In the Netherlands, Sales of Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid Hit Nearly 1,000 Units in October Alone


In the category of we certainly did not see this one coming, we feature Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid sales in…the Netherlands.

V60 Plug-In

V60 Plug-In

Volvo reports that sales of the V60 Plug-In Hybrid nearly hit 1,000 units in the Netherlands last month.

To rephrase it, October sales of the Volvo V60 plug-in almost broke the 1,000-unit barrier in a single country.

Sheesh, that’s a whole lot of plug-in Volvos sold in the Netherlands.

Per Volvo:

“In Europe, the Netherlands continues to be the growth driver thanks to a high and stable demand for the attractive low-CO2 versions of the Volvo V40. The Netherlands is also the biggest market for the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid with close to 1,000 sold cars in October alone.”

YTD figures for the V60 plug in in the Netherlands now stand at a shockingly high 1,794 plus ~1,000.  Sure, it’s not a precise figure, but we can definitively say that the V60 plug-in is easily the top-selling plug-in in the Netherlands in 2013.  The next closest vehicle is likely the Prius Plug-In with ~1,400 units sold.

Volvo reports that, overall, China remains its biggest market, though the automaker doesn’t sell plug-ins in China.

Unfortunately, the V60 Plug-In Hybrid isn’t offered in the US either.

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Is it’s range ~30 miles electric? Will we ever see it in the US?

I see it everywhere in Amsterdam…since last week. Volvo’s used to have the image of the boring middle aged GP, notary kind of car. I must admit I like it a lot! (I’m 33 and not a GP:-))

wow past month has been full of surprises, isn’t it? have you really been tracking V60 sales? i think mark kane slipped up a bit 🙂

Because in its current form, it wouldn’t pass US emissions regulations. It’s tricky to get that diesel to comply with the hefty bureaucratic red tape. Will cost Volvo a lot of money to get it to comply. So better stay away.

What is cool is that driving more then 30 to 50 miles in Europe is more rare then in the US do to it being more built up and dense along with fuel being $10.00 a gallon you would be fool to not want to own a good plug in hybrid.

Here you can see ALL the October plug-in sales in the Netherlands:

or in English:

And it seems Mitsubishi is going to deliver 7500 (!) Outlander PHEVs in Holland during the last 2 months of 2013.

And the translation is so funny:
“In October 2125, there are electric cars delivered”. LOL

What is not to like? You get tax breaks ,you don’t pay insane gas prices and you can feel morally superior to the gas guzzling rable next to you in traffic because you aren’t destroying the world.Dutch people love feeling morally superior.We might be small and insignificant but at least we,unlike the rest of the world,do the right thing.

In Japan, Honda sold more than 2,000 Accord PHEV in both October and November this year.