Indonesia’s “National Car” Will Be Electric


“Yes only electric cars, not ones fueled with oil or other fuels.”

States Muhammad Nasir, Research Technology and High Educational Institute Minister for Indonesia’s plan to create electric cars, which will be dubbed the “national car.”

Proton Holdings .

Proton Holdings .

Nasir also mentioned that the government has chosen electric propulsion due to the fact that the oil supply is “dwindling fast.”

Proton Holdings Berhard, a Malaysian auto manufacturer, will be chiming in on this project and this whole operation will create jobs for those who live in Indonesia.

The CEO or Proton, Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah stated:

“The collaboration will be good as both nations specifically work together to develop products for the larger market. Furthermore, Proton, which has the facilities, capabilities and technology know-how in design, development and manufacturing of cars, is the only company in the ASEAN region with a research and development facility in-house.”

“No other countries in this region have their own national car project other than providing manufacturing and assembly services.”

PT Adiperkasa Citra Lestari CEO Abdullah Mahmud Hendropriyono (wow, that’s a crazy long name and title) who signed this “Memorandum of Understanding” with Proton adds:

“We are very happy to be working with Proton and Malaysia in this project. With the expertise that Proton has and our similar culture and environment, we are confident that Proton can help to train and develop a pool of specialist workforce for our automotive industry. This collaboration when materialized will not only spur the Indonesian automotive industry further but also expand knowledge and capabilities of our people.”

Both companies will not be legally conjoined, but the partnership hold potential for supplementary business openings (which is what the MoU mentions).

Who knows where this project will lead to. We think it is a start to something that will grow much larger than anyone anticipated!  And having your “national car” be electric is way cool!

Source: Environment News Service.

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Alot smarter then the US’s Republican/Tea Party.

Well remember who pays them to look after their interests…

Seems to me in a country like Indonesia a “national car” needs to be a bargain basement deal. Don’t see how that jives with a plug-in powertrain.

Why not? EV’s are a lot cheaper unless you put in massive amounts of batteries and weight.

But they would benefit more from going all electric in the moped/MC/electric bike area, like almost all of the 400 million chinese EV’s.


Maybe some friend in economy needed a bit of cash. Maybe elections are near…

Or maybe they want to build another silicon valley, and know that EVs are much more like high tech then heavy industry.

Good for them if effects are tangible.