Infiniti CEO: Nissan Knows EV Tech, But We Are Looking To Plug-In Hybrids Today

FEB 10 2016 BY JAY COLE 12

"Plug-In Hybrid" - Not A Dirty Words At Nissan/Infiniti Anymore

“Plug-In Hybrid” – Not A Dirty Words At Nissan/Infiniti Anymore

Once upon a time, the words “plug-in hybrid” were persona non grata at the Nissan-Renault Alliance.

The Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Is Said To Be A Pre-Cursor For The First Plug-In Hybrid At Infiniti

The Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Is Said To Be A Pre-Cursor For The First Plug-In Hybrid At Infiniti, Arriving in ~2018

However of late, those words seem to be coming up more and more.

In today’s edition of moving the electrification goalposts, we have Infiniti’s CEO Roland Krueger being interviews about the new Q30, prospects for Europe – and the electrification of his lineup.  We’ll focus on the plug-in bits…

Mr. Krueger on Nissan’s plug-in pedigree, and if alternative powertrains will arrive at Infiniti:

“We already have hybrids and will continue to develop them. Nissan is also the worldwide leader in electric vehicles. Nissan has key know-how and the capability to further develop this technology, which we at Infiniti are also utilizing. Let’s call it the electrification of drivetrains, which will be a key competence that we get from Nissan.”

Specific to having unique, all-electric models for the brand, the Infiniti CEO says that isn’t in the cards for today, but PHEV tech might be:

“Performance and the range are very important in the premium segment, so we believe that for Infiniti a hybrid or plug-in hybrid is the right proposition at this time.”

Where there is smoke, there is fire?

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If performance and range are important, they should just buy Tesla. I think he’s looking at Leaf as an EV example when he should be looking at i3 or SparkEV.

I hope they revive the LE version of Leaf. But, with 200mi range battery.

We need better snr. More signal and less noise please. From all the players. Oh and remember this:

“Infiniti luxury EV (likely based off the Infiniti LE concept) on track for 2017 debut.”

Yep, that was 2 years ago. LE is dead as a doornail.

I hope Nissan at least provides us with a sport version of LEAF 2.0.

Just as Honda made the big splash with the Inside only to have Toyota end up being the top hybrid dog, I think Nissan has wallowed around with the old Leaf too long and someone else (GM, Telsa?) will take the leading position on affordable EVs soon.

Plugin hybrid propulsion sounds like a good idea to me for a luxury car. The execution is important however, no wimpy underpowered econoboxs. It needs to operate as an pure EV throughout its entire performance envelope for most of the regular trips driven by the owner but also be capable of retaining the wonderful smooth, quiet and torquey nature when operating as a hybrid on longer drives. The owners are wealthy so operating costs should be secondary to a luxury feel. I think an extended range plugin hybrid is just the ticket for this

Infiniti is flailing with electrics.

Remember that Infiniti that they revealed that was nothing but a gussied up LEAF? That thing was a hilarious failure.

“Performance and the range are very important in the premium segment”

We all know that electro motor provide better performance over IC engines in a metro environment. To address range, a range-extender like the BMW i3 REx, or Chevy Volt is a great solution.

Let’s hope that Infiniti is able to deliver a PHEV with a 50+ mile (80+ km) all-electric range. This would provide 30-40 miles (50-60 km) all weather, all season real world range … providing enough all-electric range for average daily use.

Nissan/Infiniti is finally seeing the light?

PHEV is not evil. it is a necessary step to address many things at once. Of course, it is not the destination of the long EV journey but there is no reason to wait for that brighter EV future by not offering some good PHEV today.

I think this is being driven by the emissions standard in the eu coming 2021. Nissan might have the leaf but even 10% sales at 0 g/CO2/km won’t save them they need to be selling some phev’s as well. Don’t get your hopes up it could be a rush job stuffing 10kWh of batteries in which ever model they can.

I think the car companies thought they could further water down the test cycle but vw p***ed in that cup and now noone wants to drink from it. Hence the flood of weak phev’s.

He may believe that “hybrid or plug-in hybrid is the right proposition at this time.”

But he is wrong.

Like others, he seems incapable of projecting a near term future where all electric cars have a 200+ mile range rendering plug-in hybrids nearly obsolete.

The paradigm has shifted, his ability to perceive it has not.

Well said.

It seems Nissan has fallen behind.
They don’t have the battery tech to keep up with LG or Panasonic and that is a real story with Nissan. Maybe they will have a 200 mile Leaf 2.0 in 2017. I doubt it.

Nissan needs to be launching a Rogue EV. There is plenty of room in that huge rig for a 70kwh pack. They are moving the wrong direction with PHEV’s.

I’m surprised and impressed by GM. It’s going to be a tossup between buying a Bolt or waiting for the Model 3.