Infographic: And the Top 6 Most Socially Mentioned Electric Vehicles Are…

SEP 28 2013 BY STAFF 16

Based on social mentions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, here are the Top 6 electric vehicles (with a surprise entry in the seven spot).

Social Mention Infographic

Social Mention Infographic

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I guess the creator of the infographic still feels the need to draw the line on EREVs and PHEVs. That’s fine for the knowledgeable, but I still contend that it confuses those new to the technology.

I like the name “Plug-In Vehicles”. That clearly includes all cars with a plug and excludes conventional hybrids.

Yeah me too. I also like just about anything that pushes the EV cause forward. Leaving the number one selling plug-in (Chevy Volt) out of any conversation is not helpful to the advancement of the industry. I also applaud even those who buy a hybrid for they have made their first step toward an EV.
I anxiously count the monthly EV sales as the industry slowly moves toward less than one tenth of a percent of the market. Carving that number to one twentieth on the sake of purity just hurts the cause.

I don’t like having my car lumped in with gasoline using cars. My leaf does not use gas. None. Period. That is different than a “plug in”.

Where is the VOLT? It’s a true EV until the range extender kicks in unlike Hybrids like the Prius or the C-Max. Why would having a limited range (so-called “true” EV’s) be considered “better” and thus justify exclude the Volt?

Start mentioning it more on social media, then it will show up.

Aaron, it won’t show up if the author(s) of the article specifically exclude it. Oh and it is mentioned on social media by me and many others.

every one is ugly except the model s and roadster

I fully concur with the above posts! WHERE ARE EREVs & PHEVs?!?! OMITTING ALL THESE LEGITIMATE EVs IS TECHNICALLY WRONG! –AND IT CONFUSES EVERYONE NOT WELL VERSED IN THE TERMINOLOGY!!!!!!! Jay Cole & Lyle Dennis, my friends whom I greatly admire, why are you letting such a misleading article be be published here?????

Being “almost an EV” is like being “almost pregnant”. You either are or you aren’t.

In my book, the Volt, for example, is not an EV. It’s an EV dragging around a gas-powered generator (or vice versa) — and loses many of the advantages of an EV. At best, it’s a compromised EV.

Actually, “Foo” Volt has ALL the advantages of an EV –AND it eliminates two major DISadvantages: range anxiety & being stranded!

All the advantages of an EV? How about NO MAINTENANCE? My i-MiEV, for the two years I’m leasing it, has NO scheduled maintenance. The ICE in your Volt does have scheduled maintenance.

How about NO localized emissions? Even a Volt running in electric mode all the time has to start up the ICE occasionally. (At that point, if you’re driving your Volt in EV mode all the time, get an EV.)

Range anxiety? Just as you wouldn’t drive your Volt 600 miles without a plan to refuel, EV drivers don’t drive past their car’s range without a plan to charge.

I’ll trade an annual oil change for the daily ability to drive to the airport and back, to the beach and back, to ski/hike/chill in the mountains, etc. etc. etc. in my Volt without ever thinking twice. You can’t.

You drive Volt to ski and mountains? lol
Buy SUV if your “daily” activity is unfortunate like that. It will give me safe and comfortable ride etc etc etc. Your Volt can’t.

By the way, the BMW i3 is an EREV.

I swear BMW is just purchasing ads such as this. Tesla and the Leaf have been talked about by the general public for years now, while the i3 has yet to be released. Maybe BMW just purchased a bunch of spammed mentions and such to get attention.