Infiniti To Debut Performance EV At In Detroit This January, Arrives In 2019

SEP 21 2017 BY JAY COLE 14

Stop us if you have heard this before, a new all-electric EV is coming to the Infiniti.

However, unlike the Nissan LEAF-based, suped-up Inifiniti LE from a ~six years ago (that was seemingly cancelled and re-started a half-dozen times…much to our annoyance), Autocar reports that Infiniti design lead Alfonsa Albaisa says it will be different this time.

Specifically, that this new Infiniti EV will be a performance-based model, and that it will not be a derivative of the LEAF, but instead will be an all-new vehicle, on a new platform.

The original Infiniti LE was promised for production, but plans quickly changed when the EV adoption rate/sales didn’t go ‘quite as planned’ at the start of this decade

The concept model is set to debut at this year’s Detroit autoshow (NAIAS) in January.  And unlike with the former Infiniti LE, this new EV will see actual production in 2019.

Interestingly, these comments came from Albaisa during Monterey car week, where Infiniti was debuting its all-electric Prototype 9 heritage race car.  Somehow the design chief said that we would see “parts of the car (the Prototype 9) in a difference context” in the new concept car – but we have to believe most of those parts will be of the unseen/inside variety.

We have already heard rumors of this car earlier this year, as Infiniti President Roland Krueger had previously told Autocar that he had taken an Infiniti all-electric prototype for a spin, and that it was “very good”, adding that “we want it to have a unique Infiniti driving experience.” 

Hopefully we will see a lot of the original Infiniti EMERG-E concept styling, with some Protoype 9 thrown-in… and none of the new 2018 Nissan LEAF or 2012 Infiniti LE (all of which are show in the gallery below).


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Unfortunately Nissan (Infiniti) ends up producing something boring and with almost nothing carried over from the concept car.

Nissan, Renault and Mitsu are planning to share a new scalable platform for their all new EV’s in 2020.

I wonder this Infiniti EV is the one adopting the common platform, or different one.

Common already. Just build a good luxury EV like the Model 3 (but more conventional) and sell it for <$40k. How hard could that be?

Pretty damn hard by the looks of things.

ICEmakers make the task look akin to having a baby. They consider the costs, the commitment, the emotional and sheer daunting pain involved in pumping out an EV.

After all, it makes their gas products pale in comparison.

It’ll happen, but it won’t be an uh oh or an emotional splurge.

The birth of the mass produced EV will come out 9f necessity. Necessity to compete which isn’t there yet.

GM has all the parts in the bin already. Just take an ATS-V and make it an ATS-E using Bolt parts. Pretty simple if they really wanted to do it.

You’re right though. When an E is faster, smoother, handles better and is quieter than a V: V sales would tank.

Heck, bring back ELR and make it an EV. I’d buy one tomorrow.

ATS-E would have been too heavy. With Bolt battery in that car, it would only get about 150 miles of range. The motor would have to be upgraded as well.

Cooling would have to be modified for the higher power draw needed to “sustain” any kind of performance.

Would it even be able to finish 1 lap on race track? Maybe.

Then again, it isn’t like ATS or ATS-V is selling all that great. So, nothing to lose to try for sure.

+1 Pure electric sports cars are a deep rabbit hole. Nobody has been succeeding, when they call the drag strip “the track”. We’re progressing to competitive single-lap times, from million dollar EVs. Adjust expectations accordingly.

No problem, if this Ininiti is meant to stay below 80, or 100mph, in public. But I’m with Loboc, the technology is best suited to the ideal Q-ship.

Well, nobody has done it yet, so it must be pretty difficult.

Emerg-e is definately eye candy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they do actually build a car very close to that concept?

It could be priced in Porsche Cayman territory and offer neck-snapping performance.

EVs have the need for speed. The end of the Roadster created an opportunity for someone to steal that thunder away from Tesla.

Why not Nissan/Infinity?

M3- reserved; Niro/Leaf TBD

If they even come close to our G37; I’m in. Even though getting the Model 3 this year and a Leaf/Niro next year for the 16yo, we’re keeping the G37 around ….maybe just in time for this one in 2019/2020?

Electric Z would suit me just fine, thank you.

1 Cylinder, or 2?
(Single Motor or Dual Motor?)

Of course if Nissan (or any other auto company for that matter) took its premium name plate and switched the entire line to electric, it would seem less likely to cannibalize existing sales.

Imagine if all Infinitis, Acuras, Lexuses (Lexii?), Lincolns, Cadillacs, and other premium house brands switched over 100% to clean, smooth, quiet, electric-only propulsion? Those brands should be synonymous with electric luxury.

Looks nice.

Launch it!

Can’t wait for some alternative choices in performance EVs.