Indianapolis Buys 50 Ford Fusion Energis For Police Duty (w/video)


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is a strong supporter of plug-in vehicles.  We’d like to believe that his electric vehicle advocacy played some role in the decision by the Indianapolis police department to buy 50 Ford Fusion Energis,

Fusion Energi - Coke Edition Will Not Serve TIme On The Indy Force

Fusion Energi – Coke Edition Will Not Serve TIme On The Indy Force

The plug-in Energis will be used by department administrators and detectives in the various police districts of Indianapolis.

Additionally, the city will install charging stations at police headquarters and others district sites to support the use of the plug-in Energis and other plug-in vehicles the government hopes to add to its fleet.

Dave Schwartz, deputy chief of Indianapolis’ Public Safety Center, had this to say of the Fusion Energis:

“[It gets] 88.2 miles per gallon.”

Schwartz loves the Fusion Energi, which he’s been driving since September.  The last time he fueled it was mid-March.  Since then, he’s clocked 1,6000 miles, yet there’s still a quarter tank of gas left.

Schwartz was sort of the beta tester for the Fusion Energi.  The fact that it has saved the department on fuel led to the commitment to purchase 50 more.  The Department of Public Safety calculates the annual fuel savings at $70,000 for the 50 Fusion Energis.

Most importantly for the department is that the Fusion Energis feels/operate no different from a normal ICE vehicle.  As Schwartz states:

“It’s a good ride.  I mean, it’s definitely quiet when it’s running electric. But I don’t think you’re going to notice the difference from driving a normal gas-powered vehicle.”

Source: The Indy Channel

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I reckon they’ll see lower maintenance costs as well, particularly brake work…

If they are just for administrators & detectives, then they should have mixed the fleet up a bit. Some Volts, Leafs, Focus EVs, etc.

For official use in the US, governments usually buy a size bigger than Volt, Leaf etc. I am pleasantly surprised that they went for the Fusion.

Note to GM … if you make a regular size police cruiser with a Voltec power train, you will own that market.

It would need more power to be used to intercept cars. However there are several examples of Volt police cars, used for other purposes.

A step in the right direction. They should also look into the FFE.

We’re going to have to come up with better abbreviations. It is impossible to tell if by FFE somebody means Ford Focus Electric or Ford Fusion Energi. Both can be FFE.

Nice, though I think a Volt would also be a good option. I wonder what a typical police vehicle puts on for mileage in a given day?

With a Volt, 40 miles or less is no gas. 80 miles or less is still 80mpg.

With any plug-in though, I feel like the biggest gains might be with all the traffic duty. Not having the engine run constantly while stopped will likely result in the largest decrease in fuel use.

Wonderful … I cannot wait for more cities to do this!!!

I have one. I love it. I get 100 MPG.

The Fusion and C-MAX Energi make great vehicles to add to a corporate fleet. As the price continues to drop to match the hybrid, the number of corporations that are adding them are growing.

At 70+mpg it’s much better than a conventional hybrid with over 600 miles of total range. If there is no defined sub 60 mile daily route, it’s better than a pure EV.

Just charge up each night, depending on your daily mileage, and you might buy gas three times a year.

Now we need the Focus Energi and the new Edge Energi.

I’m surprised that they didn’t bring a plugin (or even hybrid) version of the new Escape, given that a hybrid was available in the previous generation. Seems a better choice to me than the heavy Edge.

There is no Escape plug-in because it required AWD and Ford did not have their new AWD Hybrid system ready yet.

We were hoping it would be announced with the 2015 Edge, but no word yet.

BTW, 2015 Focus Electric order bank opens Sept 15th, with Production Start on Dec 8th.

I would expect that these particular users would come back to the station/office multiple times per day, so the short AER of the Energi would cover more miles per day than you would expect.

As various cities fleets get replaced in this manner you could certainly say that the spark of intelligence still exists, even in municipalities such as Indianapolis. Who knew?

This is good news. Way to go Ford.
Ford sold over 3000 plug ins last month. If Jay reorganized his monthly sales report based on manufacturer we would see Ford at the top of the list.