Infographic: 5 States Where Electric Car Sales Are Skyrocketing

NOV 16 2014 BY STAFF 14

Thanks to Forbes and Statista, we have this nifty infographic showing 5 states where electric cars sales have risen substantially in the past year (March 2013 to March 2014).

The infographic specifically focuses on March sales figures (no clue why), but was published in late October.

Georgia is clearly the leader in growth at 614%, but that’s from a small base.

Meanwhile, California show substantial growth from a comparatively large base.

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You can take Georgia off that list for 2015 after the state tax credit is killed in the State Legislature when it’s back in session this coming January.


it probably won’t be killed-cold, but given a sensible phase-out and shared with PHEVs.

so even 2015 will be great

and 2016 onwards, yeah Georgia seems like the only place where the dealers really want to sell EVs, so even then all good


Once the price goes up 5k, it will be very interesting to see how much inertia helps future sales.

They must have infrastructure and a strong word of mouth network by now. Right?


Plug-ins are really selling well in California. In my neighborhood I know of 3 Leafs, 2 Volts, 2 Teslas, a Think City, a Fiat 500e, a BMW i3, a PiP, a CMAX Energi, and even a Coda(!).

I run and when I go for a run, I look at what people have in their driveways.

Thomas J. Thias

Publisher Jay Cole and Inside EVs Top Tier Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry Journalists-

Great to see the Ev surging areas of the country as retail sales in the US are now passing 271,141 as I type this.

Link Goes To Plug In America Dot Org- EV Ticker-

…And get this, this is just 3 years since Chevy Volt EREV and Nissan LEAF BEV left limited markets, beta, and national sales began, November of 2011!

An interesting spreadsheet of the Chevy Volt EREV national distribution can be found at the Owner Map at the OnStar data dump known as Volt Stats Dot Net.

Here we see an impressive look at 2% (1,859) of some 72,000 Chevy Volt EREV’s Owners in North America.

Link Goes To Volt Stats Dot net/ Owner Map- Zoom In-

Source Site-


ydnas7 –

You are so right about Georgis. The Utility, Georgia Power, just launched a Twitter account to promote the Electric Fueled Vehicle is the state- Gonna give an edge to Georgia in the next 4 quarters!

Links Go To Web Page And Twitter Account-


Thomas J. Thias


Josh Bryant

Texas didn’t enact the $2500 credit until April 2014, so I would expect the percentage to increase next year.


More bits of data… do we have a breakdown for all the states in the US yet?

mr. M

This is not about sales in march as stated in the article. The graphic is about cumlative sales till march. So it doesn’t matter that much which month is used. Would nearly the same if you compare June by June or so…


Are these figures registrations of plug-in electric cars or just all-electrics? I understand Georgia only has incentives for BEVs while in California PHEVs also get the clean air rebate.


Shock!!! Michigan is on the map!? I knew we were doing something to get any combustion engine with a plug (ideally made in Michigan) counted as an ev, but really? If I had money, I’d like to know how many of those cars are BEV’s only?

Still, that is respectable news.

John from AA

Yeah, that is weird, isn’t it? It’s not like we have any state incentives, either.

Brian Henderson

California because of congested traffic and HOV incentive that includes PHEVs (even if just 11 miles) has a ~55/45 mix of BEVs & PHEVs.

Most other states/regions have a 65/35 mix of BEVs vs. PHEVs. PHEVs are a bit more popular in northeast and BEVs more popular on the westcoast.

Get Real

And—California leads the way, that will make all the California haters mad!


I guess these are for all plugins, rather than just EVs, right ?