Infiniti Teases What We Think Is Its Sporty Electric Car


Full reveal set for November 28 at Los Angeles Auto Show.

It’s pretty obvious we are not looking at a teaser image of the “new” QX80, as the design sketch shows what could be a sleek wagon or some sort of a shooting brake. In addition, we already know the fullsize SUV will debut on November 14 at the Dubai Motor Show whereas this mysterious car is scheduled to make an appearance on Tuesday, November 28 on the dawn of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

For now we only have this sketch to go by, along with the promise it will be Infiniti’s most advanced car in history. Based on the little info we have, there’s a good chance the vehicle in question will be a concept rather than a production model. In addition, it will probably feature an electrified powertrain (plug-in hybrid or full EV) and perhaps it’s also going to boast autonomous driving technology as seen in most recent high-tech showcars.

Infiniti Teaser Invite

We should point out there’s a rumor about Infiniti’s plan to introduce a sporty EV, but that report mentions it will debut in January 2018 at the Detroit Auto Show, not in L.A. Could this be it? It’s hard to say at this point. If by any chance the alleged concept will be unveiled in the City of Angels, expect to see something in the same vein as the Emerg-E from 2012. A production version is slated to arrive in 2019 and will ride on a bespoke platform without any connections to any existing Infiniti or Nissan models, but some of the technology will be derived from the Prototype 9 shown earlier this year at Pebble Beach.

We’ll have to wait a little over three weeks to discover the mysterious new concept, though there’s a good chance Infiniti will publish more teasers until then to keep us in suspense.

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13 responses to "Infiniti Teases What We Think Is Its Sporty Electric Car"
  1. calamar says:

    Infiniti, you are very welcome.
    Please come on in and delight us…

  2. Nix says:

    Fingers crossed on an AWD CUV/SUV.

    1. Dr.SR says:

      It will most likely be the new QX50. VCT Turbo and Pro-Pilot.

  3. Dr.SR says:

    This is the new QX50 with Pro-Pilot and their new VCT Variable Compression Turbo engine. The electric concept debuts in January 2018 at Detroit. This thing will sell like hotcakes. It will become their best selling model surpassing the Q50.

  4. pjwood1 says:

    CUV/SUV height is a natural for hosting a skateboard battery underneath. This looks “chop top”, like Jaguar and Rover.

  5. DangerHV says:

    What does the term “shooting brake” mean? I’ve seen this twice now. It’s bugging me.

    1. ffbj says:

      It’s a type of vehicle similar to a station wagon but more sleek.
      The named was based on early vehicles used to carry men and their rifles for shooting parties in Britain.

      1. DangerHV says:

        Thank you! Makes sense now.

  6. Tim F. says:

    Considering they are doing their reveal at virtually the same place that Tesla hosts their reveals, it would be disappointing to be anything other than an EV. Why choose that location if you aren’t trying to one-up Tesla?

  7. J P DeCaen says:

    Shooting brakes were also used to “break” horses. In French, “break” is still used to describe a wagon. The English spelling changed, presumably.

  8. Bob Nickson says:

    “Reveal to occur promptly at 4:30 PM”.

    Had to laugh at this. Seems aimed straight at Elon.

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