Incredibly Thorough Tesla Model S Review

MAR 16 2015 BY JAY COLE 4

Tesla Model S Review

Tesla Model S Review

The same fellow that took us for a spin over the Stelvio Pass (named as the “Best Driving Road In the World” by Top Gear) in his Tesla Model S, now gives us a walkthrough of the car.

Any by walk through, we mean that host Horst Luening provides just about the most comprehensive review of the Model S you will ever see.

There is so much information that the review is cut in two halves; the above video covers the outside, while below is the interior.

So when they say “You see all the gimmicks and subtleties which this car has,” they aren’t kidding; such as a critique of the purchased 600 Euro rear trunk cover.

Mr. Leuning certainly knows his car.

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Good overview of the Model S. Well paced conversational explanations, of some of the whys, wherefores, and how to’s of the Model S.

America, incredibly lucky to have the leading EV auto Innovator on our shores.

I bet the ‘standard’ 11, and 22 kw charging rates make American S drivers jealous that their available standards are 9.2 and 18.4 kw. Or the 33 foot long charging cable. Bests our 25 foot maximum.

Whiskey Rolex and Tesla?

I did not know I had kinsmen in Germany!