India Hopes To Be Tesla’s Asian Manufacturing Hub


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

India’s Road Transport and Highways Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari, visited Tesla’s Fremont factory last month. During his visit, he hoped to convince the company that India should become Tesla’s Asian manufacturing hub. He offered Tesla land near some of India’s large ports to ease in exports to South and South East Asia.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

During his visit, Gadkari enjoyed a tour of the immense factory, during which he was shown the automated assemble lines. He asked questions about Powerwalls and Solar Panels. Tesla made Gadkari aware that they are looking for locations to demonstrate and market the technology in India.

Gadkari voiced India’s dedication to promoting carbon free emissions. He said that the Indian government will be providing incentives for low emissions vehicles and that commercial vehicles and public transit vehicles are a priority. The minister also made it clear that he will be promoting partnerships between Tesla and Indian automakers.

He shared the significant progress of Indian automakers with the executives at Tesla. He told them that very soon the Indian companies will be largely competitive in the electric vehicle sector.

Tesla has not publicly endorsed any agreement with India, or selected a headquarters in Asia, however, it was reported that the company is optimistic about Gadkari and India’s enthusiasm and support. The company will take the offers into consideration in the future, when the appropriate time comes.

Gadkari was apprised of the near 400,000 Model 3 reservations, and the fact that some came from residents of India. Tesla did assure Gadkari that India will definitely be a market for the upcoming Model 3. He asked Tesla executives if there were plans for future manufacture of electric trucks, buses and motorcycles. Tesla confirmed that plans are in place for trucks and vans but not motorcycles or buses.

Source: The Indian Express

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Pretty soon, India will race past Japan to be the #3 in automobiles. It’s his time, the country looks into buying some Electric vehicles.

Good thing is the country already has some 2 million CNG and another 2 million LPG powered vehicles and also increasing Ethanol content in gasoline.

So people will be enthusiastic enough to embrace the Electric technology as well.

LPG are either very clean. CO2 like diesel and NOx and particularly like gasoline.

I think you were trying to say: LPG is not very clean. It emits CO2 like diesel and NOx and particulates like gasoline.

All in all ethanol is not clean, heavily subsidized only to put a greenish aura on the gas pumps.
All the new fuels for the Internal Combustion Engine will only making the ICE era last longer.

That’s what Exxon, Shell and Mobile are hoping…

The reservation count that is being reported all the time is still 373,000. Why? AFAIK it’s still open for reservations, and I would expect a trickle of reservations that is at least bigger than a tiny trickle of cancellations. But since Tesla’s given no word, perhaps the two more or less match so that they still haven’t passed the 400k mark.

Even so, there will be a “reveal part 2” and you’d definitely think the number of reservations then should increase quite a lot. It will be another week or more with massive media attention on Tesla, which obviously increases interest and sales.

I reckon the number will be minimum 600k before production gets going.

Tesla said there will no longer be public updates to the reservation number after it made 373k reservations number public.

This is valuable marketing data.

For the legacy automakers to know that demand for electric vehicles that are fully competitive with ICEv in their price segment is ” a lot” is sufficient.

“Tesla said there will no longer be public updates to the reservation number after it made 373k reservations number public.” Tesla has simply chosen not to say anything since hitting that number, period, and that’s odd. If there is the possibility of some good coming out of Tesla they (actually: Musk) will say it whether it’s really sensible or not. The 38,000 Powerwall “reservations” last year are a good example. Never happened, and in the most recent quarterly filing Powerwall sales don’t even rate a mention of materiality. So if Tesla is mum about the number, their past behavior would tell you they would be crowing about it. But just to support your statement somewhat, it’s a good idea to see from the conference call exactly what Tesla’s CFO said in asserting the number: Brian A. Johnson – Barclays Capital, Inc. “…in particular, where did Model 3 preorders end the quarter at?” Jason S. Wheeler – Chief Financial Officer “…the 373,000 number that you referenced is what we’ve talked about when we did our secondary offering. And we’re sticking to that number in terms of disclosure.” So, in other words, Tesla released 373,000 in order to sell some stock. But… Read more »

realist said:

“Tesla has simply chosen not to say anything since hitting that number, period, and that’s odd.”

I don’t find it odd at all. There is nothing to be gained by Tesla continuing to brag about how big the number has gotten. Tesla has already milked the publicity over getting an enormous number of reservations for about as much as it’s worth. Keeping media buzz going about that is just going to underscore how long those making new reservations will have to wait before they can actually get a Model ≡. So I think there is more downside than upside for Tesla continuing to highlight that. estimates it based on various criteria and “hidden codes” and puts it close to 475k as of today/August 2016.

If Gadkhari needs to prove his commitment to electric cars by removing import tax on batteries for Indian made electric car Mahindra reva e2o and introduce tax subsidies. If not his words are just empty words.

India has been pushing hard on Large Scale Solar, and Gujarat Province has been in the news on this fore more than a few articles!

I question that it makes any sense to put a Tesla auto assembly plant in India, so far away from major parts suppliers in S. Korea and Taiwan.

I think India would have to offer some major enticements to make up for significantly longer supply lines as compared to putting the Asian assembly plant in China or S. Korea.

Let’s keep in mind that Asia is by far the largest continent. Just because India is in Asia doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good location for the entire Asian market.

Ah, India’s continued isolationist policies are definitely at play. You can’t sell to India unless 30% of your vehicle for sale in India is made there.

Imagine if the US made that requirement. China would have an aneurysm.

Tesla needs first Consumer Reports OK be for any move. 😉