Infographic: Data On Electromobility In Quebec


Courtesy of our friends over at AVEQ (Association des Vehicules Electriques du Quebec), we present this nifty infographic on electric mobility.

This infographic’s data is current through the end of February 2015.

We could translate it, but honestly it seems easy to comprehend without translation, but if you’re struggling to comprehend it, then let us know in comments and we’ll help out.

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We need better English words to help plug-in adoption. Why be an electric vehicle owner/driver when you can be an “√Člectromobiliste?”

Unfortunately, we have a stubborn lobbied government that prefer destroying social advances and won’t vote a Zero Emission Law.
Québec is one of 3 provinces who have the Soul EV but they are nowhere to find at the dealerships.
Seems we are in the same boat after all…

We all just need to keep pushing the boulders up the hills. This movement is still nascent enough to fall back. Keep the pressure on the governments, manufacturers, and show your fuel bill to your neighbors.(EVangelize the shift to a dino burner free world.)

We are doing that, a few weeks ago. An event call “Branchez-vous”/Plug-in was held at the F1 race track where the public could test drive EV/EV-Plugin.

I was part of the event.

Over the weekend, it was estimated over 3000 test drive were given.