

In States that prohibit Tesla stores you need to register the car yourself and pay appropriate taxes/fees yourself directly to your local DMV.

I think MiEVs are sold nationally too. At least they are plentiful here.

Tesla Model S, Ford Focus Electric, i3, i8, Panamera PHEV, 918, McLaren P1, Smart ED and perhaps the iMIEV are available nationwide.

This is in addition to the usual suspects: Volt, Leaf, and Energi twins.


“42 responses to “Infographic: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard August 2014”

Yet I only count 7?

Hehe, a bit of a spam attack happening at the moment

…the front page/top of article counters are accurate for shown comments, but the other 35 pieces (noted below the article) include the ‘buy Nike shoes cheap’ posts that are still in moderation ‘limbo’

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