Infiniti Names Francois Bancon As Its Product Strategy Boss – Bancon Played Key Role in Nissan LEAF Launch


 Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti LE Concept

Infiniti named Francois Bancon to the position of product strategy boss effective April 1.

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept

Bancon’s job will be to craft Infiniti’s future product portfolio in an effort for Infiniti to obtain 10% market share for global luxury automobiles within the next 5 years.

Bancon’s appointment to this position would not be plug-in vehicle news were it not for Bancon’s key role in getting the Nissan LEAF into production.

Since 2005, Bancon held the position of advanced product planning at Nissan, a division under which the Nissan LEAF was born.

Bancon is a Renault-Nissan lifer.  His career in the auto industry kicked off in 1978 at Renault.  Bancon came to Nissan in 1999.

We believe Bancon’s appointment to product strategy boss at Infiniti stirs life back into the Infiniti LE production plans for 2015.  Bancon is a strong supporter of plug-in vehicles and if it’s up to him, Infiniti will someday offer a luxury plug in.

Francois Bancon

Francois Bancon

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Great! Bring on the LE, but make it with the next gen battery. A solid 125+ mile range in a luxury car would give BMW and MB a run for their money.

Aim higher; compete with the Tesla Model S 60 instead of BMW & MB, IMO.

Sure, I’d love to see that too, but I think the LE would more likely land in the $40-$50k region than in the $70-$100k. Of course, if they designed in properly, nothing would prevent them from offering a range of battery sizes that spanned from 125 – 250 miles, with the appropriate price to match.

Infiniti could lead, in luxury PHEV/BEV. They wouldn’t even have to change those ads from the 90’s 😉

First he wrote a bunch of Shakespeare’s plays and now this. Impressive. 😉

I confess I was waiting to see if anyone would make this comment.

+1 to you, (=