Infiniti Q Inspiration Electric Sedan Revealed

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Infiniti Q Inspiration

Infiniti has just released a new Q Inspiration image and with it we basically now see the electric sedan’s exterior in its entirety.

The car to be shown in just a few days at the 2018 NAIAS will almost surely be pure electric, though Infiniti is trying to conceal that part of the reveal for now. The blocked-off front end is a giveaway. Couple that with a statement from Infiniti design lead Alfonsa Albaisa some four months backs and we can say with a high level of confidence that this is the new Infiniti electric sedan and it’s production-bound (likely in a modified form) in 2019.

If the car shown in Detroit is not electric then fear not. An electric powertrain will be fitted to the production version of this car soon enough.

Infiniti Q Inspiration

In the new press release, Infiniti states:

We’ll show the world a glimpse of our new design direction next week in Detroit with the debut of a stunning, new sedan concept designed to accommodate future powertrain and autonomous technologies.

INFINITI will reveal the Q Inspiration on Jan. 15 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Representing the next step in INFINITI design, the exterior of Q Inspiration features clear and concise lines and eschews classical sedan forms with its elongated silhouette. It’s the first manifestation of INFINITI’s new form language for an era of advanced powertrains and presents a design vision for vehicles in this segment.

Inifinit Q Inspiration

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27 responses to "Infiniti Q Inspiration Electric Sedan Revealed"

  1. s says:

    Wow, finally a good looking concept design from Japan.

    I hope they make it with the intention to outsell its ICE counterpart… but I’m not holding my breadth.

    1. mx says:

      I’d say the front is scarily unaerodynamic…
      But, otherwise correct.

      1. mxs says:

        You really think, they would bother to spend money on doing something which directly affects a performance of the car? All these engineers … I know some of you guys are obsessed with Tesla grills and anything else just looks suspicious or work of an legacy OEM …. you need to let it go.

        1. Robb Stark says:

          Teslas don’t have grills.

        2. Mint says:

          Yes, I do.

          Every automaker knowingly does aerodynamically stupid things to concept cars.

          1. JakeY says:

            Yeah, that’s because it’s the designers who do the concept cars and then the engineers have to fix the aerodynamic issues if it ever makes production.

            I still remember Lutz saying the Volt concept would be more aerodynamic backwards. The production Volt looked completely different after going through engineering and the wind tunnel validation.

      2. floydboy says:

        It’s like they couldn’t help themselves.

  2. Chipper6 says:

    best body kit for a model S so far……

  3. dinhh68 says:

    That has a BIG frunk!

  4. MaartenV-nl says:

    The front is clearly optimized to slash pedestrian’s legs in small parts.

    Not really what I hope to see in the streets.

    1. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

      The Freddy Krueger car.

    2. philip d says:

      And sure to crumple from the gentlest of taps from any car bumper in a parking lot.

  5. floydboy says:

    Good looking haunches, but that nose would make Jimmy Durante blush.

  6. James says:

    Best looking EV ever. Tesla need new designers

    1. Chris O says:

      Since this design was clearly inspired by Model S I would say Tesla has the right designers.

  7. Eco says:

    The back looks great but the front … well, I’ll just say it doesn’t.

    1. MikeM says:

      Trunk needs work.
      Lip is backbreakingly high.

      I assume a segment of the rear glass lifts, though it’s not obvious from the picture.

      She’s got a nice looking rear end otherwise.

      As for the front. Good grief, what a mess!
      When will Japanese designers let go of these superfluous tucks, folds, slots, non functional vents and general ugliness.

      1. Djoni says:

        Until it prove that it actually help aerodynamic.

        And I bet it does, even thought it look not.

  8. Lou Grinzo says:

    Yet another car that looks like different designers/teams worked on the front vs. the rear. The nose of this car is an affront to humanity, but I love what they did with the rear.

  9. Mary Lou says:


  10. John says:

    Why do they all look like Model S?

  11. Markh21518 says:

    Did the thermally control their batteries? Or does it just lose range like the leaf?

  12. Lato says:

    Beautiful, but the front looks like he ate a smaller model.

    1. Mint says:

      LOL just like the i8 looks like it’s giving birth to a 911…

  13. Chris says:

    We think it is time for you to expose Tesla as the Sam that it is! Tesla is selling less of each model annually than Pontiac did Aztecs. lol

  14. Erwin says:

    Front lines look inspired by Mercedes Benz.
    Back lines look inspired by Porsche.
    Sides and top take a pinch from Teslas.

  15. RS400TT says:

    Keep the design.. give me those super aggressive wheels and tires in place of the ho-hum current ones.

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