Infographic: Can the World Survive the Gigatons of CO2 That Will Soon be Released?

AUG 6 2013 BY STAFF 17

At some point, CO2 emission will destroy Earth.  That’s what some say.  If true, then why not force the world’s automaker to produce only electric vehicles?

That’s one way to cut down on CO2 emissions, but it’s only a start.

According to this infographic, Earth can’t handle the CO2 pain.  What’ll happen at the breaking point?  Check the infographic out (click to enlarge) to see the destructive force of CO2.

Believer or not, it sure would be a nice excuse either way to get more plug-in vehicles on our roads!


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very scary, glad im doing my part to help

Me too. ^_^

I wonder what percentage of the CO2 emissions are from passenger cars? What about commercial vehicles? Ships? Power plants?

And how will it resolve the problem if the power plants keep burning coil, oil and gas???

By using solar energy, although many can argue that in the process of creating solar panels there is pollution in the long run solar panels are more beneficial and its still less pollution than the firing of all the power plants, and its free energy for 50+ billion years

forgot to add after “free energy for 50+ billion years” if we last that long….

the sun has a projected life-time of 5 billion years, so not that much time… 😉

Plus, I think life as we know it on Earth doesn’t have even another billion years because the solar output of the Sun is increasing. It’s somewhere between 500 million and 1 billion years.

“In as soon as 500 million years, temperatures on Earth will rise to the point that most of the world will be a desert. The largest creatures won’t be able to survive anywhere but the relatively cooler poles.”

Well, even if that is the case, the total CO2 output of an EV will still be lower by at least 40%. And that is not taking into account the CO2 produced by producing/transporting the oil before it is used.

What it doesn’t say is how many gigatons of CO2 are absorbed each year by plants and other organism.? Although maybe they didn’t include it because it is too small to be significant.

Oh found it.

9 billion tons CO2 = 9 gigatons CO2

That is just from the world’s forests.

And plants absorb more C02 (e.g. grow better) when there is more C02 to absorb. That is why indoor gardeners add CO2 to their greenhouses:

Damn, we’ve added one third in the last 13 years.
North pole will be melted in 2 years.
Sigh, with humans being as super obtuse as you are, things moving super slowly, it’s hard to see how this will end well.

It’s easily fixed with light aerodynamic electric cars with blitz charge and thorium and fusion for power plants and synthetic chemical feed stock but are you listening? are you doing?
hell no.
Heck, half the morons still think global warming is something Al Gore made up. And the same half of USA still drive nitwit oversized pickup trucks for no good reason.

Einstein bitterly remarked that only human stupidity was infinite. This is it.

Dan, you make so many good points that it is sad to see you continuously discredit yourself with you statements on light electric cars.

Yes, that would be great, and yes, they will come when battery tech is far enough developed.
But to reach the end goal, you have to move from bad through okay through good and then past very good.

Things are moving very fast, compared with development speed of much of history, but indeed very slow considering what we know to be possible and available.
Thorium (Liquid Floride) reactors would be great – and address most of the issues that had me anti-nuclear – and are being tested.
Fusion power is also not yet ready.

global warming – Al Gore: good ole blame the messanger 🙁

Some people need full-sized pick-up trucks, like very tall people, but they are indeed a tiny percentage.
Most need them for their egos, but feel they should not be held accountable for the damage their high fuel consumtion causes.

“Sigh, with humans being as super obtuse as you are…”

“…but are you listening? are you doing?”

I have to laugh at your comment. Are you not a human? Some kind of visiting alien? Maybe an animal who gained consciousness?

Well, I’ll be buying a BEV in a few months. And I have a 100% green energy contract from a company that invests heavily in wind and solar. And I plan on installing some PV panels ourselves. Hope that’ll help a little.

Research shows burning/using less carbon doesn’t help much, since it gets used elsewhere or new carbon uses are created. Somehow, whatever we do, carbon that is dug/pumped up gets used.

The only solution is to not dig/pump it up. With quotas, just like fish. Nations/companies are allowed to mine carbon to a certain limit each year. And this limit has to go down each year.

You should read on the carbon cycle to understand better….