Infiniti Q50 EV Rendered As Hypothetical Tesla Competitor


If Infiniti did decide to build an electric sedan, it could look something like this

The new and improved Nissan Leaf will make its world debut in just a few weeks on September 5 at a special event in Tokyo. Already we know that the second-generation electric hatchback will be bigger and more efficient than the model that it’s replacing. But if it were up to one designer, it wouldn’t be the only EV in the Nissan-Infiniti portfolio.

Navneeth Kannan, a design student based in Turin, Italy, asks the question, “what could an Infiniti EV look like” for the year 2025. Answering his own question, he’s come up with a concept for an electric Q50 that could hypothetically go head-to-head with the Tesla Model S. The goal was to create a vehicle that was “driver oriented,” but also capable of “reinterpreting the EV face.” With that in mind, the Q50 EV looks like something well suited for the production line.

Infiniti Q50 EV Render

Though it shares a number of similarities with the current Q50, including a distinctive profile and a familiar grille, it also borrows a number of cues from the Essence concept we saw back in 2009, as well as the Leaf-based LE concept from 2012 – note the familiar C pillar. In the rear we see many of the same angles, including sleek taillights and a sharp diffuser.

The interior of the concept is tailored to the driver, says the designer, while a rear-facing front passenger seat allows added comfort in the cabin. Quilted leather coats nearly every inch, and a fully digital instrument cluster brings the concept well into the future. Of course, it would likely have some autonomous capabilities.

Kannan doesn’t speculate as to range or performance specs, but we do know that the new Nissan Leaf will have a much-improved range.. Using the same proposed technology, an electric Q50 would likely be able to achieve the same range.

Source: Navneeth Kannan / Behance

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17 responses to "Infiniti Q50 EV Rendered As Hypothetical Tesla Competitor"
  1. Will says:

    Where’s the ev news? No more renderings

    1. F150 Brian says:

      If renderings inspire designers and product planners to act, then it’s all good…

      1. pjwood1 says:

        That’s why Infiniti put out its open wheel, retro relic. To reverse inspiration for the electric vehicle technology, which everyone knows is a 100 year old failure. Am I on message?

        We can draw pictures ’til we’re blue.

  2. MTN Ranger says:

    We got burned with the Infiniti LE five years ago. Wake me up when they have something for sale

    1. speculawyer says:

      Actually, we got saved. I’m glad they didn’t bring that piece of garbage to market.

      I’m kinda surprised how far ahead these automakers have let Tesla get. And it is not like they didn’t try at all…they almost all made some EVs…they just were OK at best and most sucked.

    2. tftf says:

      Infiniti will have a long-range EV by 2020.

      Confirmed by executives, prototypes already being tested as of early 2017.

  3. Someone out there says:

    It’s not a competitor until they actually make one.

  4. CLIVE says:

    Jeff- 2 months❓

    Correction 2 weeks ‼️

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Heeh, yes, should be weeks. Fixed, thanks Clive!

  5. Unplugged says:

    Yep. That front end would be ugly on an ICE. On an EV it is comical AND ugly.

  6. Jeff Songster says:

    How about a 4wd 300Z now, and maybe a GTR. That could actually shake things up.

  7. DJ says:

    I can’t wait to see the problems no door handles brings. What, are we all supposed to General Lee it?

  8. Nick says:

    Why the huge grill? Stuck in the past.

    1. William says:

      It flips up for stylish BBQs, while hanging out in parking lots at tailgating parties, with your local football fans.

  9. Nix says:

    Looks fine for a render. Renders tend to be a comic book version of what it ends up looking like in reality. If ICE car buyers still need a faux grill to stay in their comfort zone, let them have a faux grill.

    But I wonder how many sales the ICE Q50 will have lost, and how much market share the Q50 will have lost before 2025? Will they lose so much brand value that they will be digging their way out of a hole, too little too late?

    Other car makers in the Q50 market are talking 2020-2012. They will be laggards among laggards. That’s not a strong position from which to compete.

  10. Seuthès says:

    I’m really surprised that Infiniti didn’t done a BEV by 2015. Toyota with their hybrids had reach popularity in USA and Europe, that never reach before.
    Infinity could have that to in Europe, but they didn’t take the occasion.
    Instead Hyundai and Kia gain popularity in Europe with their BEV.
    The Soul EV and the Ioniq were everywhere, even in magazines that usually don’t talk about cars.