Indianapolis Municipal Fleet To Add 425 Plug-In Electric Vehicles By End Of 2016

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Relatively Affordable, But Still Not Priced Quite Low Enough

Nissan LEAF

The City of Indianapolis announced a move from internal combustion engine cars to all-electric and plug-in hybrids.

425 new plug-in cars will be bought by the end of 2016 and replace conventional ICE in the municipal fleet (excluding police pursuit sedans, which still will be ICE).

First 100 of the new Indy’s “Freedom Fleet” will enter service this year.

According to the press release, Freedom Fleet will include models like Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt and Ford Fusion Energi.

At the same time, the total fleet size will be reduced by 100 cars to bring additional savings.

Mayor Greg Ballard stated:

“This is a landmark step in revitalizing our aging fleet and replacing expensive internal combustion enginevehicles with cutting-edge EV technology, all while reducing our dependence on oil and saving Indianapolis taxpayers thousands in fuel costs each year. America’s dependence on oil ties our national and economic security to a highly-unpredictable, cartel-influenced global oil market. Diversifying the types of vehicles and fuels available to our drivers offers our city protection from often-volatile oil prices and better prepares us for the future.”

2014 Chevrolet Volt

2014 Chevrolet Volt

Indianapolis would like to save $1,600 per year per vehicle:

“Each gasoline powered sedan in Indy’s fleet would have cost taxpayers approximately $9,000 per year over the next decade, including purchase, fuel, maintenance and insurance. Freedom Fleet vehicles will cost approximately $7,400 per year over that period; saving taxpayers approximately $1,600 per year per vehicle.”

Michael Brylawski, the CEO of Vision Fleet, which serves the City of Indianapolis, commented:

“This project will have enormous impacts on fuel consumption and fleet service costs. The first 14 plug-in hybrids deployed in Indianapolis’ Freedom Fleet have each saved anaverage of 53 gallons of gasoline per month. Each of the 425 EVs deployed by the beginning of 2016 will save at least 550-600 gallons of gas annually. Over the next 10 years, we expect Indianapolis will avoid 2.2 million gallons of expensive gasoline. Fuel costs for the new EVs will be about one-third of the old gas vehicles costs as a result.”

Indianapolis also is preparing for the Bollore Bluecar car-sharing service, which is another plug-in option for residents.

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Go Indy! Good job, Hoosiers

“Except police pursuit vehicles.” Too bad, I’d bet a few Model S P85D AWD, fastest thing on the streets of Indy would make great {and big-time expensive} pursuit vehicles. 🙂

One of the strangest things to me w.r.t EV adoption in the US, is the map of where EVs are embraced vs. rejected.

There are some usual suspects (California and the Left Coast in general, vs. much of the Deep South), but Indianapolis is definitely a big positive pro-EV surprise in my books.

Just checked: mayor Ballard is a Republican! Plus, to my knowledge Indy has harsh winters that might make some Leafs wilt… in short, they’d have plenty of excuses to lag behind on EV adoption. Instead, they are setting a shining example. Thanks!