Indian Tribe Purchases Four Electric Vehicles


Toyota RAV4 EV.

Toyota RAV4 EV

One by one, we are driving up EV adoption.

Ford C-Max Energi.

Ford C-Max Energi.

The Kashia Band of Pomo Indians who live in Sonoma County purchased 4 electric vehicles.

The tribe purchased 2 Toyota RAV4 EV’s and 2 Ford C-Max Energi’s for multiple uses.

The tribe will also install 6 charging stations. Two of them will be in remote areas, while four are in city limits.

Since 2010, the tribe has been on board with alternative-fueled transportation, while looking for a reliable and “environmentally clean” form of transport.¬† Plug-in vehicles fit that description perfectly.

The tribe is hoping that this action will:

“Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and decrease climate change impacts.”

“Expand alternative energy transportation services to tribal communities and the general public.”

“Lay the groundwork for expanding EV charging stations to other North Bay tribes.”

Source: Sonoma County Gazette

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