More Info On Faraday Future, Including Headquarter Tour & Interview With Exec – Video

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Faraday Future: Our world class creative team made up of designers from BMW, Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini — led by Richard Kim.

Faraday Future: Our world class creative team made up of designers from BMW, Audi, Ferrari, and Lamborghini — led by Richard Kim.

A lot of eyes are directed at Faraday Future, a mystery start-up that hopes to repeat Tesla Motors’ success by introducing decent high-end electric cars.

We don’t know much about Faraday, but the Verge recently scoped out the company and revealed its office, as well as confirmed some of the previous news.

While we are not sure about the investors, FF is founded and intends to produce cars in the U.S.

Senior VP at Faraday in charge of R&D and engineering is Nick Sampson, formerly at Jaguar, Lotus and Tesla Motors (for two years the director of vehicle and chassis engineering). Sampson said that FF’s roots are one and a half years old:

“Three people sitting around in an office, discussing the future of the car and what people’s mobility would be in the future. Eighteen months later, we’ve got over 400 people working from all over the world.”

Faraday Future

Faraday Future

By the end of 2016, the number of staff is to increase to 800 and we should see the unveiling of the first model. Development prototype is already undergoing tests. Production is set for sometime in 2017.

Faraday Future will be electric, maybe autonomous, for sure packed with connectivity features to meet the needs of young people (consumers of the future), and probably with some new sales concept (like a subscription model).

Richard Kim, Faraday’s design chief, presented to Verge some glimpses of the new car – or at least something that is a car to some degree:

“Later, I met up with Kim, Faraday’s design chief, who greeted me standing next to a covered prototype. As part of our arrangement, I agreed to keep my impressions on its exterior silhouette out of my report — but its shape was distinct from anything I’ve seen on the road. “It’s a car to some degree,” Kim tells me, who was previously responsible for designing BMW’s electrified i3 and i8 models. “It’s a mobility device, and when people interact with cars, there is of course the irrational desire to have it. The car is still going to be beautiful, as traditional car designers want to have.”

Source: The Verge

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Three Electrics

A subscription based autonomous car would be truly disruptive. The only true competitors to FF in that world would be Apple, Google and possibly Über, if they can get the technology.



This is what Musk has been slyly alluding too with regards to competing with Uber.

Three Electrics

Elon can “allude” to his hearts content, but given their current execution problems I don’t think they’ll have the focus to be competitive on time. Wanting to produce an autonomous car and actually producing one are two different things.


You know Tesla is actually producing a car with many of these functions already, right? Ah, yes. Those are facts and don’t apply to anti-Tesla diatribes.


Tesla is not producing autonomous car. They have released some beta version of enhanced assisted driving that allows you to take not very reasonable risk and remove hands from wheel.

No way Model S is autonomous car that can drive by itself to destination and obey all traffic rules, recognize construction signs, and so on, and take liability for it. It is many magnitudes more complicated task than some driver assistance and requires much higher artificial intelligence. I don’t see anybody close to making it. I don’t believe FF is anywhere close to it either, unless it is Apple in disguise. Actually even if it is Apple.


The technology will arrive from Tesla and others before legal and insurance will. You seem to forget, The Model S was only in full production in mid-2012. A new company breaking new ground takes several years to shake out. That also goes for old companies in new territory.


Chasing is about right. Sort of like the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, except in this version the Tortoise (Faraday) starts far behind and the Hare (Tesla) does not fall asleep.


I think Tesla has shown, that it’s not easy designing a new car, even with the simpler makeup of an EV. Tesla has proved that with their repeated delays, and reliability issues.

Tesla certainly has a huge mindshare advantage, and the Gigafactory over time, could be another huge advantage.

Any new competitor is not competing with Tesla alone, but the whole auto industry.


In this Case The Tortoise better have Good Backing With the Deepest Pockets on the Planet …They will need all The $$$ Billions $$$ they can Get their Hands On!

Micke Larsson

And they “only” have the 17th richest person in China backing them. Maybe he knows someone else also on the top 20 list to help him out if his billions runs out. 🙂


Sounds like, “Facebook, the Car.’

Dear God, save us all from this intrusive socially connected nonsense. Where is the Unlike Button??? 😉


Sounds like a facebook car that will decide and give commercially payed suggestions on what I like or shall driving to…


“It’s a car to some degree,” Kim tells me, who was previously responsible for designing BMW’s electrified i3 ”

that doesn’t make me feel good


Agree, but the “and i8” end of that phrase does take some of the edge off. Still amazed the same person could oversee the design of both those cars considering the opposite ends of the ugliness spectrum they exist on.


You think the i8 is a good looking car?


Nice way of getting rid of cumbersome $ billions.

Bill Howland

Yeah, haven’t heard much specifics here,

perhaps they’ll find their eventual nitche making assemblies for other companies.

But no real info here, just feel good stuff.

Lots of claims here. But all car companies use 3D-printing these days, which wasn’t even mentioned here.

And since they’re being so secretive to generate ‘press buzz’, there’s no real evaluation to make.

Maybe they want to go public and have people buy their stock. But I question their timing, since this bull market seems long of the tooth.


“Designed from the inside out” is what he also said. To me this means typically a none appealling design, but just functional. So more something for Leaf drivers?