Infographic: Best Selling EV Chargers – Washington State

JUN 2 2015 BY STAFF 7

EVSE Installations For PSE In Washington State Graphed

EVSE Installations For PSE In Washington State Graphed

Puget Sound Energy, a Washington state energy utility, recent sent out a report to all their customers, on total chargers installed in their area, and which manufacturers were selected by their clients.

Says PSE:

“We’re charging ahead to prepare for many more electric vehicles on the road. As a first step, we are studying charging patterns of electric vehicles to help us plan for how these cars will most efficiently integrate with our distribution system and energy supply resources. As an incentive to participate, we’re offering a rebate toward an electric vehicle charger for qualified customers.

For more information, or to see if you qualify for a rebate on your charger, visit”

PSE EVSE Installation Graphic (click to enlarge)

PSE EVSE Installation Graphic (click to enlarge)

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Wow. Congratulations to Clipper Creek for establishing such a strong lead in Washington.

Reassuring to see that a reputation for rock-solid quality still matters more than a label touting a global brand.

I have a Clipper Creek at home and we have two Clipper Creek units at work. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

I have visited Clippercreek in Auburn, CA; the people there were very helpful and accommodating.

The pricing is attractive of both the Clipper Creek and the 16 amp Bosch units. Not surprising that they are number one and two in choices, since all GM products to date cannot charge through the J1772 port any faster than 15 amps. And for the ‘larger’ BEV’s, CC’s 48 amp model is the same price as the Leviton 400 but is 8 amps bigger. So unless you can buy a Leviton and save on the sales tax since CC always charges it, the CC is always the better value. None of the CC models to my knowledge has any information screens which the Leviton ChargePoint and GE durastations (the old expensive ones) have. Of course, just having a few cheap pilot lights keeps the cost down. But some people would like added information (which, frankly, could be provided by the car as Tesla products usually do), especially if the car doesn’t provide it which most don’t. The Ford Transit Connect EV was the worst in this regard. You had no idea of the state of charge with its ‘glued on’ 3.3 kw charger until the connected charging docking station shut off. Plus the quality of the vehicle j1772 was… Read more »

Funny, you can buy Siemens chargers in Amerika, but not in Germany.

I like my Clipper Creek units.

It is a great company that makes simple and reliable product at affordable price.

Made/Designed in USA doesn’t hurt either.

Interesting data. Good for Clipper Creek, they make good products.

Are there really zero Chargepoint chargers in the area? That’s unfortunate. I have found Chargepoint to be as reliable as CC plus you can track your charging in real time. Would love to see CC implement this soon!