Infographic: Electric Car Etiquette

APR 6 2014 BY STAFF 11

Whether you agree or disagree with the following EV etiquette guide isn’t the focus.  What is the focus is the fact that we now have seen several EV etiquette guides.  This tells us that electric vehicles are becoming so prominent in certain locals that issues are popping up all over the place.

With that in mind, peruse this infographic on EV etiquette and lets us know in comments whether or not this one is on the mark.

Electric Cars

Electric Cars [Infographic] by the team at uAuto Insurance



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Chargepoint is not one of the top 5 charging networks??? Only place I have ever charged outside of home/famly.

Good job on this. I would change “who goes first” to “whoever gets there first.” If you can not wait, ask permission to cut in line.


Greenlots is on the list with only a handful of stations, yet ChargePoint, with over 75% market share of networked stations is missing? Who paid for this “info” graphic? One can only guess.

I was also confused to not see ChargePoint on the list of networks, but they’re listed among the apps, oddly enough. That said, ChargePoint has pulled support from PlugShare and other 3rd party apps that put all the networks in one place, as if they’re competing with these apps for some reason.

So far I have used CP stations 95% of the time.
But I hate their app.
I have to use it for real time info etc.
but I always prefer the 3rd party app for looking.

Some how we need all stations to be listed on all apps.

Same here, I use ChargePoint stations more than any other, but it’s really annoying to have to switch to their app when I want to see status. Can’t see how blocking out 3rd party apps gives them any business advantage – the apps still drive people to their stations!

This issue amuses me, because I don’t use public charging stations, and I rarely see another EV on the road.

There have been many more gas cars yet somehow I cannot find a single guide to gas cars ettiquette…

What’s up with that?

Very useful for long distance travellers, thanks

“Charge rage can come in the form of angry emails…”

How do they get your email?

How someone would get your email is if your company has a corporate EV users program and they know your vehicle. Many large companies like Cisco, Microsoft and others require all EV users to register their vehicles and send notifications to others in the event of charging issues.

As for this document not listing ChargePoint as a primary EV player, in some areas of the country they are not that well known compared to others like Blink or PlugShare which seems to be the most liked by EV users.