Infiniti’s New Electrified Platform Influenced By Q Inspiration Concept

APR 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Infiniti aims in achieving 50% electrified car sales (all-electric or series-hybrid e-POWER) by 2025, while the first all-electric model is scheduled for 2021.

Infiniti Q Inspiration

The Japanese brand, which is part of Nissan, currently is developing a new electrified vehicle platform that is influenced by the Q Inspiration concept car, first shown in Detroit.

The first model based on the new platform is to be introduced within five years and produced in China. We suspect it will be a fully electric offering.

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In total, Infiniti intends to produce five new cars in China in the next five years, but not all of them will be electrified.

“INFINITI chairman and global president Roland Krueger made the announcement today at a special Auto China preview event at the INFINITI Brand Experience Center in Beijing.

“INFINITI is developing a new platform for electrified vehicles inspired by the Q Inspiration concept car, which shows the new design language for the age of autonomy and electrification. We very much had China in mind when designing the Q Inspiration, which shows a very sporty, performance-oriented electric concept, with a much bigger interior space,” said Krueger.

Representing the next step in INFINITI design, the exterior of the Q Inspiration features clear and concise lines with dynamic and confident proportions. It is the first manifestation of INFINITI’s new form language for an era of advanced powertrains. The concept eschews classical sedan forms with its coupe-like appearance and elongated silhouette, presenting INFINITI’s design vision for vehicles in this segment.

Infiniti Q Inspiration

“The Q Inspiration concept car takes the traditional sedan architecture to its next stage of evolution,” said Karim Habib, INFINITI executive design director. “A shift towards smarter, more compact and less intrusive powertrains; We were able to create an alternative form with flowing gestures, more engaging in character and more enriching in experience. With its long cabin, balanced proportions and muscular stance, the concept heralds in a new era for INFINITI models.”

The Q Inspiration cabin follows a minimalist approach, with a concise and clean interior design enveloping the driver and passengers in a serene and comfortable environment. Adevanced powertrains have liberated INFINITI’s designers from the constraints of traditional powertrain architecture to realize a spacious interior. Modern technology and craftsmanship merge inside the cabin, presented in a way that enables, rather than distracts, the driver.”

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I don’t get the “bumper” design in the front (no need for high volume air intake on an EV, and the back looks a bit weird.
The rest looks good. Would have preferred a trunk that is higher in the back. Don’t need a car that is aerodynamic when backing up.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

First Electric Model in 2021?


Nissan, via Infiniti, could have really taken the fight to Tesla 5 or so years ago but now they will just be one of the pack. It’s a shame, I geuss they feared that an Infiniti based on the LEAF platform with a bigger battery or a rex would have put downward pressure on the price of the LEAF but now they find them selves with Tesla doing that job for them with the Model 3. I don’t think it is a massive problem as Nissan makes all its money in the lower end of the market anyway but I think it is a shame that they weren’t more focused on market share with infiniti.

I think it has to do with the high cost of batteries, and the tiny overall marketshare EVs have. Many manufacturers claim now that 60% of the cost to make the car is in the batteries. Then they have 40% to make a rolling chassis, interior, motor, power electronics.. which is the reason most EVs today still have an interior that feels cheaper and looks cheaper. In the construction they may also have saved money on materials, and chosen a design due to price. If they have not, it gives the impression of low value for money – since what they offer is whay you might find in the cheapest gasser on the market – and not in the price range that EV is sold for… and after all, too many people focus too much on range and speed compared to the overall quality of the ride. How it feels to drive it, how comfortable it is, what materials are used, how well it is put together and so on. I would expect in the next 1-3 years that will change a bit, as the first volume manufacturers start to produce vehicles. It just depend on how much they focus… Read more »